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  • 2-0 - Bayo, with Smythe looking very lively.
    in Brentford Comment by Shev 2:30PM
  • I really hope we play the game either way. It would feel strange to be the only club (with Bolton, of course), missing the opening week, and be a little further behind on match fitness and sharpness for the Bristol Rovers game.
  • @micra I miss handshakes in general. Now, if one approaches a fellow gentleman in a jovial and friendly spirit, one must know a five to seven part epic interpretive hand dance in order to express the same sentiment, it seems.
  • So Gareth DID go to raid their talent pool yet again.
  • I expect Wycombe would lose attendance revenue too. Play the kids, Bolton!
  • This Bolton thing could either be a huge advantage (play a bunch of new kids the first day), or a disadvantage (play a postponed game later in the season where the fixture congestion kills us with a small squad). I will be gutted if the opening f…
  • If Bury end up surviving as a club, that promotion saved them more than anything. If they had not been promoted, they would be -12 in League Two, and a Conference club next year. As it is, they gave themselves a buffer.
  • Bury will definitely be on -12 too, as the accepted CVA will equal administration. It is a really difficult situation, as none of the players or fans are to blame, and I feel for them - but it is also right (as stated above by @OxfordBlue) to fee…
  • That's the type of game no-one deserves to lose, and considering it was peaking at the same time as Djokovic-Federer, it was quite a moment for that sentiment!
  • Nantwich may have started as favourites, which is a whole new kind of bizarre.
    in Bury Comment by Shev July 13
  • Has anyone else impressed, @OakwoodExile?
    in Barnet Comment by Shev July 13
  • We're going down.
    in Barnet Comment by Shev July 13
  • Unless I am missing something, no mention of any current players other than the new signing, Pattison? It could be nice to preview what we may need to happen for us to kick on. In my own opinion, there are a few things I am hoping to see (in additio…
  • The Trialist family have really been successful in the football world.
    in Barnet Comment by Shev July 13
  • @bookertease said: Pre-Social Media @micra. Bit tongue-in-cheek but I do find it frustrating that we appear to have lost the will to listen and consider other viewpoints. And I’m not being a night-owl - i’m just over @Shev’s side of the At…
  • Great post, @bookertease!
  • "The EFL surveyed a random cross section of fans from Luton, Lincoln, Salford and Tranmere, and found that fans of EFL clubs are all very happy." "Some surveyors almost went into Bury, Bolton and Coventry, but managed to swerve at the last minute…
  • Terrible stuff, and a stark indicator of the way the lower leagues are going. It's a pity the EFL care so little about the club's under their own care.
    in Bury Comment by Shev July 11
  • I would love to see how that sponsor's logo looks on the Swan kit, not to disrespect Cherry Red.
    in New kit? Comment by Shev July 5
  • I like it, @th100 - I think the sponsor logo actually contrasts well with the yellow, too.
    in New kit? Comment by Shev July 5
  • It's bright yellow change, with black and purple GK kits. Sorry Shrewsbury!
    in New kit? Comment by Shev July 5
  • Paris also joins Sam Saunders and Marcus Bean (off the top of my head) as having played for both clubs.
    in PCH to Colchester Comment by Shev July 4
  • I gave you a like for both comments now, @micra. Back to 3 under par (or should it be 3 over?) for the throwaway comment. We can fight this!
  • Perhaps he meant to join the AFC Wimbledon forum?
  • @Malone - Scott Brown won player of the season for Port Vale once he stopped having to wear the Yellow Submarine, so you may be on to something...
  • With black, I think we would also still clash with at least Gillingham and Rochdale, whereas yellow would see us still clash with Shrewsbury, so either we are going to be purple, or we are going to continue to use the white or tomato soup as a third?
  • We have some yellow, black and purple, though two of those may be goalkeeper tops. The initial hope of yellow and black quarters may be dashed...
  • I agree about the lack of Post-Fred points, though I thought we were dreadfully unlucky not to beat Sunderland, Shrewsbury and Rochdale, nor get anything from the games against Oxford, Gillingham, Portsmouth and Charlton. I know that is playing the …
  • I hate politics, not least because it encourages people to simplify others and themselves into very broad categories, and make assumptions about motivation, when really we are all rather complex, with many shades of variation. The most profound dang…
  • The FB lot were saying Liam Dickinson and Jamie Mascoll.