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  • I love this club! We gave everything. Nothing but pride in this bunch. Football is a continuing story. There will be another point we are riding high and Luton are scuffling along. Let's take this on the chin and go out cheering the boys, even if…
  • How much do I hate Luton?
  • Let's have Kashket for Uche - keep them honest.
  • You little Albanian beauty.
  • Nervous about this pen. Who takes?
  • A little angry at Uche for looking for contact rather than driving for the goal.
  • @DevC said: Freeman is back from injury and on Orient’s bench. The view from there may get quite familiar for the rest of the season.... If he fails to get back in the team, I suppose that would make him Dis-Oriented.
  • @StrongestTeam said: @Shev said: I don't love Luton, but their badge is a thing of beauty. It really is out of place. Agreed! With @Ozzie_the_Relaxed pointing out the punting aspect, this badge feels like it sh…
  • I don't love Luton, but their badge is a thing of beauty.
  • Two goals apiece, but Freeman would be way ahead in the assist stakes if you are even comparing his last L1 season with Mehmeti, let alone three seasons. I don't think Mehmeti has an assist yet. Again, stats do not tell the whole story, and I do thi…
  • They will probably barely stay up, owing to Southend and Grimsby being so poor. Might be quite the end to the season, though. 'Essex: The Only Way Is Up'
  • Not sure if he has sent the email yet, though?
    in 5pm Tomorrow Comment by Shev April 9
  • I agree Mehmeti has nailed down that role as starter, but it's good to have a second option when he is not on form (or injured). Freeman would be good in there. Also agreed on the problems solved by the 3 at the back. The only thing is, who gets …
  • @Croider said: Not sure what his 'influential' performances could have amounted to considering Oreint's record in his run of 9 consecutive starts - 1 win, 5 draws, 3 losses, 4 total goals scored. Since his absence the team's record is 4 wi…
  • I hope he is okay - I superglued my hands to the steering wheel of the Nick Freeman Bandwagon. I still think we very much need him, especially in L1.
  • True. We may be only club set to come out of Covid in a better state financially than when we went into it.
  • That is insane. No-one would wish this on them, and I am only wondering how many clubs are teetering.
  • Like @drcongo, I have never gambled in my life, despite living in Las Vegas for a combined fourteen years. I think I put a quarter in a fruit machine once or twice, but that's it. However, my favourite gambling story is from my sister-in-law (a Vega…
  • @LeedsBlue said: @RITM - Luton, wasn’t it? Phil C likened the complexity of navigating the inner corridors behind their main stand to the scene from “This is Spinal Tap” That was a Catchpole Classic.
  • @Forest_Blue said: Would he be welcome back at Wycombe...I really liked him It's a weird one for me. He and Horgan remind me of each other in that both are diminutive tricky wingers who never quite seem/seemed to fulfill their potential w…
  • Yes, we have averaged exactly a point per game since those first 7, despite Covid, major injuries, and egregious referee decisions. Not bad at all!
  • I did not realize Smyth had gone out on loan. Seems it's still hard for him to break into the QPR team.
  • Cheers @Dustymiller51 - always nice when an opposition fan with a good attitude comes on the forum. There are some definite similarities between our clubs, and we have both been chipping away at the same rockface this season. Your club seems well ru…
  • Allsop has played some blinders for us this season. There is no shame in just not being as good as Stockdale.
  • @Wendoverman said: Anyone else noticed from reading fan forums that NO manager in the EFL actually has a Plan B...and every single one needs to be sacked and replaced by someone who has? The man, woman or child who manages to develop one will …
  • Jacobson: 4 - 6 Fred: 4 - 2 Kashket: 4 - 1 Uche: 4 - 1 Wheeler: 3 - 1 McCleary: 2 - 1 Admiral: 2-1 Mehmeti: 2 - 0 Knight 2-0 Tafazolli: 2 - 0 Horgan 1-3 Stewart: 1-1 McCarthy 1-1 Bloomfield: 1-0 Samuel: 1-0 Own goal: 1-0 Wheeler is…
    in Top Scorer race Comment by Shev April 6
  • That's a really good point, @DevC - in effect tying one hand behind his back.
  • Paul Warne seems like a decent chap to me. There is a lot to like about Rotherham (he says in a burst of patronizing magnanimity after seeing Wycombe win 3-0).
  • I'd try and keep him in-house one way or another. Is there a bigger personality in football? I doubt it. Let him be a brand ambassador for all I care, but keep him associated with the club!
  • @bigred87 said: One thing i took from today, im gonna miss Bayo if this is his last season... what a guy I hope we can get him his Championship goal too. Otherwise he will look back at that Watford miss with sadness.