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  • So there seems to be two schools of thought: * EFL expect Derby to fall foul of FFP with republished accounts and relegate them (more promising for us). * EFL will appeal ruling, and designed fixtures this way just in case they win. Not so h…
  • This is when I hate being in the mountain time zone - massive news to discuss, and most Gasroomers asleep! Any insomniacs out there?
  • Burton makes more sense now, with the interchangeable fixtures.
    in EFL Trophy draw Comment by Shev 12:52AM
  • Germany are indeed lucky. Equalizer five minutes from time, and now avoiding all the top teams! The top half will be a blood bath.
  • This is surely unprecedented! I am lost though - the punishment is a slap on the wrist but they are still providing interchangeable fixtures?
  • So just in the course of the first half, England have gone from being set to face Germany, then France, and now Portugal. I wonder how many more times it will change?
  • Luton just can't get enough of Wycombe talent. They can't watch us every week, so this is the next best thing.
  • I always wonder how Wycombe players feel when fans insist on standing back to back with them and taking out the tape measure...
  • Maybe we'll look better when playing a better team and having to soak up pressure and counter.
  • @Chris said: Finished top of the group without conceding, a perfectly fine way of navigating the group stage. Not quite sure what all the moaning is about. You'll find out after the round of 16 match.
  • @drcongo said: @Shev said: Nothing beats a player directing traffic in the attacking half as if he is going to do something....only to pass it back into his own half. Henderson? I think it was Kyle Walker this …
  • The most exciting prospect after today is wondering if Scotland will present themselves a trophy to commemorate the 0-0 with England?
  • Nothing beats a player directing traffic in the attacking half as if he is going to do something....only to pass it back into his own half.
  • I might watch the Gape video again to look at the construction materials in the background. That would be thrilling compared to this.
  • I thought they did quite well in our L1 promotion season, personally.
  • Gape is such a great lad. Hopefully he is back to full fitness and he and Curtis continue to build that quartered wall across midfield.
  • By the way, this is awesome: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/51MWxHsTD7YhW4gTWWtPvKf/end-to-end-with-15-football-phrases-from-around-the-world?intc_type=promo&intc_location=news&intc_campaign=fifteenfootballphrases_article&i…
  • England fans dream of creative players being let off the leash. England managers dream of Jordan Henderson getting back to match fitness.
  • @Malone said: @LX1 said: It's very interesting listening in to nonstatistical analysis You know it's really a game of widespread opinions when the commentators were saying how crap the young Chelsea lad was for Scotlan…
  • It is strange - England have had so many wonderful players over the decades, and yet you could blur the players and not be able to tell which generation they are from, such is the cautious approach. Euro 96 might be the one tournament where we seeme…
  • Can we start a GA to England thread yet? I miss those.
  • Poor Torquay keeper. Scores and then saves the first two pens, but not enough.
  • Wales are +5 GD on the Swiss. As long as that is not overturned, they come 2nd.
  • Really happy for him!
  • @eric_plant said: Do you mean Peterborough? Good shout! I had somehow forgotten about that spectacular effort! I was thinking of the one starting around 30 seconds below.
    in Owen Dale. Comment by Shev June 20
  • @ReturnToSenda said: @Malone said: @ReturnToSenda said: 😂 We need some stats from you to move on, what you got? Own Goals is currently winning the Golden Boot at the Euros 🤷‍♂️ …
    in Owen Dale. Comment by Shev June 19
  • @Kim_il_Swan said: @TheDancingYak said: For those questioning Southgate- anyone have a genuine alternative? The other Gareth...... I don't support England so as an outsider I can say you have good players but yo…
  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub said: It’s the age old story. Why can players such as Foden, Kane and Sterling look world class for their clubs and bang average for England. It’s cos they have better players with them at club level and at an England level …
  • If England meet Sweden we will have a 0-0 followed by the first ever drawn penalty shoot out. I suppose they can send half of each team through to the next round. Engden? Sweland?
  • @Wendoverman said: Jack Grealish surely the Nick Freeman of England 😁 Sorry mate - Nick Freeman is the Nick Freeman of England. Simple formula: * England did not pick Nick Freeman. * England will not win Euros.