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  • Thank you cider1.Yes its all about opinions!Im as impressed as anyone about the transformation and cant praise the manager high enough but I do feel that we canbe even more effective if substitutions when needed like yesterday are made earlier! When…
  • Once again the timing of our substitutions was poor.If we revert to the long ball which we did in the second half Craig should have been replaced by Hollaway far sooner.We can see it Gaz.Why cant you?
  • Thanks Len. Something of an eye opener to say the least. The main problem from a fans point of view is not really knowing how much debt we really are in ! So many versions of events with little or no substance in most cases. Would it really be so …
  • Well if that is thecase then I cant see where the crowds will be coming. Mid field security after such a staggering successful season to date will be very dissappointing. You cant tell me that wecant afford a couple of loansignings that could make a…
  • Spot on Andygr......My big concern has always been how poorly GA uses substitutes on the bench.Murphy should have been on at half time to booster the midfield not te minutes from time when it was too late. And I really felt sorry for the young lad …
  • Its easy to criticise but I for one really appreciated and looked forward to thecomments of fellow WWFC fans. Thank you for all your hard work.