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  • At what point do you pass from the younger section of the fan base to the older section? I’m early thirties and can see lots of good reasons to enter this competition, but obviously don’t want to distance myself from the yoof with these radical view…
  • We've got 50 points already! I'll happily take a bet with anyone who thinks the team who finishes 21st will get to that number.
  • @Username has taken a bit of stick on this thread and defended himself admirably. Given the scenario he's outlined I think he's completely in the right. There does have to be a bit of common sense on all sides.
  • Kashket comes out of that with quite a lot of credit. Interesting to note the serious allegations that are made towards certain figures at Leyton Orient by Kashket during his time there. I can't help but think football would be a better place if …
  • The statement really was superb, particularly Rob Couhig's quote. A timely-reminder of just how well-run we are off the pitch, as well as on it.
  • Bayo's sending off at Oxford was completely deserved wasn't it? At least the second yellow anyway.
  • Impossible to answer that - it's a squad game. Surely the beauty of signing McCarthy is that not only does he cover Grimmer, but he can also step in for Charles or Stewart at CB too. Particularly important in the case of Charles who we can assume wi…
  • "No real issues of significance have arisen". Hmmm.
  • @BSE said: The service hasn't been great but I do like a pie at half time so I hope it is a temporary measure. Good news! Looks like you can still nip out and pick one up from the ticket office window at half time.
  • Surely no one believes that a player who has gone from near-retirement to our player of the season (so far) would want to negotiate a better deal that their performances deserve? Yeah you're right, I must be mad.
  • I slightly disagree - I suspect we'd have opened talks with him a while back so the fact he hasn't re-signed yet suggests a degree of haggling. As for whether he'd go to another club, perhaps not, but I guarantee there'd be interest. I do agree t…
  • It'd be curtains for our promotion chances if Charles didn't stay on. He's been that important to us this season. It's also worth saying that I imagine Charles will be rightly asking for (and getting) a hefty pay increase compared to the short-te…
  • One other thought on today - wasn't today meant to be a be a celebration of the trust's period of ownership, and the success we've had in that time. I didn't arrive until just before kick off but was expecting something at half time. Did I miss it?
  • @Right_in_the_Middle said: Coventry were the kind of side I've been expecting to see all season. Mobile, quick and with intelligent movement. Not sure what we could have done with the players available today. Thought Phillips had a good ga…
  • I'd also agree that the atmosphere was poor yesterday. It's definitely not helped by matches where we kick towards the home end first half. We normally start a bit quiet but then the noise levels really pick up second half as the team are attacking …
  • Doubt it - I think Andrew Griffiths is widely expected to hold it.
  • Given we've managed to go out of every cup competition at the first round stage this season, I suspect that we'll be very grateful to have these matches for squad rotation when they come around after Christmas.
  • It’s definitely ruled out for offside, but all our players are appealing for handball. I’m certain that the Ipswich lad didn’t touch it, so the conversation between the ref and the lino must be about whether he’s interfering. All in all, it seems…
  • I completely agree @Shev. I've watched it a few times now and I'm certain it hits Thompson and not Norwood. I think we've got away with one there. Also, if this finishes 11 v 11 I'll be amazed. Keep our heads - let Ipswich lose theirs.
  • Option B - no contest. It's the FA Cup.
  • Agreed - very surprised if that's a live TV game but a dead cert for the Sunday afternoon if it isn't. Brilliant draw though- if we can beat Tranmere!
  • Well done Phil - I was thinking after Episode 10 (the Dobbo and Andrew Howard interviews) that it was the best podcast episode I’d ever listened to (I listen to lots!). I’m so glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve - even more impressi…
  • So what are we going to do with the 25 non voters then? Round them up on the pitch at 2:45 and confiscate their season tickets?
  • The key part of your post @Twizz is "They are admitting to"
  • I've thought for a while that £16 (in advance) to stand on the terrace is too cheap for League One football (certainly compared with other clubs), even if it has helped to make that the busiest part of the ground. My mates who support other clubs (a…
  • @eric_plant said: I think they were more celebrating reaching the 2nd round to be honest Exactly. Has a club from the 8th tier ever reached the 3rd round (I'd be amazed if they had...)? They're now just one game away.
  • Oh bollocks - I misread the fixture list... Saturday 21st December 2019, 4:52pm, Oxford UK. By some mathematical miracle, Wycombe are on the brink of promotion despite playing just 20 matches. JJ whips a corner into the box. It pinballs aro…
  • Saturday 21st March 2020, 4:52pm, Oxford UK. JJ whips a corner into the box. It pinballs around the penalty area for a few seconds before falling to Dom Gape 10 yards out. He lashes it into the roof of the net - 2-1 Wycombe. 1600 Chairboys go del…
  • Thinking about this first round bye for someone, wouldn't it have been better to allow a lucky loser through from the 4th Qualifying Round, and give another Non-league side much-needed gate revenue?
  • Gareth is at least twice as good as any other manager in the Championship, so I reckon he'll only need 10 million.