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  • @ChasHarps said: When Phil's Co commentator went " Ol shut up will you, I couldnt put up with that every game" I presume he was referring to Pete Couhig ?? He wasn’t referring to Pete.
  • https://twitter.com/bluntphil/status/1371205589674700803
  • @micra said: I coined Mehmessi some time ago, acknowledged a this afternoon by @bluntphil. That’s a pint I owe him. I’m looking forward to the day where we can have a pint together again @micra
  • Having worked with the RTB Regional Accents Dept. for well over a season now, he does an excellent job, almost too good at times as I originally thought it’s charm might be that the accents would be crap. His Eastern flank is his Achilles heel but w…
  • RingingTheBlues new episode! * Reaction from the Reading & Norwich City games * Championship chat with Sam Parkin * Opposition view x 2 * Chairboys Spanish On many podcast platforms. Share, subscribe, leave a lovely review etc htt…
  • https://twitter.com/bluntphil/status/1363769043468099586
  • https://twitter.com/bluntphil/status/1360995941894021125
  • I speak with Rob about his email to fans on this week’s RTB https://twitter.com/bluntphil/status/1360995941894021125
  • Great to be nominated again, although this year it will be decided by public vote. Despite being up against pods on Man City, Leeds etc, I fully expect that we will win the award** With over a week of voting to go, there are plenty of opportuniti…
  • I don’t have the average figure per game I’m afraid @peterparrotface As @glasshalffull pointed out earlier in the thread, we took the lead just before HT against Sheffield Wednesday and spent the second half defending, which probably gives us the…
  • An interesting stat from my commentary notes on Saturday: Wycombe completed just 80 passes against Birmingham in their 0-0 draw in their last match – the second fewest by a team in the top four tiers of English football in a league match this sea…
  • https://twitter.com/bluntphil/status/1358468472611700736
  • https://twitter.com/bluntphil/status/1357082931521609731
  • Ringing The Blues midweek special! A review of the transfer window with @Vincey plus ALL the action and reaction from the game against Birmingham! https://anchor.fm/phil-catchpole/episodes/No-Disrespect-For-League-2-ept6ki
  • @Wanderers82 said: Great squad, who do we think was the player that we turned down a bid from another team ? Oxford put a very late bid in for Jordan Obita
  • @Malone said: Green is a horrible colour for a kit https://www.bbc.com/sport/amp/football/39204434
  • Watching Wycombe on iFollow at home for the first time... COYB! I did the Watford 1-2 QPR game last night and I’m afraid to report that our friends from West London look a completely different team to the one we saw at Adams Park just before Chri…
  • https://twitter.com/bluntphil/status/1355942173015994372
  • The category is Club Podcast Of The Year. I got nominated for the last one in 2019 which was a massive surprise as I’d never heard of it, which meant somebody must have put me forward for consideration. Whoever that was, thank you! Currently h…
  • If anyone fancies throwing RTB into the ring for this years FSA Awards you can do so here: https://twitter.com/wearethefsa/status/1354097705983897601
  • Spurs is my ‘other’ team and I will be delighted when WW win on Monday night.
  • @drcongo A true gent and I think we could have chatted for hours.
  • https://twitter.com/bluntphil/status/1348561016091783169
  • @perfidious_albion said: @LX1 said: This is great news. I can't find any coverage of the Cardiff win and opposition fan reaction? My understanding is that RTB’s @bluntphil and ‘the regional accents dept’ took a Christ…
  • Here we are: https://twitter.com/bluntphil/status/1347597611247824896
  • It's up... It will pull though to the various pod platforms ASAP... https://anchor.fm/phil-catchpole/episodes/OilySailor-FA-Cup-Poem-2021-eon4s9
  • https://twitter.com/bluntphil/status/1347496902070304769
  • Happy New Year! First RTB of the year... Apple - https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/ringing-the-blues/id1475435664?i=1000504209469 Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/episode/48Vby9qiKjsMQmTpJDWftR?si=sPTuVrtrTneKMyKTjSYJEg Acast - htt…
  • I had no idea about Loudwater’s history with the dogs. As a kid, I was regularly taken to Walthamstow and Rye House dogs. One evening at the ‘Stow, Dave Carroll was in attendance and I vividly remember striding up to him and saying “you’re Jesus”…