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  • Bradford City have a history of commitment to affordable football and being very inventive with season ticket incentives going back some time. It's admirable and we could learn a lot from them.
  • @Steve_Peart Just wanted to say thanks for all the updates in this thread. There's not a lot of other posters in here but I read your match reports every week.
  • Less local but I’ll be off to Clapton CFC against The Curve FC on Saturday. Would be nice to see some chairboys there.
  • 2-1 to Wycombe in all four of them.
  • @glasshalffull I would love to hear the club’s side of the story on how the commercials have failed so catastrophically since Mr Irvine left. Sadly the clubs side of the story appears to be “that’s football ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “
  • It does seem a remarkable turnaround from being told that the future was rosy when Damian Irvine was in charge of commercial ops, to being told there is no future when the GM took control of commercial ops.
  • I’m sure Dev will be along in a moment demanding that you provide proof that you remember that @Sherrinford and then posing some halfwitted straw man hypothetical questions and demanding answers to those too.
  • You’ve shown yourself to be quite spectacularly thick tonight Dev. And not just because you’re a bit hard of thinking like Richie, but you’re wilfully and deliberately ignorant, a sad lonely little man with nothing better to do than deliberately mis…
  • Jesus is now looking for some nails and a big cross to get away from this drivel.
  • Dev, you also have to consider that you’re a fucking idiot and couldn't spot a logical fallacy if it bit you on your lonely arse. marlowchair earlier said he doesn't know Truthwillout. truthwillout now says marlowchair is the good guy and k…
  • I am not going to out anyone’s real identity, but I can definitely attest to the fact that @TruthWillOut would absolutely know the facts here.
  • I am definitely not alone in being tired of your constant shitposting dev, and I’m entirely unsurprised that you are alone in any situation in life. I can’t imagine anyone would voluntarily spend any time with you.
  • I like everyone on this board to some degree or another but I honestly can’t find a single likeable thing about you.
  • Dev, you’re a very weird little man, and quite nasty too.
  • We seriously can’t even be bothered to reply to Sergio?
  • Christ on a bike. That really is beyond incompetent and way out into malice.
  • Like when he saved the training ground for us.
  • i wonder if one of these interested parties is white knight Ivor, riding in on his trusty steed after the collapse of the bid he (allegedly) helped to bring to the table thereby engineering a perceived crisis that only Ivor can save us from.
  • It’s well worth listening to the interview Phil posted earlier. Trev is a little less comfy when asked some questions.
  • 2-1 to Wycombe
  • @Steve_Peart said: When asked why both bids were not presented, for members to decide, Trevor said bidding is a very complicated business, best for Board to decide. Did he use the words “don’t worry your pretty little heads about these th…
  • Trevor doesn’t come across well in that video.
  • Exactly @Doob. I’m yet to see a convincing argument to explain how £600k pa in losses can be cleared by actually adding to the debt.
  • @glasshalffull said: Do you honestly believe that having a different set of people in charge would turn a substantial deficit into a profit or even a break even scenario? That’s an interesting viewpoint Alan. So, you think if the American…
  • It’s not worth responding to Dev’s comments on players or tactics as he hasn’t bothered to actually watch the team before commenting. More appropriate to not read his drivel and then just reply to what you imagine he probably said. You’d be amazed a…
  • Thank god @marlowchair explained the bleeding obvious to dev so we don’t have to.
  • Is it possible that now Bill and Jim have leverage in the form of a hold over the stadium, they now don’t feel that they need to put quite so much in and have moved the goal posts?
  • We truly are the keystone cops of football clubs. Like a clown car shedding bits of its dignity at every turn.
  • I don’t know why you go to the Facebook page @glasshalffull, it can’t be good for your health.
  • Thanks @Oxfordguest977, though I'm surprised to see that 976 Oxfordguests had registered for the gasroom before you.