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  • Fred was MoM for me, his defending was brilliant and with JJ off, Fred defended the world’s highest paid player (allegedly) out of the game to such a degree that more than one of us thought he’d been subbed.
  • My only but if criticism is that Blooms looks sluggish, but I’m also pleased that he’s the only one who does.
  • I disagree @YorkExile - we’ve mostly restricted them to soft shots from range with a back 4 that keeps changing.
  • Ikpeerzazru!
  • I was typically late so missed you, but did get to meet @ValleyWanderer and @HCblue for the first time, as well as a few others that I already knew.
  • Could be the entire first team squad out for months.
  • @Wendoverman said: And of course as we move into more remote working (speeded up no doubt by the changes forced on us by the dreaded Covid) the necessity also decreases to some extent. And all the right wing press sneered at the idea of t…
    in Bodger Comment by drcongo January 25
  • I was hoping to finally meet you that day @micra. One day.
  • What an abomination that badge is. Firstly, why is it standing on a basketball, and secondly, just look at the curve the text is on - were they drunk? And why does none of it actually line up?
  • @ryan_w_kirkby That's probably my favourite Wycombe supporter origin story ever. @Platform_3 I've known a few people who ended up finding going to games too stressful and stopped for a while, most eventually went back with a view that the football (…
  • It's because they're scared of us.
  • @ryan_w_kirkby said: Wycombe are my 2nd club, never lived outside of liverpool so was brought up and took the games from a very early age supporting Everton, was around 9yo when I went my first Wycombe match. Growing up I wouldnt miss an E…
  • JPP will always have a place in my heart for being the reason for the only bet I've ever placed, and the only bet I've ever won. In the Peter Taylor years, when we won 1-0 almost every week, I took up some betting site's offer of a free £10 bet when…
  • Some great stories in here. My other team is Clapton CFC, so Wycombe is my "big club", which used to feel weird when asked by other Clapton fans but probably doesn't now. Still hasn't really sunk in that we're a championship club.
  • I could swear there was more than 120 plod for our playoff second leg against Plymouth.
  • The last two seasons seemed to have about 900 live Leeds matches. I wonder if Sky pick who to show live based on style of play 🤔
  • One of the downsides of empty stadiums, Joe admits, is not being able to use crowd noise as an excuse for ignoring the manager. "If you've done something wrong, now you can hear the manager and everyone can hear him having a go at you. So there's…
  • Thanks for insight @ryan_w_kirkby. I wonder if he and Dennis are friends.
  • Jermaine Udumaga's short spell at Wycombe ended with him doing a couple of stepovers, ghosting past two opposition players and sliding a pinpoint killer pass into the box. Obviously we'll have none of that shit round these parts.
  • "Attacking midfielder" is the bit I'm worried about. Cue 4 years on the bench and then a loan out to a bottom tier club.
  • I was working in advertising at the time of the earlier anecdote. Disappearing to the pub at 2 in the afternoon, or simply never returning from lunch were not uncommon. One company I worked with had requisitionable cocaine for when you needed to tak…
  • I'm with @Brownie and @TheatreOfChairs. But at least it gives me yet another opportunity to post this gif. Good luck Nick, I hope this kickstarts a dazzling second half to your career, wherever it ends up being.
  • @arnos_grove said: @bookertease Slightly off topic, many years ago a friend called me to say, 'Come down the pub. I'm there with my mate Groovy'. Instantly, I knew I must stay at home. That reminds me of a time I was sat in a pub w…
  • Best passer in the squad, rarely loses possession. I’d love to know how that doesn’t warrant even a place on the bench.
  • I used to have a boss who pronounced "specifically" as "pacifically". I pointed it out every single time he did it.
  • @HCblue said: @woodlands said: @MindlessDrugHoover agree and also 'of' instead of 'have' . 'He could of (have).....' Ooh, that one really gets me. I can live with evolution of language - that's the way of such things.…
  • Still does I think @Wendoverman, I had to stop listening to the Today programme about 4 years ago for this reason. Well, that and the fact that it’s become churnalism, reporting press releases as news. And the free public opinion polling they do …
  • @HCblue said: @bookertease said: @Malone said: @arnos_grove said: I'll tell you what grind's my gear's - apostrophe's when a word end's in 's'. Had a mate who would al…
  • I'm ambivalent with regards to James O’Brien @micra - he's well informed and extremely good at arguing with callers, which is huge fun when the callers are people you disagree with. But I also find him very convinced of his own importance. When he l…