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  • Should really be factored in to the scheme. I wonder why it isn't. 🤔
  • The virus disproportionately kills old people and those who don't believe experts should be trusted. The Times, Torygraph and Daily Heil have all turned because this is their customer base.
  • @chairboyscentral I have very, very little understanding of what viruses are and how they work, but still probably a bit more knowledge than most because I watch, read and listen to a hell of a lot of science stuff. I spent a couple of hours recentl…
  • @Shev said: I think habitual belief in unproven, watertight conspiracy theories (as opposed to well known sinister information, like say Google's ability and potential for prying/spying) is therefore a type of narcissism - fundamentally, someone …
  • Thanks @Uncle_T
  • I agree it’s hard not look to the people who’ve chosen to use their votes to elect the past few administrations and ask them to be accountable. I try very hard not to blame those who voted for them @Lloyd2084, I have actual friends who voted…
  • I'm taking this whole thing a bit personally. I can't see the company that I've spent the last few years building surviving this and my wife is being sent home without pay. Make the most of the gasroom because it's probably not going to be here much…
  • @HCblue said: I don't think that the needs of every single person were addressed yesterday. That wasn't my suggestion and I am not sure such a thing would be possible right now. Instead, I meant to ask those who seem to think this is the standard…
  • Fewer. Sorry
    in Quiztime Comment by drcongo March 18
  • Morning @LX1, you know we're supposed to be staying out of the pubs and clubs?
  • I think we're both applying Occam's Razor differently.
  • The chancellor announced measures to help businesses and mortgage holders. You asked... @HCblue said: I'd be interested to hear the steps that people imagine they would have taken to protect the interests of every single person who is at ri…
  • Actually, look at quite a lot of other countries: https://twitter.com/Geraint1982/status/1239959450661912576 https://twitter.com/Geraint1982/status/1239959874433421312 https://twitter.com/Geraint1982/status/1239960180479021056
  • Have a look at Denmark and Norway @HCblue Norway are super prepared for this kind of thing because they had the foresight not to sell off their oil rights to their mates and have just been collecting the cash for decades.
  • Scratch that, that one turned out to be real.
  • A good one I heard was that the UK government is going to introduce mortgage moratorium but do absolutely nothing for renters, many of whom are living on the verge of homelessness already.
  • Can you think of a better explanation for getting paid to write an article in a tory newspaper and then using that as a way to release extremely important, official government information instead of releasing it through established channels, or to a…
  • If anyone is interested, this is all QAnon nonsense. The same "alt-right" arseholes who spread rumours about Hillary Clinton running a pedo ring from the basement of a pizza restaurant in Washington DC that ended up with some dickhead firing off an …
  • Grant Shapps doesn’t even know what his own name is.
  • I guess it was just an honest mistake when he released government health advice on coronavirus as an article on the Telegraph behind a paywall.
  • So glad to hear you're on the mend @Lloyd2084
  • https://www.immunology.org/news/bsi-open-letter-government-sars-cov-2-outbreak-response https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/15/epidemiologist-britain-herd-immunity-coronavirus-covid-19 https://left.it/2020/03/13/covid_19-open-le…
  • There's some interesting discussion going on here for anyone interested: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22577132 That site is full of very smart people (though mostly from fields unrelated to virology) from all over the world.
  • Enjoyed meeting you too @HCblue, but I stand by it. The whole UK approach to this issue has been an economic one, partly based on the fact that they’ve spent 10 years decimating the hospitals and public services that we now need to cope.
  • Coronavirus will disproportionately kill the old, the poor and the most vulnerable in society. Like austerity, this policy is deliberately targeted at these groups because this government sees them as a barrier to their own riches. It’s eugenics.
  • But @mooneyman, why would you take the advice of every single expert in the world except one, when, like Dev, you could just believe the other one? The one who would lose his job if he didn’t do what he was told, which is coincidentally to take a li…
  • Let us say Johnson had taken a different approach. His advisors had told him what to do.He ignored them for political reasons and it turned out the experts were right and thousands of people died as a result. Would that not have been a disgraceful t…
  • I’ve actually thumbed up a few of Dev’s posts on this subject, but that post really is plumbing the depths of your repertoire. You’re arguing against a case that literally nobody has made. Back to your old self.
  • I’ve done a little bit of digging but I just can’t seem to turn up any independent experts of anywhere near the standing of John Ashton who think the govt approach is sensible, just some swivel-eyed libertarian loons who don’t believe in the concept…
  • I’m actually amazed that so many here think Johnson is saying what his experts are telling him to, as opposed to his experts saying what he tells them to. David Nutt and David Kelly might be able to tell you what governments think of experts telling…