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  • That Adams interview is comedy gold. Apparently Bayo ‘won a few flick ons but didn’t have any real chances’. With two decent saves from their keeper, a header just past the post and the big lad forcing an own goal, the highlights seem to disagree...…
  • Well I never, a potential investor using large debt as leverage to force a takeover. Went well last time, why not try again...
  • @Right_in_the_Middle said: I thought Harriman had a decent game yesterday. Maybe a warm up for a spell in wide midfield ? I’ve always wondered why he hasn’t been given more of a go at right midfield recently. He had that wonderful spell o…
  • Not sure I agree with all the comments thanking him for his ‘financial nous’. Although the football side has improved (which I would assume is more down to GA) he took over when we were breaking even and now we’re losing £600k a year and are in dire…
  • Quietest I've ever heard a full away stand...
  • Worrying that our chairman would prefer to have an empty stadium with money being chucked at him than a decent, interesting competition that would bring in the fans.
  • I personally thought McGinn was our man of the match today. He didn't give the ball away once, and gave us the composure on the ball in midfield that we severely lack with the likes of Bloomfield and Bean. Would love to see him given a start on Satu…
  • You say 'does it go to Steve Hayes debt?' as if that is a bad thing. We are repaying that around £150k of that debt every year, so paying it all off at once frees up those repayments over the next 10/15 years for other things, eg players wages or re…
  • Andy Yiadom was very impressive for Barnet against us, out of contract at the end of the month. Might not replace Harriman at right midfield but could play on the left or even up top with Hayes.
  • Jermaine Udumaga has been released by Brentford, presumably due to their academy closing down. I liked the look of him in the few minutes he played for us, could be relatively cheap too, although potentially not an 'Ainsworth style' player.
  • I would certainly agree there is no point signing a creative midfielder if we are going to play in the same style next season. I think we have seen with McGinn this season, a player who's main attributes are passing/keeping the ball will be anonymou…
  • What has McGinn done wrong to be dropped? May not be the typical centre mid for Ainsworths style of play, but in the last few games when we have got the ball down and played (albeit for a couple of minutes each game) he has been at the centre of it.
  • I don't think central midfielders have ever had to be fast, I'd play Harriman wide right and Woody left would give us enough pace.
    in Max Comment by wwfcwill April 2016
  • Max is easily our most creative player, though not necessarily a player that suits ainsworths style. If GA wanted to tweak things next year and play more passing based style I think a midfield three of Bean, McGinn and Max just ahead of them would b…
    in Max Comment by wwfcwill April 2016
  • Yeah, spoke to him before the Wimbledon game and said it was a knee problem. He felt like he could have played v Wimbledon but the physio said know, was expecting to be playing last Saturday.
  • I think Wimbledon coaches need to read the rule book, if a player goes off because they need to change/remove clothing they have to wait until the ball goes out of play to come back on. As opposed to an injury when they can be waved back on whenever.
  • @richmayes999 said: Maybe Tubbs is a done deal but I would be surprised that nothing has been said about it apart from a few rumour sights and the fact we went after him before. This coming from the same person who started a thread ab…
  • The only real fault you could find with Ainsworth is tactical knowledge. Sometimes his substitutions seem Waddockesque, ie often too late and seemingly odd decisions. However this is something that is only going to improve with time, as if he moves …
  • He sounded perfect for us, QPR and Brentford connections
  • Well let's be thankful he inserted those clauses into the transfer, knowing full well that it would never benefit him directly as he would almost certainly have left by the time they all get paid.
  • Surely Rowe can cover at centre back, as can Sido, then Blooms/Bean can fill in their positions.