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  • John Arlott for me, loved listening to him as a youngster. How good were India and the bottom line is how many England players would be good enough for the Indian test team…2 maybe three at the most.
  • Quite confident about this one. I remember the last time we were there, at Maine Road of course, we gave them a footballing lesson with Sean Devine scoring. We were perched on a temporary stand - we also beat them at home that year as I recall, but …
    in Man City Comment by MBS August 25
  • Cloud is a long way from Trent Bridge. Hang onto your hat Mr Micra, Sibley won’t last long. He is not a test batsman.
    in England v India Comment by MBS August 6
  • 1000 comments now……
  • Ok thanks Alan x 2.
    in A4010 Comment by MBS August 3
  • Jack Wakely looked a class act tonight. What a squad has been assembled. Exciting times ahead.
    in Jack Wakely signs Comment by MBS July 28
  • Emma Hayes co commentator on ITV dear oh lore give me strength…..
    in Ikpeazu Comment by MBS July 2
  • A message for glass half full…if you have a hotline to Jonathan Pearce, you may do, ffs can you tell him to shut up with all the facts and figures rubbish he comes out with all the time. Worst case of commentators verbal diarrhoea ever. He just can’…
    in Ikpeazu Comment by MBS July 2
  • I agree Holmer Blue. Test matches all the way. Twenty twenty games are for Sun readers with the attention span of a gnat. A slogfest pure and simple.The twists and turns of a Test match are absorbing and I’ve been hooked on Test matches since laying…
    in Ishan Kishan Comment by MBS March 15
  • I think the expression is ‘we never laid a glove on them.’ 🥴
  • Pretty good performance tbh but I don’t think Norwich really got out of second gear. We were trying to compete against a basically Premier league team., Next season, in league one, Ainsworth should do two things....get a haircut and drop the ‘little…
  • The table does not lie. Despite a recent upturn, I fear a bit of a pasting today. Hope I’m wrong!!
  • I’m with Eric and Chas on the Allsop debate. I was concerned with the huge gap he had left to his left at that last free kick and said as much to my wife. The free kick was at such a distance that it was easy to get it up and over the wall. If he ha…
  • I like Rob’s optimism and especially ‘the time for sight seeing is over’. But, in reality, we haven’t a hope in hell of staying up.
  • The unfortunate thing is that GA has so much credit in the bank, he is almost beyond reproach and criticism. Nevertheless, supporters have every right to express critical opinions, even when they are seen by some on here as ‘the usual suspects’. Per…
  • Oh dear, had you been drinking Eric.
  • The interesting thing for me is that I know a lot of people who turn the sound off when Jonathan Pearce is commentating. We all turn off the half time analysis from pundits who think they’re interesting especially trying to use the clever dick maps …
  • Thank you for responding. Jonathan Pierce just rabbits on and on, with all his stats and other information that no one needs or is interested in,. His radio days I think are responsible for this. If you get to chat to him in your line of work, pleas…
  • I’ve got an appointment on Monday morning Dr. Congo.
  • Heart tells me we are going to nick a 1 0 win. Head tells me it’s going to be a tonking.🤭
  • Thank you Arnos Grove didn’t see that and I admit I never looked. Schoolboy error 😎
  • Hate to rain on your parade chaps, but what has this got to do with Wycombe Wanderers??
  • What a signing - great news!!!
  • Joey Barton has gone up in my estimation...handled himself well. What a team we have.
  • Vadaine Oliver would make the perfect replacement for Akinfenwa. Big strong target man. I was pretty disappointed when Harriman left...
  • Great performance from Northampton last night, and one or two of their players certainly caught the eye. Mr Parry managed another Wanderers mention again last night...well done mate.
  • Undoubtedly a very good player, and always against us. Shame he’s so old, but I couldn’t see him settling at a southern softy kind of club.
  • Forgive me Chris, Which one is he?? I only saw him play once at Cambridge United away I think.he was pure comedy gold. I have never seen anything like that before or since!!
    in Carlos Lopez Comment by MBS May 2020
  • Trusting the political incumbents Chas...are you seriously saying the alternative would have been any better....Corbyn, Abbott, Wrong Daily, Barry Gardiner etc etc. Now that is a rabble.
  • Aloysius..what a welcome post. But that standard of posting is wasted on here methinks!!