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  • @ValleyWanderer said: It might be helpful if she can make the Oxford match! I'm sort of thinking about extending an invitation to SWMBO, but at the moment keeping my powder dry until I'm sure of other "stuff". Wink wink!
  • I too was at the match with the aforementioned good lady who was 6 1/2 months into her pregnancy. We were stood against a railing and when that goal went in, I remember having to stand behind her to form a "protective shield" as the Blues fans surge…
  • @Twizz said: @EwanHoosaami, wasn't the story that the players saw Comanche on the way up and after the victory decided to buy him when they passed by on the way back? I believe that is the correct tale amigo.
  • @EssexWanderer said: @EwanHoosaami said: @Uncle_T said: @MBS It's a rare occurrence for a team to be relegated from this league on 52 points, though not impossible. I think Fulham were the last to be relegated fr…
  • @Uncle_T said: @MBS It's a rare occurrence for a team to be relegated from this league on 52 points, though not impossible. I think Fulham were the last to be relegated from this level with 52 points back in 1994, 25 years ago. Regardless …
  • Just waiting for @Wendoverman to enquire if any of his seat remains in place. Well one thing is for certain. @Wendoverman won't be getting any discounted crisps near the end of the game as we always appear to sell out before his arrival! 😁
  • POTD @fame_46 I would hope that having a two week break will give many of those players a chance to re-energise, recover from many of the knocks & bruises that they have to play with. If we consider the pace and ferocity that our midfield player…
  • A very useful report and I extend my thanks to you as well. It does highlight that we need a lot of investment into the stadium maintenance though. Added to the problems that have already been mentioned, the mens loo in the Beechdean towards the awa…
  • Murtagh scores for Boreham Wood. Scowen for QPR.
  • @Malone said: Good call. Takes Allsop out of the firing line for a bit, and shows Yves there is a point hanging around Alternatively, highlight why he's no 2? Joke, by the way.
  • PML! @bookertease
  • @mooneyman said: @Vital - There was only one formal bid as Harman withdrew his after failing to provide all the required documentation. From my understanding, @mooneyman has pretty well nailed it, without unnecessary addition. To the poin…
  • Playing devils advocate here @mooneyman: Could it not be that some "figure massaging" has been uncovered during his process of due diligence? Not saying it is nor throwing any accusations in any way. Just trying to keep an open mind.
  • Oh, well that doesn't leave many options then. Wonder what the issues were?
  • @EssexWanderer said: Bizarre way to give away a penalty Couldn't see what happened. Care to elaborate?
  • Time delay to replac lino. Plymouth fans will be seething.
  • @Wisdom_Of_Harry said: I'd certainly support Honeyman having his head tested. So would I if he thought he had any chance with Yves & the Beast charging their way towards him!
  • @aloysius said: This does suggest we may not see Darius Charles again. What a colossal waste of salary he's turned out to be. It does the beg the question about how thorough our medicals are before signing players. It's not as if Charles had an i…
  • @micra said: Sorry, I’ve just fallen in, kerplop. Kind offer but what with having to pick up the old boy at the station and needing to park near the ground I’ll have to graciously decline on this occasion. Looks like the fiercest bit is about…
  • Sadly no. If you would like a lift we shall head down to the ground in one of my beaten up motors!
  • Thanks for that @micra. I will fire up my motorcycle for this evenings match. Unless of course you would like a lift?
  • Got into a Twitter debate with a Sunderland fan on Sunday. According to him they have won half the appeals on their red cards, not including Honeyman. As such, this PROVES that the referees are conspiring to keep The Black Cats down in L1. YCMIU! C…
  • Agree regarding Tyson. Difficult to see anything much, other than him acting as a peacemaker/trying to stop two blokes lamping each other?
  • @Wendoverman said: I assume because he lives a lot closer than them, it's more convenient for Mr Harman to get to games. Junction 2 M40
  • Neither the Premiere league at football or rugby has much appeal for me. I do however, very much enjoy the six nations. Seems irational but I guess my duel nationality means it doubles my chances of supporting a winning side?
  • Have to say that historically, I am not one of Bloomers fans as a footballer at this level. Never questioned all the other credits to his name. Yesterday however he was a colossus in midfield, unbelievable in energy, tackling & his distribution …
  • @eric_plant said: I've watched it a few times. They definitely started it but our lot got stuck in straight away and Sunderland were most definitely on the back foot. Proud of all of them I'm not surprised that Sunderland were on t…
  • I would join you then! :-)
  • @Jonny_King said: I'd carry him back from Northampton myself, but fear the only chance of seeing AP back at AP is if another L1 club buy him. You must be a mighty strong beast!!
  • If he was that good he would be in the Championship wouldn't he. I think similar comments were made about Scot Brown too? Blackman also had Pierre in front of him, as well as being incredibly tall so made the job easier. Not saying that Alsop can't …
    in Allsop Comment by EwanHoosaami March 9