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  • The video of it which the club have just put out makes it look a lot better than the picture from the original article. Charity aspect of the profit very relevant though
  • It is a very worthwhile cause and potential for a really wonderful shirt....but that is an abomination!!
  • Interesting to see if he gets into the team straight away. They bought Olise in the summer who looks to be a pretty similar type player () who hasn't really been able to break into the team properly yet and Palace are doing ok with the team they're …
  • @arnos_grove the club owes you 2 carats!
  • For all the good he did, Hanlan did miss 2 really clear cut chances (end of the pinball in the box and a header at the back post) which would have got us right back into it. Didn't see Taf do too much wrong so MOTM - against not much competition - f…
  • Tough night, much of which has already been covered. Very odd to see Gape played in the Bloomfield role, with a similar outcome of lots of running without much effectiveness. Hopefully a one off tactic.
  • Excellent news. Just looked on their Instagram page and it says as well as tonight they'll be at the Portsmouth, Sunderland, MK and Doncaster matches
  • Seems odd that the "village" has gone backwards a bit in terms of food offering. Felt like a lot more choice of interesting stalls when it first started, plus the Tom Kerridge pies out of the old ticket window, but now down to only a couple of optio…
  • Or, even worse, we ever signed Danny Hylton.
  • "The games are dull because they are predictable" is from the perspective of a fan/native of the larger countries, in the same way that I'm sure many Man City fans didn't get overly excited about our league cup match. For the players and fans of the…
  • Fine, we disagree. But this is definitely off on a tangent - the question I responded to initially was "what is the point"
  • @bicester_blue The question was "what is the point" of them playing against each other, not whether or not they deserve the "reward" of playing against the Netherlands. I also happen to disagree with the thinking that 'small' nations shouldn't…
  • For the potential joy and excitement felt by the players and fans of the underdogs who could take an unexpected lead, maybe around the 22nd minute. Even if it is short lived (for example, 7 minutes) and they end up losing something like 6-1 then I'm…
  • A goal against Netherlands probably wouldn't have done him any harm at getting into our team!
  • Think that goal also increased the expectation which was mentioned previously on this thread, or it certainly did mine. Would love him to get another soon to open the flood gates. Definitely more goals in him
    in Daryl Horgan Comment by FmG September 30
  • Definitely can't tell from that if it is hand or thigh, didn't even cross my mind last night on iFollow that it may have been handball
  • Seems very odd. Every takeaway restaurant that does chips manage to do mobile chips, I shall be driving mine home with a nice bit of battered cod tomorrow night. Maybe somehow they know to travel better if the customer is carrying them rather than …
  • Although I must add that I was pleasantly surprised by the pulled pork burger from the stand next to the beer tent - was very generously filled and tasty
    in Fan Feedback Comment by FmG September 20
  • @MJS said: daylight fireworks, many of which did their thing well above the sight line of anyone other than the Frank Adams Stand brigade. The roof stopped us in the FA stand from seeing most of the higher fireworks. Well, the roof and th…
    in Fan Feedback Comment by FmG September 20
  • If it was the FA Cup then maybe a chance for TV but for the league cup I think they're more likely to go for the all Premier League ties: Chelsea v Villa or Man Utd v West Ham or Wolves v Spurs. Train prices are crazy (£145 for a basic return was…
    in Man City Comment by FmG August 26
  • Watford had problems with their electronic gates last weekend too apparently. Sometimes a bit of paper > technology
    in Fan Feedback Comment by FmG August 24
  • Hopefully the pies they are bringing back are the Tom Kerridge ones rather than Pukka
    in Fan Feedback Comment by FmG August 20
  • @HCblue said: I am not racist but am instead too unthinking and unaware to realise that my views align exactly with those of a racist. I think we have reached the conclusion of this thread
  • Thanks for the update. Not shooting the messenger but interesting that the pitch is apparently still a red zone but the 3 kids who did the higher/lower thing on Saturday were on the pitch and the lad who pressed the button to start the fireworks was…
  • Nice game! I think Stewart is a decent shout - obviously not conceding much, can hold his own in midfield, can pick a pass, will at least win a throw in high up the pitch out wide, only needs to score one each game to win
  • @ReturnToSenda said: I know, don't worry Phew!
  • @ReturnToSenda said: Covid 21?! Is it going to skip an entire Covid? The 19 is for 2019, not the 19th version
  • Just on the screen - given it is now enormous, it felt a bit of a waste with just the score taking up most of it. I'd especially not like to see a 6ft "0-3" if we are having a bad day! Would much prefer to have the line ups showing throughout the ga…
  • Looks to be an exciting signing! Particularly on a free and at a good age. @MindlessDrugHoover said: Also just recently broken into the Sierra Leone team so hopefully someone to cheer on in the next African Cup of Nations too. Altho…
  • 1) Gape when fit 2) Cambridge @ home. First time in a long time (since 2018?) that we've had a home game on Boxing Day 3) Ainsworth won't be manager by the end of the season 4) 5th 5) Sheffield Wednesday and Portsmouth 6) Mehmeti, Ste…