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  • Ay-May-Zing.
  • Isn’t that the tunnel I drove through to get my Covid jabs ?!
  • England rampant in Cardiff.
  • Magyars magnificent!
  • I’m not great on heights but 5’10 sounds about right. Reassuring that my good mate and youngest son is 6’1” (not confirmed by Wikipedia) in case of threats from the good lord.
  • Bloody pipped me @drcongo !
  • This is very Peter Taylor.
  • I meant to add a plea to all older male Gasroomers (50+ say) to request regular PSA tests (via your GP). And insist on feedback afterwards. I failed to do so a couple of years ago and a significant spike was missed.
  • Thanks guys for your very kind words. I have finally got round to reading all the bumf about alternative treatments and, subject to clarification re timing etc, I’m leaning towards chemo. I had a hormone injection on 3 June which functions for th…
  • Just you @EwanHoosaami. We’re split level (because of slope) and have a five step ‘staircase’ ! I’m planning to get a mini stannah type stairlift installed before too long because we are both struggling a bit, especially going up. Not sure if you…
    in VAR Comment by micra June 21
  • Am I on the right thread?
    in VAR Comment by micra June 20
  • Where would we be without stairs going up to the bedroom?
    in VAR Comment by micra June 20
  • @Chris said: Why can’t we all just be friends? Sounds like good advice to me.
    in Owen Dale. Comment by micra June 19
  • Thanks for that @A_Worboys. Family visited so have only just got round to your updates. Very much a winning draw.
  • Roughly 3.5 an over for Henley compared with High Wycombe’s 3.1. Can’t be easy if there’s as much cloud cover there as there is in Widmer End. Thanks for the update @A_Worboys. Be interested to hear how it’s going.
  • @Malone said: Take it easy @lordmelchester. The boy micra is well liked round these parts and is going through some tough times, so getting after him aggressively, when you seem to have your real life photo linked to your account doesn't scream w…
    in Owen Dale. Comment by micra June 19
  • Very kind words @glasshalffull. Much appreciated. Right on cue, I’m going to boast now and refer back to my post above where I thought Scotland would get a draw against England. Thought your boys were magnificent @MindlessDrugHoover.
  • Getting lively at Hampden Park. Is the Co-commentator Lee Hendrie on speed or, more likely, the guy from Homes under the Hammer (? Dion Dublin).
    in VAR Comment by micra June 18
  • @lordmelchester said: @micra - sorry, I didn't realise that you were now monitoring gasroom2 threads. I thought that was the responsibility of Dr Congo. The irony of course is that my mistake (for which I immediately apologised) is defin…
    in Owen Dale. Comment by micra June 18
  • @lordmelchester : for heaven’s sake, give it a break. I don’t know what I’ve done to upset you but I do know that your link to the press report had not been posted when I made my comment. I was under the impression that this was a quiz thread a…
    in Owen Dale. Comment by micra June 18
  • Exactly that @ReturnToSenda.
  • Indeed it is @Wendoverman. I remember now seeing her on the show (surely before you’d left the cradle) and always thinking that she was an extrovert version of “Nanny”, an original Essex Girl from what in her younger days was a small village. With…
  • It wasn’t there when I commented on your post of 6.05. That was the point in my post of 6.14. Leave me alone!
    in Owen Dale. Comment by micra June 17
  • Thanks > @MorrisItal_ said: @Wendoverman said: JJ would have scored that pen I’d have scored that pen Looks uncannily like my maternal grandmother but she’d be 139 now.. As the lovely Irish mrs micra woul…
  • People are so bloody quick, numerous posts pop up while I’m forefinger tapping.
    in Owen Dale. Comment by micra June 17
  • Apologies @lordmelchester. The posts above led me to think this was the quiz thread. You speak of Owen Dale, no doubt!
    in Owen Dale. Comment by micra June 17
  • Are you in the right thread, your Lordship?
    in Owen Dale. Comment by micra June 17
  • Shrewsbury paying £7m for a player certainly sounds crazy and does nothing to alleviate the feeling of unease about our prospects of a swift return to the Championship. Having said that, I would be very happy to watch the kind of scintillating fo…
  • Is there a sprinkling of former county players at that level @Steve_Peart or do clubs depend on older players mainly because younger players are not coming into the game?
  • Steve Phelps manages to get a mention.