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  • Hopefully all 3 lads are on holiday, nice contract offer safely in hand, and will sort if when they've had a break. I'm also hopeful that all other clubs take the same view that someone on here (whose name I forget) took, that Gape is average!!
  • Hopefully at least 2 of the 3, have already agreed terms, maybe even signed, and there's no actual rush to announce anything? Gape would be the massive surprise to stay, the other two I'd expect to stay on
  • Certainly made him look way less effective than he's been. I always dislike it when they only quote league goals for one thing, but for overall goals, he's got us an 18 and a 19 (I think) in 45-50 odd appearances in each of his first 2 years. Exce…
  • For a second I thought they were trying to say that 19 goals in 83 games was his record for us
  • @YorkExile said: @Malone said: Interesting to read @rg9wwfc , and I hoped someone would know someone for an inside look (proper one, not Marlow chair style) Eh? Actual inside knowledge. Not the dubious type.
  • Interesting to read @rg9wwfc , and I hoped someone would know someone for an inside look (proper one, not Marlow chair style) Listening to the Peter Crouch podcasts, he says that players can get a team bonus, just by being in the matchday squad. …
  • I suppose elements like the players house help, as the club could offer reduced rent as a good way to offset paying lower wages. Free food in the canteen etc? Days off, for the likes of Bayo etc? But then maybe it's the other way too, certain a…
  • It'd be interesting to actually know the ins and outs of what is involved in a contract. As fans we just think it's a case of we offer £600 they want £700 we agree £650, and 2 year deal. Plus they sit on the club incentive scheme. Would …
  • @thedieharder said: @Wanderers82 said: wonder when we hear on whether the 3 players that we have offered contracts to will accept or not .... I would be surprised if there was no news by this Thursday. Perhaps they are…
  • @TrueBlu , if you have some massive wad you want to put in, I am absolutely certain the club would lap it up. You don't need to wait for some official scheme to be underway.
  • @Wanderers82 said: and some of national league clubs , its amazing just how poor we are considering what we have done on the pitch and the players we have sold over the at the top have not been running our club well. Not sure…
  • Anyone know what the longest trip Oxford City would have made was, and now will make? Are we talking 100s of miles more? Or any idea on total distance before and now?
  • How would you settle ties after extra time if away goals were level too?
  • Leaving a manager's job to be kitman at Oxford?
  • Well he hasn't got the West Brom job yet, and Gareth was recently strongly linked to QPR. The way he said "let's see what happens next week" suggested he thought there was a good chance he'd get it too. Football is big on recency too. A manage…
  • That's a good point - Allsop was meant to be that ideal scenario - a quality keeper who we own. Hasn't quite worked that way so far.
  • @eric_plant said: I'm already a real bore on this subject but there is no need for us to ever employ a permanent goalkeeper Costs us countless points a season So only permanent goal keepers make mistakes? Blackman for example di…
  • Winchester have less. Making your post bizarre.
  • Just an all round top guy, but it's good the captain, who we perceive as a bit of an arse is standing up for him. Whether O Nien's laughing it off or not, the twat in question needs some sort of ban or more. Otherwise the next time it'll be a mo…
  • Football does generate a worrying level of hatred from those who have so little going on in life that they need a cause, any cause.
  • @EwanHoosaami said: Just reread my post of earlier, I definitely am a dinosaur. I omitted 10 years of my support. It was 93/94 I started watching! No wonder all of that generation above me are gone, it was 25 years ago. Time flies when you are …
  • @OxfordBlue said: @Twizz said: However - and I write this only to get some kind of debate going, so don't shoot me down - what would you actually do? It's a bit like being in government opposition. You can criticise every decis…
  • Wow - that link is a shocker, and they are right that most of us probably think their players can cope with a delay to their wages for a while - forgetting the 100s of employees on normal person money!
    in Bolton Comment by Malone May 14
  • Ah, so "option 1", the perennial cry of the ITK. "Something changed" honest!
  • On another note, has @marlowchair scuttled back in to sight yet? Am really intrigued to hear what happened to the certainty that Gareth was participating in his last two games, and how our friend Marlow does not "speculate" So one of 3 options…
  • Yep - there's been so many who have chosen to return, it cannot be a coincidence. In this cynical footy world, I genuinely believe Ainsworth has created one heck of an atmosphere. From the player's house, that is a genius idea, to the little days…
  • You can't be getting smashed 4-1 at home
  • Yeah, before we slag off any other clubs, maybe we should look at how many we took to the play off final, a mere 20mins from our doorsteps a few years back. How many would we have taken 200miles?
  • Notts county a season or so ago had a ridiculous set of ex Premier league players, Sted, Carrol, Ameobi, Smith etc The mismanagement to end up relegated is quite incredible
  • Salford will storm league two next season. Wonder how high they can go