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  • Gape signing a new deal would seriously change the current narrative. I am hoping he's not buying the concern around the player release press statements. Why would he want to sign up if that was the full story.
  • From Oxford is a trip to Devon or the South Coast any worse than one to North Yorkshire or Cumbria?
  • It would be really tough if it were true. I am guessing this £1m figure will become the defacto true as someone has now said they heard it. How do these two figures compare to the two clubs turnovers?
  • Same here. Would prefer Charlton going up. Still don't follow why they have penalty shoot outs in the play offs though
  • Is it better to have come for a cross and dropped it or never to have come for the cross at all?
  • That could be a game changer. Wouldn't mind to see him back
  • Kaiser Chiefs never defined a type of variety when asking what they wanted for tea. I'm quite happy with most but do seem to be favouring the BBQ popchip at the moment
  • Andy Holt's tweets do contain a certain amount of self promotion. I got the impression there was a specific reason and/or target for the tweets. Trouble for him and other club owners (including ourselves) doing things the right way are that any l…
  • @Twizz The High Street debate us very much alive and active if you care to research. Look at the advantages of the online seller, landlord rent, business rates as well as car parking rates.
  • Does the logic still work if you swap Ainsworth for Hughton @Tom @th100 I can't help feeling Brighton will not get anyone better and have just lost the experience gained by staying up with a couple of games to spare.
  • @aloysius I bet you are fuming each home game watching Bayo go through is own pre match routine rather than join in the shooting practice. His man management by Ainsworth is amazing. We pay him below his market rate but allow him to make that up …
  • What a pathetic attendance for a game of such magnitude. I'd actually question the validity of either side being allowed in the Football League at the expense of a club like Notts County.
  • @NiceCarrots From where I am looking from you've just made up a possible investor from a library BFP picture then followed up with abuse aimed at the board around why they haven't done due diligence on the made up investor? I think I can see wh…
  • See the guy in the jacket on the left @YorkExile That is @marlowchair
  • The fact Trevor's trolling has got far more bites than @NiceCarrots strategic mischief making will annoy him so much. I like that.
  • It is described as a library image
  • On the main topic though I am sadder than I thought I would be over those released. Bean has provided me with two great memories, Harriman was a favourite player of mine and PCH has provided key goals for years. Tyson is a Wycombe legend. The …
  • The US deal collapsed due to their work pressures not easing as they had planned. Unless Harman has suddenly contracted them to work for him I can't see he was to blame.
  • Just for the avoidance of doubt @YorkExile I am ignoring what @marlowchair said about Ainsworth because it was speculation fuelled by a bitter hatred of a couple of Trust board members.
  • As most of the kids teams who do the half time attack Bodger game have more coaches than we do the solution is simple. Get the players parents involved
  • Maybe not actually entering a team in the B&B might have some bearing on it?
  • I think Ainsworth will still be at Wycombe next season. I hope he will too. I do speculate as I haven't any inside knowledge or pretend to. I don't read anything in to Ainsworth press quotes as he rarely gives anything away. It still annoys m…
  • Who have the bookies got odds on for the QPR job today?
  • I am not so sure @marlowchair has ever directly said anything about Ainsworth going to QPR even if he'll claim he did if it happens. Every reference is vague and it is others who have linked the comments in to a statement.
  • Good cross reference on surprise @peterparrotface . It is appreciated.
  • The one thing guaranteed to shut up @marlowchair is any talk about the team or the performance on the pitch. He never gives an opinion, posts abuse about the board during matches and is now running out of off the pitch people to give insider knowled…
  • What surprise are you talking about @marlowchair ? I'm not sure anything has happened to be surprised about. I'll give the poster doing this user name some credit though. Never miss a chance to lay down some more speculation so some might prove t…
  • I am pretty sure the new manager is already in the building or has been in the last couple of years.
  • For me the biggest complement you can give to Samuel is that he has become good enough for people to turn on him. Let's face it. His signing wasn't done with any real fanfair, excitement or expectation. Compare it to the loan signing if Luke Bolton…
  • It's very much the same part of the curve that O'Neill moved on but I am interested in how the bookies are the new fountain of all knowledge and accepted by some as such. QPR fans I know are still very much talking about Sherwood and Warburton. …