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Harry Pritchard

Debuted for Blackpool on Saturday.


  • Can't say his performance particularly stood out to me.

  • Nor me.

  • Had thought he was a left mid for some reason instead of a centre mid.

    It was almost like someone had told him bean was the messi of the league as he was keeping a very keen eye on him!)

  • @Malone Pritchard always played on the left wing for Maidenhead. He looked like a fish out of water in the middle for Blackpool.

  • A bit harsh, given that was his professional debut in an unfamiliar (and not particularly good) team and in a different position to that which you played in so successfully last season.

    Once or twice he broke forward in dangerous fashion and if I was a Blackpool supporter I'd have thought it to be a reasonably encouraging debut from an inexperienced player.

    Still feel its one we may have missed out on given he's a local boy and is young, well built, left footed and can play left wing, left back and clearly as part of three man central midfield. Might have helped fill a few gaps.

  • A strange decision to bring him into the centre when his strength is surely getting on the ball and shooting and crossing.
    The couple of times he had a little bit of a run he looked more like the part, but generally was watching the ball fly over his head.

  • Watching the ball fly over his head? He was in a League Two midfield...he better get used to it!

  • Could have sworn we'd been promoted @Wendoverman

  • @Malone @Vital bloody hell...I AM living in the past....don't make me go into a home...pleeease!

  • Now Bowyer has walked out. Not ideal for Harry, one game into his Blackpool career!

  • Scored for Blackpool this evening

  • Good to see. Not put out by the manager that signed him leaving so far.

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