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Zero to Hero



  • @ Malone . I do not remember saying the guy was my friend ? I was abused by a guy who had been drinking the other day . He referred to me as a "c..t" and more ... I am 6' 4" (similar to Pierre ) and I can look after myself (similarly to Pierre ) I did not headbutt him or harm him in any way (despite knowing i could with ease ). I am not an ambassador for my football club like he was . I was mature enough to rise above it and I would bet El abd would more likely do the same . I concede I do not actually know what he would do but what I do know is Pierre reacted unforgivably . He let himself , the club , and the majority of fans down with his actions and I would not want him back at our club .

  • So you’re speaking on behalf of the majority of fans? That’s nice.

  • I'm pretty sure there'd be a large opposition if he was mooted to be returning

  • My guess is more people would be pleased than not.

  • He'd have a hero's welcome first game back, and rightly so

  • A hero's welcome ?! good god I have heard it all now .

  • @Chris . I did not claim to speak for the majority of fans . I said my opinion was that he had let the majority down . The majority being well behaved law abiding people and not thugs .

  • I reckon that a poll on the FB page and/or Gasroom would show overwhelming support for Pierre's return, regardless of his huge lapse in control/judgement.

    Like all football players, he gets dogs abuse from opposition fans (and sometimes his own 'fans') and he snapped once. I can forgive him. No-one is perfect.

  • I would far rather have Pierre at the club than the yobs swearing at our player in the street.

    Almost certainly an academic discussion though. Likely to be paid more at Northampton than we could afford and still under contract so likely would need a fee. If we are still lg1 and they are still lg2 at the end of 18/19, maybe.

  • @bourne70 He didn't let anyone down.

  • Just for the record Aaron Pierre didn't let me down with any of his actions and I would love to have him back at the club. I don't think a hero's welcome would be out of place based on his previous efforts for the club.

  • Would also love Pierre back.

    Giving a small amount of comeuppance to some yob fan doesn't even enter the discussion.

  • @james, apologies if you're not who i thought you were....

  • I'd also have him back.... no question

  • Yep, more than happy to have him back. We could get a new t-shirt printed: `I Didn't Feel Let Down When Pierre Nutted That Gobshite'

  • @Chris said:
    bourne70 He didn't let anyone down.

    I disagree. He let himself down and his manager.

  • We only saw Pierre as a league 2 player. If Northampton were to release him it would be because, in his time in league 1, he hadn't done enough to prove himself. In which case I would not see him as the answer to our needs.

  • edited May 2018

    Except that a single player can only do so much in a squad of 20+ players, management and other non-playing staff.

    Perhaps Pierre is League One standard but played with a sub-par defence, sub-par midfield, sub-par manager or sub-par non-playing staff or any combination of the four.

  • El Abd was released by a League 1 club wasn’t he? I have every confidence he will be League 1 standard.

    Plenty of our players will have been released by clubs in League 1.

  • or maybe took a little time to settle, or got a niggling injury or just had a shit season.

    No doubt Pierre can play at lg1 standard, but unless someone comes in with a decent bid and is prepared to pay high wages, looks like he is back in Lg2 next season. Wouldn't be surprised if Northampton are back chasing promotion again next season though.

  • From reading the Shrews forum after his release, they seemed to think he was overweight and there were reports of poor discipline in terms of diet, training and pitch performance.

    Seems he is in a better place now so think he will be able to cut it.

  • @Username said:
    I'm pretty sure there'd be a large opposition if he was mooted to be returning

    Nope. Might upset 30-40 people but I would guess most fans either know nothing about the incident (probably the vast majority), don’t care about it, have forgiven AP his momentary lapse of reason or think that the lad deserved it.

  • Still seems crazy to me that Shrewsbury released Joe Jacobson a few years back. We should just sign all of their unwanted defenders...

  • I never suggested that Pierre is the reason Northampton have been relegated, just that Northampton would judge him on his performances and decide whether to keep or release him. As he is under contract his availability is unlikely..

    Like @DevC I would see Northampton as likely to be chasing promotion again next year, and Pierre being part of that.

  • I am sure now that Pierre has suffered his punishment (having to smile and shake hands with a bloodied troll and his mates and then relegation with his new team)for the brutal beating of an innocent bystander we can all move on and help in his rehabilitation even those upright citizens who were so shocked and appalled at the sickening incident. I myself am 5 foot ten and take strong drink but do not shout drunken abuse at people in the street even though I could and can be withering and quite sarcastic. I try to use my powers only for good.

  • @Last_Quarter, did they get promoted that season, with him player of the season? Or am I mis-remembering?
    Did they judge him not good enough for league 1 or something?

    Hope to hear some contract news with him soon, though he is presumably still away.

    It must have played on Pierre's mind that Mawson got his move and suddenly was in the Premier league, while he was languishing in league 2.
    Mawson is quality, but not 3 divisions better.

    So can sort of see the Northampton move's appeal. Just has been a disaster of a season, injury, crap team, and then watching us get promoted!
    I certainly don't think we'd have been worse off with him in the team. With the amount of goals we shipped it'd be unthinkable he wouldn't have improved things, although similar can be said for Stewart and Harriman being fit for longer spells.

  • I’d argue Mawson is 3 leagues better than Pierre these days.

  • Without doubt Pierre would improve us and we do need another centre half. I'm sure Gaz will have identified his targets and whether or not Pierre is one we shall have to wait and see. I certainly would welcome him back.

  • Purely on the grounds that Pierre has missed the second half of the season due to a significant injury and we already have Stewart under contract who has done the same, I would not want to see Pierre re-signing this summer. I know it's difficult to tell when injury is going to befall any particular player, but I anticipate we will still be keeping the number of players in the squad low next season and would prefer to be signing some who have not had recent, problematic, long-term injuries.

  • It would appear that Mawson is two divisions better than Pierre, as both Swansea and Northampton have been relegated.

    I always saw Pierre as a good league 2 defender who should be ok in league 1. To me, Mawson always seemed to have better positional awareness and better ball skills, so would play at least at Championship level. I think that at some stage Mawson will return to Premier league football and do well there. I do not see Pierre getting above the lower leagues.

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