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Comedy moment of the night

The spectacular timewasting for our double substitution...but particularly Ephraim (who coincidentally happened to be the furthest player away from our dugout, hmm) going out of his way to eke things out even more by popping over to shake hands with the ref, before ambling off. Quality.


  • The fact that Hayes' goal was a carbon copy of the first at Plymouth. And the singing about Bastille.

  • I hate our time-wasting normally, but it was vaudeville-esque last night - most amusing... doubt Sheridan was smiling much mind.

  • I have no doubt Plymouth would've done the same had roles been reversed. It's all part of the theatre.

  • I noticed Hayes handing the armband to JJ, just so happened to be the furthest person away from where he was. Would JJ have normally be given the armband?

  • Probably not but that seems to be the tactic these days as was Hogan suddenly standing in the left back position the furthest player from the bench!

  • It always seems to me that the time added on is more than actually taken up by time wasting so it doesn't gain anything in the end.

  • when you play a high tempo pressing game with barely fit players 'the time wasting' is as much about taking on water, getting your breath back as taking up time

  • They do southeneed, they do.

  • Sad? I have an reason for being indoors on a Friday night, I'm very, very old. Would it be unreasonable to suggest that you're Johnny-no-mates?

  • Get off the forum, your probably an insecure ugly troll

  • So you are then. Thought as much.

  • lol..its football. .southend players never do it then! Sure is frustrating when u are losing but every team does it..

  • We did it on 90 minutes u like some chavvy teams...get a life troll

  • Fans like you give football a bad name.... Get a life COYB

  • @southendedd One minute you claim, "all you could hear on tv was plymouth", if you're such a great supporter, how come you weren't at the match? Wouldn't your mum let you travel? Dear dear, you are such a confused little boy.
    How does it feel being beaten twice in five days by our small town team with so few fans? In particular since you've bigged yourselves up on hear for so long ArgylePhil eh! What a pathetic little mongrel you are. Never mind you can troll away to your hearts content on here next Saturday evening whilst we have a great away day down the road at Wembley.

  • Oh no another troll on here until the 23rd. tit

  • So you're not quick off the mark then? Thought not!

  • Yaaaaaaawn

  • Boooooooooore

  • Get a life.

  • Not enough pocket money then, very sad. I met quite a few real Argyle supporters, (you know the type, those that attend games), quite decent folk. Shame you are like an abcess on the anus of football. Never mind, one day you may grow up.

  • I suspect you're right, too much of a cerebral challenge.

  • bring back redandwhiteforever, do you agree southendedd?

  • Best to ignore the trolls - these conversations are hard to read once their content inevitably gets deleted.

  • Is there any evidence that insulting opposition teams and their supporters makes the slightest difference to the result of the match to come?

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