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The Opposition View - Barnet


  • edited March 2018

    Barnet and Exeter are the two opposing League Two teams I wish the least ill upon, and I would love them to turn it around, though thankfully it did not start today.

  • I really felt sorry for the Barnet fans whilst at The Hive. It was like watching us 4 years ago. Don't take your one chance, then go behind and all hope evaporates. At least we had Ainsworth, must be sheer hell looking towards Westley as your saviour!

  • Hopefully @rmjlondon will tell us that Akinde stands no chance of scoring until he is playing in the National League and the result on Saturday will be Luton 0 -3 Barnet (Akinde 2, ,45+2,, 88).
    Apologies in advance @rmjlondon - you did tell us about Dan Scarr.

  • I too have warm feelings towards Barnet. Went to see them at Underhill under Barry Fry while in my London-living youth. There was always something rather cool about them in my mind. Hoping they turn it around.

  • Westley is a muppet, nothing like building your team with confidence when your saying your afraid of being battered at Luton.

  • Really enjoyed the trip to Barnet yesterday, excellent set up with decent bar and very good view from the away end. Barnet look down and out and could indeed get smashed at Luton next week. Akinde would be a decent signing when they go down, despite his awful miss yesterday. Would be a good replacement for Bayo when he finally hangs his boots up.

  • Every so often Luton do a bit of battering as Yeovil, Cambridge, Swindon and Stevenage can testify but, even if Barnet didn’t display much of it yesterday, Graham Westley sides are normally up for the fight (metaphorically speaking, of course!) Their recent wins against Colchester and Notts County and draws against Accrington and Lincoln plus the fact that they are battling against relegation suggest that Luton will not have it all their own way.

    As has been said elsewhere, the kind of money that John Akinde would be likely to command probably rules him out anyway but his poor goalscoring record this season (4) suggests that he would not be top of the target list. Josh Umerah, who is out of contract at Charlton in June, would be well ahead of him in my book.

  • It's difficult to accurately judge Akinde's current ability in a poor Barnet side. I suspect that he would be considerably more effective with the likes of Tyson, Paris and/or CMS alongside him. Conversely, how effective would Bayo be in the current Barnet squad?

    If Bayo retires at the end of this season (I don't think he will), then I can't see Akinde's wage exceeding Bayos.

  • I owe John Akinde an apology. Poor research on my part. I had not checked how many games he’d played this season. Four goals in 14 games is decent, especially as the limited number of games played would mean that, for several of them, he would not have been fully match fit. His overall record at Barnet - a goal every other game - is prodigious.

  • Akinde is still a threat, it's just that he hasn't shown it against us recently.

    You do wonder why he's still at a struggling side like Barnet though. Why hasn't anyone come in?

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