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Is closed and could remain so into weekend between 25\26

Please take note.



  • feels unlikely it will still be closed by tomorrow lunchtime, but worth a check.

    cant have helped the teams journey though (I presume they have travelled down today)

    Memories of a game at Bristol where kick off had to be delayed a hour due to a domestic incident on the M4. Players in the nearby park were quite intimidated by their crowd swelling from 2 to several hundred (with appropriate banter). we won that one (Jocky McSporran as I recall)

  • Southbound M5 re opened at 4.00pm.

  • I think you'll find richie is right and the M5 is wrong.

  • Richie obviously hasn't "wobbled" his head today!

  • bless him. he tries to be informative

  • travelling down already Richie? bad luck!

  • Staying in a nice hotel yes

  • I know we take the piss but I do get the impression Richie has some role at the club. I really can't think how he would've known about Paul Hayes if he didn't. My guess is he's the kit man with added responsibilities for referee scouting and analysis. But for all I know he could be Matt Bloomfield or Paris Cowan-Hall.

  • What did he know about Paul Hayes? I can’t remember.

  • With all his inside information about Ruth I can’t help feeling that he must have some role at the club, coat rack perhaps, or maybe even urinal.

  • He knew 24hr hours before it was announced that Hayes had left the club. We all rubbished him at the time but he was right (though far from dignified when proved correct). He's also been right about loan signings coming in and about injuries - he broke the news of Saunders' training ground injury most recently. He's also been spectacularly wrong on occasion though - but who knows, maybe those deals for Ruth and a new keeper collapsed at last minute?

  • I think the Hayes thing was the usual state something that is fairly likely to happen as a fact (Hayes will leave the club before the transfer deadline) and then if you’re right it looks like you had more info than you actually do. With the number of pronouncements that @rmjlondon makes he’s bound to get one right on occasion.

    Not sure he’s ever been right about a loan signing?

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    Richie was first to the news of Eze signing back in August - he even knew he'd been signed at half time of the match the previous night.

    I don't think it's unusual for players and staff to post on their club's message board under an assumed name, disguising their posts as much as they can. Much as they're probably warned against it, how could they resist reading people's views about themselves and their work place and occasionally responding? I know I couldn't.

    There was a really good novel written last year by Ross Raisin about two players at a League Two club, one a former Premier League youth-teamer struggling to adapt to life at the coalface and the other, the grizzled club captain, who's addicted to posting under a pseudonym on the club's message board. It's a great story - and one the author spent a lot of time researching by talking to pros and ex pros. It's called 'A Natural' if anyone's interested.

    Also I think that's slight revisionism about Paul Hayes. No one expected him to call time on his contact - hence the abuse that poured in for Richie at the time, until the announcement came the next day.

  • Sounds like it could be a good read, @Chris. Says he who ran out of steam two thirds of the way through Small Town Dreams - sorry James - and hasn’t got round to the latest issue of the Wanderer yet - I will Jonny, I really will. But I have just read Matt Bloomfield’s article in the Carlisle programme. Sadly, it turned out to be a reprint of his article in the Mansfield programme.
    Back to Richie. I seem to recall a post a week or so ago in which he asserted that Sam Saunders would be out for the season (or thereabouts) with a serious knee injury. That came as no surprise of course given Sam’s injury record; what did surprise me was GA’s comment, quoted in yesterday’s BFP, that they would be checking on Saunders, Harriman and Jombati to see if they could make the squad for Exeter. Ho-hum.

  • Wet and windy down ere in the proper southwest. Not sure what it's like up north in Exeter. Forecast for game time is not too bad though.

  • Sam Saunders was on talksport this week saying he'll be back training on Monday; so it, hopefully, won't be long before he's fully back.

  • @SEWanderer said:
    Sam Saunders was on talksport this week saying he'll be back training on Monday; so it, hopefully, won't be long before he's fully back.

    See my comment above. Sorry, perhaps you have!

  • Bit damp in Exmouth this morning, but nothing too bad. BBC predicts 38% chance of rain in Exeter at 1500, rising to 67% by 1700, so we're probably going to get wet. Looks like some GWR trains may not be stopping at SJP this afternoon due to Exeter Chiefs also being at home, so check before you get on any trains from St Davids. Alternatively, SJP is a 15-20 minute walk from Exeter Central.

  • Oh dear @Jonny_King ! I’ve just checked The Weather Channel which, although based in the States, often proves more reliable than the BBC Met Office one. I’ve never forgotten their prediction of the storm which caused the abandonment of our match at Fratton Park a few seasons ago!

  • Point being that they show rain ceasing around 3pm.

  • Well I'll be very happy if that's the case. At least we'll be under cover either way this time.

  • Raining currently here in Exeter and early traffic wasn’t too journey.

  • @micra as of this week the BBC's weather is no longer provided by the Met Office. Time will tell if MeteoGroup provide more accurate forecasts in the vicinity of League Two grounds or not...

  • Met Office - and, further to earlier comments, I have to say that I find the MO site an excellent predictor on the whole - currently predicting a balmy 11 degrees and a 10% chance of rain during the game. Sounds promising.

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    @aloysius said:

    Also I think that's slight revisionism about Paul Hayes. No one expected him to call time on his contact - hence the abuse that poured in for Richie at the time, until the announcement came the next day.

    There is revisionism but not from me! There is no abuse towards Richie in the thread where he says Hayes will be leaving because of that suggestion. And @Malone and @DevC both raise the prospect of Hayes going before Richie does.

    With Sam Saunders, if you have a punt that he's injured you're going to be right 50% of the time.

    And again the Eze thing was luck wasn't it? Saying there's a loan signing coming in with no further detail around the time everyone is expecting loan signings isn't a stunning prediction, especially when he'd previously said there would be a goalkeeper coming in (there wasn't) and that we wouldn't be making any more signings (we did). Is there even any evidence that Eze was signed during half-time of whatever match? It seems an unlikely time to be making signings.

  • Was it Richie or glasshalffull who claimed we'd been fined 6 grand for keeping the ball against ColU? Interesting that they both, a) hold fans who disagree with them in contempt, and b) claim to have insider info...

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