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Southwell leaves for Guiseley

not bad business, to move for a fee - cheers Dayle and good luck.



  • A shame as I don't he ever got much of a chance in his preferred position and he was always a hard worker when he did play but it was increasingly obvious he didn't have a future here. Best of luck to him and hope his career can prosper.

  • Good luck Dayle. I feel sadder than I probably should about this for the reasons stated above. I don't think we saw the best of Dayle due to the system we play. He never gave less than 100% though and I wish him all the best. Hopefully the goals will start flowing for him.

  • He could feature for his new club straight away:

  • Seems he could be partnering former loan player Rowan Liburd up top.

  • Sounds a good deal for everyone involved.

  • Really hope it works out for the guy. Never gave less than his all, was just unfortunate, (for him) that we signed Bayo who has kept, (amazingly), fit. Maybe he will start scoring again in his preferred position and we might see him re-enter the football league?

  • Atleast we got a fee for him. Good luck to him shame we didnt see the best of him.

  • Feel desperately sorry for the lad, but not much of a surprise really. Could yet prove to be one that got away, but he was never going to oust Bayo from the starting 11 and to be fair the system we play has served us well so far.

    Wish him well and hope he succeeds at his new club. Interesting to hear he might be up top with Liburd, who looked utterly useless in a Wycombe shirt, but may prove a good foil next to someone with more goalscoring prowess.

    To get a fee for him, however small, is extremely good business by the club and hopefully this will be reinvested in the transfer window. Hopefully the club have insisted on a sell-on clause as well, just in case...

  • have to agree with others...perhaps he could and should been used as a replacement for Bayo up front, but even carrying an injury the big man is hard to leave out. Hope he does well and gets his mojo back.

  • Good luck to him.

    He's been a bit of an odd one really. Usually forwards have at least one of the following characteristics (and hopefully more than one):

    Goalscoring prowess
    Ability to hold the ball up

    Unfortunately he never consistently demonstrated that he had any of the above at this level.

    What he does have is a good engine, a willingness to put himself about and a good attitude. Like others on here I'd have been interested to see him play in the midfield where those attributes are more greatly valued (as they were say with Keith Ryan who also began life as a forward).

    Hope this is one step back for the lad that will lead to taking two steps forward at some point.

  • Tbh he is useless and Ive no idea why he has such a repuation here, the minimum expected of WWFC player is he works his nuts off its a given under GA !!

  • There's always one! Even if that's how you truly feel, why do you feel that was needed on this thread?

    Echo the posts above. The sort of signing that showed a real intent by Ainsworth, after a few months where we were in desperately in need of an attacking rethink.
    Unfortunately for Dayle, that rethink expanded to signing perhaps the best target man in the lower 2 divisions, and after that he was never going to fit in.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    Tbh he is useless and Ive no idea why he has such a repuation here, the minimum expected of WWFC player is he works his nuts off its a given under GA !!

    How have you come to the conclusion he is useless when he has very rarely featured in his position? i feel the majority of Wycombe fans feel the same way as me so good luck to the lad!

  • I understand Nathan Jones rates him, richie.

  • @whitenight I can only assume you've never come across @rmjlondon before...

  • Good luck to the lad. Sounds like the best move for all concerned.

  • @TheatreOfChairs I’d argue he did have the ability to hold the ball up. Very rarely saw him give it away when playing and in the games he did play he tended to give it short to midfield to recycle.

    Skill levels were about parity for the league in my opinion - hard to judge scoring prowess when he didn’t really get chance to play regularly in his best position.

    Definitely lacked searing pace and power with average height distribution though. I too hope he performs in the national league and forges a career moving forwards.

  • 'average height distribution'


  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    'average height distribution'


    Technical term for hoofing ability.

  • Craig Mackail Smith doesnt play in his position either but has plundered 9 goals, Dayle was just not good enough for League Football.

  • And you're not good enough for cleaning the lavs.

  • CMS has played regularly, and is a much more experienced Pro who's more willing to be selfish when needed.

    I fully expect him to get back into league football, he just didn't fit into our style at all. Could be a good bit of business for Guisely.

  • stop everyone....richie has just been positive about a Wycombe player (admittedly while slagging off another one), let us take a moment, while we still have a hole in our bums, and respect that.

  • @drcongo said:
    And you're not good enough for cleaning the lavs.

    I thought he cleaned them at Kenileorth Road on a part time basis.

  • Richie, if early on in your shop-keeping career, someone had compared you to Mohammed al-Fayed and said "Richie is not as good as MAF, so clearly not up to it as a professional retailer" I'm sure you would have pointed out the ridiculousness in such a daft comparison, so I'm sure you can therefore see similar folly in holding a young striker plucked from the Conference North up against an experienced pro and former international, nearly ten years his senior, who has played most of his career in the FL and a good deal of it in the upper divisions.

  • I noticed often Dayle would be a split second too late to a good goal scoring opportunity but delay β€œpulling the trigger” with what looked like a mental stutter just long enough for either the keeper to claim or a defender to intervene. A couple of goals would have cleared it but as the amount of game time he was getting was tailing off his chances faded.
    Now he can make a fresh start and use the experience here to push on at Guiesley.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    Tbh he is useless and Ive no idea why he has such a repuation here, the minimum expected of WWFC player is he works his nuts off its a given under GA !!

    I hate the word β€˜useless’ when applied to a professional footballer. Have you any idea how many levels of excellence he will have passed to get to League 2 level?
    Also, a National League club thought him good enough to sign for a fee and that’s a very good level as we know.
    If you don’t rate him that’s your opinion but please don’t label him useless.

  • @glasshalffull be careful I cannot help thinking you don't know who you're dealing with #powerbehindthethrone

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