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What 11 will we be able to put out tomorrow?

Any news regarding our long list of injuries? We seem to be very short of defenders with Harriman, Stewart, El Abd, Sido, Gap and Scarr all injured. Will Kashket, Tyson and PCH be fit to play?


  • I’d not heard that Scarr is injured. El-Abd’s slight knock is presumably healing more slowly than expected. Gape’s, on the other hand, turned out to be less serious than first feared and GA reckoned they might be able to “patch him up” to play tomorrow. No news on Stewart or Jombati but probably safe to assume that the former will not be available. Bloomfield was subbed on Monday “as a precaution”. Tyson - no news. “Sick Note” ditto. Pigs might fly but I doubt whether Kashket will be involved. In the pre-match warm-up perhaps but he was unable to take part in the last two or three for unspecified reasons.
    My guest tomorrow is a former PNE season ticket holder and I’m dreading a drubbing - not least the one I will get if his enthusiasm for the opposition gets the better of him!

  • It will certainly be a very difficult game but if you look at the respective records of the two teams it’s clear that PNE are not prolific scorers in their own division whilst WWFC haven’t been heavily beaten by anyone despite conceding so many goals. I’m clinging to the hope that we won’t be on the end of a drubbing even though a victory seems an unlikely outcome. I’m going for a draw!

  • Has Jack Williams definitely gone back to QPR?

  • Sincerely hope not but the original 5 month contract has expired. As always, we await glad tidings!

  • Has Alan Hutchinson advertised for players on ceefax yet?

  • Find out now by "Ringing the Blues"

  • @eric_plant said:
    Has Alan Hutchinson advertised for players on ceefax yet?

    I’ve heard that he has spent hours pressing every button on his ancient remote control but has found nothing but a seriously reduced teletext service. We’re dooomed I tell ya.

  • We could try Gumtree?

  • We’re already up one, aren’t we?

  • @ eric_plant - That's the spirit. We practically won the FA Cup in 2001 with a makeshift defence and no forwards. COME ON WYCOMBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I see us being the first side to let injuries dictate a 2-4-4 formation, with JJ on the left and WDH waiting uneasily on the edge of our area for Preston players who have flown unopposed down our right...

  • ...that, or experiment with Bayo as a centre back!

  • Dayle Southwell at right back?

  • exactly @our_frank - if there really are folk who don't rate Joe Jacobson just imagine what they'd have made of George Clegg

  • Basically, equalise before they score, and the rest will take care of itself


  • 3-0 by half time, easy.

  • That's why we love this game, no expectation just anticipation. COYB!

  • @our_frank , tongue in cheek I appreciate, and certainly bang on with the strikers...but the defence was pretty solid all season was it not?
    Vinny, Cousins, Bates and McCarthy the mainstay.

    Young lad Townsend playing the only slight difference?

  • I will play if necessary.


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