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Why does football produce such moronic behaviour?

The vast vast majority of football supporters are decent people having a day out.

And then you get this knob.

Lifetime ban and named and shamed publically?


  • Shouldn’t it be “nob” to differentiate it from doorknob?

  • Not like you to highlight something negative about football supporters Dev

  • @BuckinghamBlue said:
    Shouldn’t it be “nob” to differentiate it from doorknob

    Not necessarily

  • I have confessed before to my West Ham leanings so I did a bit of digging into this disgrace. Someone has offered up the following as mitigating today. The abuse was about cocaine abuse and him being a yid (his ex-Spurs connection), Livermore misheard yid as kid. Oh how they would have laughed if the silly mistake would have been found out at the time.
    The only positive appears to be that West Ham ejected and I assume recorded the charming human being.

  • @mooneyman said:

    Well I never, and I always thought a knob of butter was a measurement and not a sculpture

  • 'All I said was It's an early bath for you Mr Livermore!' and he punched me in the head!

  • The idea of trying to excuse yourself from mocking a death, by claiming you were using a racial slur!

    I didn't say your dead kid...I said "yid"

    oh fair enough, as you were.

  • @Malone priceless isn't it?

  • @malone couldn't agree more. The defence seems to be that the person is an odious scum bag, but not THAT odious scum bag.
    Still Lady Brady will be spinning the spin as we speak and all will be well at the London Stadium.

  • Almost as convincing as that Newcastle fan who punched a police horse trying to claim it was an accident as the horse had 'startled' him.

  • There was a guy who used to post on here called "Ben", that I remember claiming that he was "punching the air", instead of attacking a steward when he got ejected.

  • West Ham fans on their forums seem to think it's all Livermore's fault for reacting. Luckily, that would never happen in Bucks...

  • @StrongestTeam to be fair, there are Ammers condemning the words used (whichever they were) but the drift seems to be Livermore should get over it and no-one should be graarsin aaaap fellow fans. Put it all together with the recent pix released of six WH fans wanted for violence after a cup does not help the image much!

  • Probably no Tesco Express's near West Ham..........

  • Check out the spat between Falkik and Dunfermline for moronic behaviour part 2

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