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Adebayo Akinfenwa

What an excellent person.


  • Last night was one of the best football related evenings I've ever spent. What a genuine fellow and his positive thinking is a lesson for us all. Thank you 'B'.

  • A genuine hero

  • Thoroughly enjoyable evening. What I hadn't appreciated was how long it had taken for him to get himself established at a club after so many short-term deals early in his career.

    In years to come he will surely go down in the club's history as one of its legends, especially if he can better last season's goal tally, and help us achieve something tangible by the end of the season.

    Most of all though, he just comes across as a humble person who will always make time for his fans, something which came over at last season's 500 club dinner, and also last night during the book signing session.

  • I think he's one of our best ever signings

  • Agree with all the points. He has let his football do the talking on the pitch and is a credit to the club off it. Let's hope he clashes with Ellison tomorrow. I know who money is on.

  • I'll hold my hands up and admit I was gutted when we signed him. Shows what I know - superb player.

    He very kindly spent considerable time doing an interview for The Wanderer last season, despite having done a lengthy string of interviews with various real journos for a good 30-45 minutes beforehand and being in a rush to get home. A humble and very funny guy.

  • edited November 2017

    He also seems to be the catalyst for the current squad's unity. Must be quite something to have a character like that around every day; it's obvious his spirit and sense of fun rubs off on other players. He's one hell of a role model for kids too - my lad absolutely worships him and was ecstatic when we signed him.

  • Kudos to the kid who asked him 'Who do you want to beat in this season's FA Cup final? ' he will go far that lad

  • I concur what an excellent person/ambassador he is …… but, I think he's got a bloody nerve releasing that book and stealing the limelight from my blog!! .... by the way you can read it here -

  • In the online BFP there is a light switch on vote. Please ensure that Mary Berry doesn't defeat the Beast!

  • @mooneyman Princes Risborough just dripping with glamour...

  • If Christmas lights are good enough for Bayo this evening in town, I demand someone make them appear on the Gasroom. Demand it I say.

  • @Weegie said:
    If Christmas lights are good enough for Bayo this evening in town, I demand someone make them appear on the Gasroom. Demand it I say.

    God point well made.

  • What's God got to do with Christmas? ;)

  • God = Noel Ashford.
    The First Noel is rather Christmassy ! !
    Enough said.

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