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Match day thread: Morecambe

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  • Looks like someone is planning a lie in.

    edited November 2017

    Night shift again starting at 00:00 lucky me.... so yes I'll be having a lie in ha ha.

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    Morecambe v Wycombe Wanderers will be live on @BBC3CR 630/1161MW & iFollow

  • Only i change from Sunday - Eze in for Blooms.

  • You know it makes sense.

  • Gape to take care of Kevin then - with a little bit of help from Tools. (Hope he doesn’t blame him for anything!)

  • It's interesting that O'Nien, who must be fully fit by now, can't get back into the team. Similarly with PCH now appearing to be behind Freeman in the pecking order. And is Jomati really now behind Gape in the queue to be right-back? One assumes he must be fit if he was strong enough to be on the bench last Sunday. A few eyebrow-raising selections today, I must say.

  • Realistically O'Nien won't get back in the team unless Bean's current form drops off, or Eze and Saunders get injured. Might have to wait until Eze goes back to QPR.

  • Why are we in white?

  • Are we?

    Excellent stuff

  • There goes another clean sheet!

  • It is nice to know we can score three against anyone, though. There is always hope!

  • Morecombe have been clinical whereas we have been sluggish once the ball goes into the box.

    Our work off the ball hasn't been good either. Not enough options for the man on the ball has led to some aimless attacking.

  • Why was Gape at right back and Jombati on the bench??? Poor decision really, may or may not have made a difference first half.

    Does make sense to have a specialist right back playing RB rather than a midfielder.

    Personally would have played El Abd over Scarr, experience no nonsense defenders against a team scrapping in a relegation battle.

  • History points to the fact, that teams that concede as many and as easily as we do, are rarely successful.
    In Brown we have a keeper, who will not command his area, coupled with the fact that our most expeirenced central defender Al Abd lacks the height to attack the high balls that come into our box regularly .
    I feel Scarr was brought in to add some height into the back four, rather than overall ability.
    Can't see us troubling the top three, with our defence.

  • Don't think Gape won a single contested header and his passing didn't make up for defensive deficiencies for both the goals.

    Eze was a passenger. Miles off the pace, no movement and only a couple of dangerous dribbles - time for a rest.

    Sido and Lukie need to come back in, probably PCH too.

    Long drive home....

  • What a disappointing sounding day.

    Gape does so well in midfield, winning balls in the air he shouldn't have a right to. But at the back it's very clear he's out of position.

    Onto next week quickly then.

    Did Gaz really say Tyson ( as well as Kashket) are "very close". Seems a couple of months early?

  • The game definitely changed in our favour when Paris came on. Agree Gape was a poor choice vs KE. Also they hassled us at every opportunity when we had the ball and I didn’t see any of that from us today. Nice applause (acknowledged) for Thommo when he took a throw near us. Also good to see Max Muller catching up with teammates after the game.

  • @malone last I saw Tyson was 2 weeks ago and he was in a knee brace. Remarkable if he was back before Christmas.

  • Seemed a curious comment, especially from our Gaz who doesn't like to give any injury updates generally.

    I fear Kaskhet will spend all season being "close" and then suddenly we'll be in spring.

  • I feel we shouldn't mention Scott Kaskhet again until he (if ever) eventually plays. I have a feeling that his condition has become career defining and our raising the issue is not really helpful either to us or him. I must state that this is pure instinct and conjecture as I've certainly no inside information, but you know those feelings that creep up on you! They've saved/helped me on several occasions in the last 65 years. About to start a new thread on where to park my broomstick at AP! ;-)

  • I said before the match the exclusion of Jombati, O'Nien and - to a slightly lesser extent - PCH was eyebrow-raising. It's been a month now since we performed well with the midfield triangle of Eze-Saunders-Bean (at Cambridge) - it's time to bring O'Nien back in from the cold. And Jombati not starting when fit is bonkers. Let's get back to basics for the next match.

  • We have an embarrassment of riches in the central midfield role and GA is struggling to find the balance of creativity and graft. When it works with Eze, Saunders and Bean it’s a joy when it doesn’t then it all goes a bit wrong. Contrast that with a midfield of Bloomers, O’Nein, Bean and Gape and you have tons of industry. Shades of grey requires.
    I also think that CMS not finding his goal scoring will become a nagging problem soon. Josh can’t be too far away now.
    Roll on Saturday

  • It was encouraging to hear that Josh Umerah has had an operation on his ankle. It would be equally good to hear that Scott Kashket has had an operation on his pelvic region. But I guess that is not an option.

  • I understand that it might raise a few eyebrows, however I might be tempted to replace Saunders with Onien. As has already been mentioned, time to get back to basics. Get a "roll your sleeves up" midfield going again. A right back playing at right back in Jombati. We've been undone too many times this season by having one of our smaller full backs isolated by a big forward on a recycled ball. We have enough forward fire power, let that take care of itself but need to stop shipping goals!

  • @micra wasn’t aware of the operation for Josh Umerah. I get used to not bothering reading match previews as the names of players and their injury status are either redacted or removed

  • Would Saunders cry if he was replaced by Onien?

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