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That’ll do nicely



  • Aye, you always want something interesting in the First Round, but something fairly straightforward in the second. Hopefully this will be!

  • Billericay could be tricky

  • Leatherhead could leave us dead

  • RGS most famous old boy came from Billericay - allegedly.

  • edited November 2017

    Billericay so far in this years competition have managed to score 24 goals and concede eight. I know this as I am being very sad by following the competition from the early preliminary rounds having started with Flackwell Heath. Apart from the 1st Qualifying Round they have been drawn away and tied all the matches leaving them to 'stuff' the opposition in the replays. We should be careful! Even if we beat them I would wager that they may well end up being the overall top scorers in this seasons competition.

  • Billericay have a bit more of a threat than teams at that level usually do, being bankrolled by a millionaire, and having Konchesky, Pennant and O Hara on their books.

    Would be disappointing to go out to them though!

  • Certainly Billericay have drawn some attention with their antics since the new owner took over, but i'd like to think we can handle an Isthmian Premier League team at home.

    I hope it's Leatherhead tho'...

  • From the little I've heard/read about him, Billericay's owner makes Vincent Tan look pretty restrained. Don't think they're winning many popularity contests in the Isthmian.

  • Really hope it's Leatherhead

  • Last saw Leatherhead play in the 1978 Trophy Final at Wembley (they lost). Days of Chris 'the Leatherhead Lip' Kelly.

  • We'll mind our manners, just give us the Tanners!

  • I think Leatherhead were playing when I made my first visit to Loakes Park for a midweek game. Would be great to play them again.
    Billericay sounds like a club promoting everything that is wrong with the game at the moment.

  • Leatherhead was about my third or fourth Wycombe game, back in the 79/80 season. Couldn't tell you the score other than we won and Terry Scott scored. Possibly more than once.

  • Yeah, that's the fella. Shame the football season ends in May - I'd love to have seen him score in June.

  • I heard June ran off with Keith Curley Wurly

  • MindlessDrugHooverVoyeur.

  • Once see can never be unseen.

  • I remember when Leatherhead were the league's whipping boys when we won the Isthmian league in 82/83 season. I went to Fetcham grove and saw us beat a very poor Leatherhead 3-0 in our penultimate lge game.
    But an unusual story was to unravel to help us become champions. The Tanners normal keeper Peter Caswell had broken his arm, but as the Tanners were already relegated and short of players, they fielded Caswell up front in their last few games.
    As we were defeated in the Hitachi Cup at Sutton, it emerged that Caswell had scored the equaliser for the Tanners against Leytonstone, and handing the title to the Wanderers.

  • @ChasHarps You remember some obscure bits. I can remember that now, although didn't go to the Leatherhead game in 82/83 But certainly remember the Hitachi cup games. I only went to Fetcham Grove the once and that was the FAT defeat in 86/87 after a drab 0-0 at Loakes Park.

  • Whoever it is we won't get enough tickets and the ones we do get won't be delivered on time.

  • @M3G
    Slight memory lapse when i checked.
    Peter Caswell actually scored the equaliser against Hayes, which ended their hopes of the title. Letonstone were held by Wokingham.
    Hence giving the Wanderers the title at Gander Green Lane

  • Chas always remembers odd bits. I have been on the pitch at Fetcham Grove. For many years it hosted an LDWA marathon walk, which a late family member competed in. Sorry to hi-jack the thread :)

  • @ChasHarps @M3G Here you go. I'm sure you'll be able to ID all the WW players.




  • And supporters of course

  • No. 9 - Steve Perrin?

  • 1st photo;10 is the late Steve Thorne. Dell and Kennedy by free kick.
    2; Mark Hill and Thorne with keeper. Perrin 9, Bob Tell 6.

    3; Anton partly obscured. All others previously mentioned.

  • A standout memory from that day. Was that there was a rather portly Wanderers fan that doubles up as an Arsenal fanatic.
    Armed with his transister radio the tubby gooner was absolutely inconsolable as Man utd defeated Arsenal in the FA cup semi at Villa Park that day.

  • @ChasHarps Anton didn't play that day. I'm guessing you mean the player challenging for the header. Really wouldn't like to say who that was.

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