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Match day thread: Cheltenham



  • I think the standard of refereeing at our level is atrocious almost every week but that is beyond belief.

  • Jesus Christ. I said to her Indoors when our back four was announced they would score three and that we needed a fourth when three-one up. I thought the doom saying might work as a lucky charm but oh no, that incompetent offIciating crew made it all come true. I get it's a hard job and they get a lot of unfair stick but five year olds in the family stand could have got that decision right.

    And unless we get some defenders back soon this season that has a lot of promise will be over before Easter.

  • How many goals have we conceded this season from crosses to the far post? It seems like an awful lot

    If teams do their homework they know exactly what to do

  • Brown is all at sea to the ariel ball, hence why Gaz tried to bring in a keeper before the window shut. Plus the fact that the squad was loaded with three Central defenders WDH,Muller and Rowe that are not good enough for Div 2 football.
    Im sure Gaz is suffering the same pain as those watching from the stands.

  • Shame about WDH, as I heard he did very well at Aldershot and hoped he would be coming back match sharp and confident. Still, I suppose he will get at least the next two games to prove himself.

    MΓΌller is harder to judge as his chances have been ever fewer and further between than WDH's, yet I gather he's doing alright at Morecambe. The few times I've seen him he's shown some promise and I hope he'll get a chance in the new year.

    However, I do agree that a big CB is probably going to be top of GA's 500 Club money shopping list in January.

  • Give Bayo, Bean, JJ, CMS and Beano a rest? We had 5 subs today including no defenders. Any suggestion on what formation? Spoke to Stewart and Williams today and they are touch and go to be back next week.

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    Worth adding in that JJ and El Abd are one booking away from suspension. Also, even by his standards, Bayo seems to be labouring around the pitch at the moment. Wouldn't be surprised if he was carrying something. Agree with @TheAndyGrahamFanClub: no-one's getting a proper rest on Tuesday; there's no-one else to play.

    We're back to the bad old days of last Winter when we were out on our feet. Desperately need to get some of these injured players back asap.

    Can we forfeit Tuesday's cup game?...

  • I would like to see the reserve keeper play on Tuesday just to see how good/bad he actually is

  • @rmjlondon I think you'll find it was a 3-0 home loss which no doubt had we suffered the same thing you would have delighted in calling it a hiding. And if you think we got a hiding today, I'm not sure you know what it means.

  • I don't know what's worse. The officials missing the Eze foul or WdH's belief that getting into a position akin to a dog behind the goal line might actually be effective defending. And much as I love Bean 2.0 this season, exactly how many hours early did he break the line for the first?

  • Officials were poor throughout but it looked like the Lino in front of the family stand was being made aware of his failings quite forcefully after the eze incident. Lino on beechdean side missed a couple of offsides and a blatant elbow on jj which took place right in front of his face!! Can we have another video tribunal do you think?

  • Problem with Eze foul was that 1) he was looking for it and 2) he went down in installments. Officials got it totally wrong, but the wunderkind didn't help himself. Listened to Three Counties on way home. God they're biased to Beds and Herts. WWFC is a complete afterthought scrapping for a few seconds with Boreham Wood.

  • Regarding earlier comments about Max MΓΌller, correct me if I’m wrong @rmjlondon but I am almost certain that he cannot be recalled.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub

    Ma Kal
    El Abd

    There's Tuesday night team for you. Obviously the rest of the guys dropping out are subs.

    No way I'd be risking Bayo and JJ. CMS and Beano maybe get 15-20 mins off the bench for injuries or precaution. Much rather have a good FA cup run and keep things tight around the playoffs.

  • The most annoying part for me was the contrast between the glorious first 15 of the 2nd half - moving the ball quickly out wide to whip it in, and then we suddenly stopped after the 3rd, relying only on Eze to produce magic.

  • Tuesday night should be treated as a training exercise result irrelevant in the circumstances Its a shame we can't rest more but due to injuries we can't . Is Gaz still registered for a 20 minute run out?

  • Haven't got the programme to hand but, from memory, he's not been listed in the squad this season.

  • Can he play right back?

  • GA is offically retired, said he'd given up the Sunday league with Finchamstead as well.

  • Felt like a loss, crying into our beer in the Vere after the game. Defence was terrible and as such put pressure on the midfield and it was obvious throughout the game we were stretched. Foul on Eze was obvious and I agree with a previous poster that Eze was looking for it and that possibly made the lino's mind up before contact was made. The reaction from the dads in the family stand was priceless and should have told the Lino something, and I'm sure after they had to explain what the words they used meant to their kids!

    I think we've been apolitical over the last few years with probably the best defensive pairings in the league and so now our weakness are all the harder to swallow.

    Woeful officials, makeshift defence, Eze sublime.

  • Why not play Richardson in goal and Ma whatshisname up front!

  • Or the other way round !

  • @Mr67 said:
    Or the other way round !

    Yes, a bit of vice versa wouldn’t go amiss.

  • Before the free kick leading to their 1st goal, I am convinced I saw El Abd move two of our defenders out of the positions they had taken to mark their strikers, neither seemed happy with his instructions. Oh, and look what followed!

  • What followed was Beany dropping off about a millennium before the rest of the line. Not sure where you blame El Abd for that.

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    El Abd without a very good defender next to him, who can head it, and is fast, is a real liability, however good his "organisational" skills are.
    When it comes to it, there's a lot of tall targetmen in our division, and on sheer size he simply can't compete as well as what we've been used to, ie a Pierre.

    Best case yesterday was trying to outhead a guy much taller, he literally had to have an arm full of shirt, almost indecently assaulting the guy to "win" it. No surprise, free kick, and more pressure on us.

    Without Stewart in there next to him, we'll be going nowhere this season.

    As for the 3rd goal. It's funny how the memory plays tricks. I didn't realise the incident was so deep in our half. There's a very good shout that Eze should simply have cleared it down the line rather than trying to control it in such a tight place, with 2 men on him.

    Obviously still a very clear foul.

    What didn't make sense was that people were saying we should "still be able to defend it".
    They won the ball, and within a second or 2 swept a long cross in. Brown was never going to get it, WDH wouldn't have expected to see a cross come in that circumstance, so I don't actually see how we'd have defended that better.
    WDH could probably have done better than that bizarre go behind the line and crouch like a dog, but no one could have expected those seconds to pan out like that from a very comfy position

  • @Malone Brian Graham did a good job of expecting it.

  • Dominic Gape was near the far post I think. Not our tallest stand-in defender.

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