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Tuesday's friendly behind closed doors

I see Wycombe played a friendly behind closed doors v MK Dons on Tuesday. As a trust-owned club I wish we simply had no contact with them whatsoever, except official matches we are obliged to play. A pre-season friendly was cancelled a few years back after soundings were taken with Supporters Direct but they seemed to have crept back in again via the back door.



  • I agree wholeheartedly Andy. They should be treated as pariahs

  • For once the phrase "As a trust-owned club" is followed by something sensible.

  • Yes I did see this. It was typical of the club to only mention it once it had been played. So are they trying to soften us up with this approach?

  • I have well and truly given up.

  • I gave up a year ago, the more that is unearthed about the bigwig's current employment status away from the club, the more you start to question in the impartiality of the trust.

  • @ChasHarps please expand as I have no idea what you are talking about.

  • @woodlands glad that was not just me. Who's wearing the wig?

  • I find this quite ridiculous, our players needed to play a match and MK Dons were the only team available who wanted to play within a reasonable distance so we accepted whats the problem ??

  • Some of us have principles Richie.

  • the boycott appears to have been very successful!

  • All else aside, a big takeaway for me from this, looking at the match report, is that one good reason for this fixture was to give game time to some of our squad. To put it mildly, it's rather novel, and exciting, to have a squad large enough to warrant the arranging of extra fixtures.

  • do we have the arse ache because MK Dons decided to choose Buckinghamshire and make them the bigger league club in the county ? do we think if they had chosen Oxfordshire or Hertfordshire there league teams would be so pathetic ?

  • @rmjlondon Yes 100% its about franchise football could have been anywhere. What don't you see in this? Someone has to make a stand.

  • They are known disparagingly as 'The Franchise' by a lot of clubs, richie. It's like because of like history and stuff. Perhaps a bit before your trolling years. But MK Dons did not choose Buckinghamshire, the owner of Wimbledon FC of London did.

  • Originally they tried to get QPR to move to MK but the QPR supporters told them where to get off. Wimbledon were a weak club at the time & susceptible to being manipulated. If you want to know the strength of feeling, try going to Kingsmeadow tomorrow night!

  • Not forgetting that our chairman at the time said 'moving to MK is something we might have to think about.'

  • Most disappointing to see us play them, especially as our manager was an ex Wimbledon man

  • I think I’m on richie’s side again here. Yes it was appalling what happened, yes it should never happen again, no I wouldn’t trust the FA as far as I could throw them, yes as fans we can choose to make a gesture.


    The world has moved on. It wasn’t an official game. We are in the same business as them. We/they wanted a game. No-one was watching.

    I really can’t find myself caring either way about a training exercise.

  • thats all I meant and The FA are a disgrace so never expect anythibg from them after Allardyce and now Sampson !

  • It happened a long time ago, as far as I know the rules were changed so it can't happen again get over it Are we going to carry on whinging about this for next 100 years when people would wonder what the hell you are talking about?

    By the way do we boycott Arsenal because they moved from Woolwich to Islington ,in the day just as big a move in 1913 ?

    Move on

  • edited September 2017

    Lots of people were devastated when Arsenal left Woolwich.

  • Not the first or last time people will have been devastated by an arsenal.

  • @Mr67 You are of course entitled to your opinion. But you won't ever change mine of this subject.

  • @M3G yes, which is fine. What you (and others) seemed to be suggesting in an earlier post however is that it is outrageous that the club don’t share your opinion. That may be so (although I don’t necessarily agree) but the point is that there are alternative viewpoints that others would see as valid

  • the game has been played nobody cares just the boys who got minutes into themselves which should hopefully make us stronger if they are needed in the games coming up.

  • not strictly true that "nobody cares" is it?

  • I do agree it was wrong and it shouldn't happen again ,My point is that we should live and let live with that club and ensure there's no repeat .

  • as long as boys get minutes into themselves we should all just move on

  • I care, I am disappointed that this match took place, we had a clear directive two years ago not to play them and we accepted that then. The club would probably say it was behind closed doors, so is different, and that Gareth badly needs playing time for his squad players, but I only want dealings with them when we are contractually obliged. It's pointless asking if the Trust were consulted, now that Club and Trust Chairman are one and the same, but it would be interesting to know if other Trust directors were in the loop.

  • It'd also be interesting to see if any other clubs were asked first - Oxford, Reading QPR maybe. Might have been a last option situation.

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