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The new, more appreciative Paul Hayes thread...

I think his time at the club warrants a better thread than the one we've already got.

His time at the club didn't end as spectacularly as it started, but the constant booing was unnecessary - especially when you know, as fans, it's probably best to support the actual players on the pitch while they're playing - so let's reflect here our best Hayes moments.

For me (as I had to miss the Spurs match) the penalty against Exeter was a truly special moment.



  • The Exeter penalty, the Spurs game, that volley at Stevenage and scoring at Oxford.

    His leadership as captain and the intelligence with which he played with particularly during the 2014-15 season

    For me it was just such a shame his legs seemed to go following that achilles injury, as he was such a good player at our level and his experience and leadership counted for a lot on the pitch.

  • Respectfully, @prufrock_91, I think the previous thread will do fine.

  • Respectfully, @HCblue , you're fine to stay there then.

  • Yes, that night against Exeter was the highlight of 14-15 for me.

    Moreover though, it was a wonderful feeling when he rejoined shortly after Plainmoor (about the same time as Pierre signed permanently I think). He was brilliant for that whole season afterwards and as @eric_plant said in the other thread, his performance at WHL last season will be remembered for a long time to come.

    Thanks for the memories, Paul.

  • That volley of his at Stevenage signalled (to me at least) that we had a team that might just do something. It's been a while since we've seen the best from Paul Hayes, but he was proper class for a good while.

  • I'm 20 years time people will still talk about that performance at WHL.

  • Some fine play and some great goals. I think it's the right decision for the club, but I would for sure clap Hayes on any future return to Adams Park.

  • A genuine leader - shame his legs were shot. Thank you for some really good memories and glimpses of days gone by.

  • He didn't just wear the armband he captained the team and as said before the Spurs game was a little bit of club history. Thanks Paul genuinely all the best hope to see you at Adams Park perhaps in an off the field position

  • I would like and hope the club's social media team are currently re-creating the final scene from Dead Poets Society where one by one the team stand up on a desk and say 'Oh captain, my captain', followed by a shot of a stoic Paul Hayes looking back as he leaves the room, saying 'Thank you boys'. For added viral points they could do a funny skit where Bayo stands on his desk and it collapses underneath him. And Brown could wear his funny jersey and then fall off the desk by mistake.

  • Sad to see him go but probably for the best. It doesn't really look like he's enjoyed playing football for quite some time, which is possibly the effects of his rumoured medical condition/age.

    But for a good year or so he was the player I most wanted to see on the team sheet. Imaginative and a class footballer and the best leader we have had on the pitch for years.

    I regularly commented on how without him we played like headless chickens and I have little doubt that he was the main reason for the great play-off season.

    As time has moved on and we have built a team round Bayo rather than Hayes, he became less critical to us.

    But overall he will go down as one of my favourite all-time players.

    I hope he achieves what he wants to.

  • Can't wait to see him pop up in management, I reckon he'll be a bloody good manager.

  • Didn't see this thread, eulogy posted on the other link. It was time, hope he recognised this himself. #jumpnotpushed

  • Massive appreciation from me for all Paul's contributions to the club.

    Many have rightly highlighted the times he shone himself, but I also won't forget his ability to help others around him shine as well. His contribution to Mawson's goal at Luton in 2014-15, for example, showed a quality of touch and footballing brain well above our level and was far from a one off in that regard.

    Great captain, great player and seemingly a great guy. Thanks Paul and best luck for the future.

  • Hear hear to all the above. How he kept so calm for the Exeter penalty, given the significance at the time, I will never know. Good luck Paul.

  • I had forgotten the volley against Stevenage. Pure quality back to goal about 15 yards out received the ball flicked it over the defenders head turned and volleyed it into the roof of the net.

    For me that summed him up sublime little flicks here and there showing a dexterity of touch bereft of so many at League 2 level.

  • I'm sure Paul Hayes has become all too aware that, sadly, he can go longer get his fitness up to compete at this level, and has made the right decision at the right time. On the pitch he has been an intelligent player who reads the game well and a great leader. He has always appeared to be a true professional, who gives so much more to his club than just being a player, and I'm sure his presence will be missed in the Wycombe dressing room.

    I wish him well for the future, and hope that he goes on to be successful in coaching/management. Thanks Paul for all you've done at WWFC.

  • Good on loan, who remembers how gutted we were when Charlton completely pointlessly recalled him.

    Then that joy when he signed back on the next season, after that abject almost relegation season.
    Quality that season, then the injuries kicked in.

    But in that one season, him missing one game felt like a disaster,

    The 2 year deal seemed madness, last year unfortunately was definitely a year too far, and this year, it'd have got worse and worse.
    Presume he's retiring and going all out into coaching.

  • Actually feels like the end of an era only sido and jj left from the play off year....Thanks for the effort and memerios hayes xx

  • @Malone Richie says that he's going to play for Orient and he's always right...

  • Orient are flagging that they are about to sign a target man - presumably where Richie gets his theory from. Could turn out to be true.

  • @bigred87 I agree. Hayes epitomised our post-Torquay recovery and it now seems that we've gone to a new phase and now very much morphed into the Bayo era. I doubt that was the intention when GA brought Bayo to the club but I think this is going to be very much a transitionary season where we are over-reliant on him bailing us out of our defensive woes, aided and abetted by a revolving cast of extras up front.

    It could be a lot of fun (in an Alton Towers, Oblivion ride type of way). Best strap ourselves in

  • Also, that pass for Mawson's incredible run and volley against Luton went massively underrated. Without wanting to be controversial, and spoiling Alfie's moment... Hayes saved a dreadful touch and lifted it to gold.

  • The early goal in each of the play off semis were special too - both knocking a significant bit of stuffing out of Argyle before they could even get settled.

  • One of my favourite Wycombe players of recent years, so many good memories, but that penalty against Exeter sticks out, just for the drama and tension of what was an incredible game.

    I wish him all the best for the future, I'm sure he'll be a huge success in whatever he chooses to do.

  • Agree @ MindlessDrugover. On his day Paul was one of the cleverest footballers at playing both the game and the ref. Him and Alfie were brilliant in both matches v Plymouth.

  • He was a natural leader and the team was generally a lot more organised and disciplined with him on the pitch. He brought professionalism and guile to the team after the Miracle of Plainmoor.

    Good luck Paul and thanks for the great memories.

  • @bigred87 , don't forget Paris! He did feature prominently at the start of that season.

    Bloomfield has obviously been a squad player throughout too.

    But take your point.

    I fear we'll look back at that team in 5,10,15 years and recognise it was our finest.

  • Bean started each of the three playoff games as I remember too.

  • No disrespect to Bean but hard to imagine him in any team that I'd recognise as "our finest"

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