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Season tickets

I was wondering whether there had been any news on next season's season tickets? My thought currently is that there are bigger things on a lot of people's minds but whilst the team are doing well would it not be a good time to try and capitalise on this?
I am a Wycombe season ticket holder but, through living out of the area for a number of years, follow another team in the Championship. They put season tickets on sale a number of weeks ago and already have over 19,000 renewals way before the end of their season. Does anyone know if the club are dealing with this?



  • They are probably waiting to see if we go up so that they can justify increasing the prices.

  • Something which I had also assumed. But if, for instance, they'd taken a gamble and said 'renew before the end of the season and we will freeze your ticket price' they could only surely have been in a win win situation?! 1. Money coming in to the club at an earlier point with the hope/expectation of going up to improve the cash flow.
    2. When (great result tonight) we go up there will hopefully be renewed interest and an increase in season ticket sales which could be at an increased price but I would certainly think they should be kept the same to encourage new supporters even more.
    I know it has been said on many an occasion but you do wonder how far into the future the club looks and would hope it isn't the almost week by week nature it appears to be.

  • Personally I don't care for renewal plans before the season ends. I don't understand the big rush? It makes me think about these people who start crying that they've not received their season ticket two months before the first game.

    And to be fair to our club, I don't think you're really comparing like with like. I suspect a team with 19,000 renewals in the bag by April is probably able to spend a few quid on marketing staff to organise such campaigns. It may have escaped your notice but a) we have many fewer renewals on the cards and b) have barely a pot to piss in.

    We could put ours on sale at Christmas for ยฃ150 and we wouldn't sell any more that 5,000 or so.

  • I'm getting pretty nervous now - I like to be sure my seat is secured by January.

    YOYOY have they not been put on sale yet? Why has there been no communication from the club re: this? There really is no excuse.

  • From Twitter:

    "We'll have details on next year's season tickets on our website tomorrow - they'll be on sale immediately. Join us in 2015/16"

    "Book before the end of May & no seat in the stadium will cost you more than ยฃ299 - find out more about our 2015/16 season tickets tomorrow."

  • Good news for @Ross - looks like they've managed to see past next week after all.

  • My season ticket seat no longer exists!

  • What on earth has happened to it?!

  • The block I've been in for 20 years is now set aside for school parties etc. Nice of the club to let me (and others) know ahead of the announcement.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover - where do you sit and where can I check if I am equally affected?

  • Beachdean stand block C - only blocks D & E will have STH from now on, apparently.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover While I appreciate the frustration because they have not told you, I think it is good to see they are ramping up marketing activities to try and get young local kids into WWFC.

  • Oh yeah, I've got no huge issue about the move - other than trying to co-ordinate moving with all the same people. I'm a creature of habit though, so it'll feel weird sitting somewhere else after 20+ years having the same view of the game.

  • That's me as well. I always assumed that was the case anyway as all the players families and people with freebies seem to sit there...Do they offer you a seat close to where you were? (Less bother to me as it's my first year in that particular seat...)

  • taking season tickets out of H. G and F would appear to make it rather easier to hand those areas over to away fans if necessary also. Or am I being overly cynical?

  • Typically the club have not discussed this with the fan base, unless I am totally missing something, and have yet again acted in what they obviously believe are the best interests of the club. Its sounds just like every organisation in the modern world. We will do because we can. This sort of action drives people away. When will they learn!

  • Calm down M3G...the modern world might let you sit amongst the schoolkids if you really want to.
    I'm not certain of course, but I doubt it will drive any of the ST holders effected away.

  • This was discussed at the fans forum which was open to all fans.

  • Ok here is the re-worded script - Yet again acted in what they obviously believe are the best interests of the club. Its sounds just like every organisation in the modern world.

  • We all should have been called in to vote on this matter.

  • Oh for goodness sake get a life u tool

  • There's plenty of other seats in AP - fret not!

  • I myself don't like the sweets that have been made available in the kiosk without recourse to a referendum...What does the Trust have against Topics? Or Lion Bar?
    It's like Stalin's Russia.

  • If I were you I would renew on Saturday and take advantage of the free drink offer then go and bend the ear of someone on the trust board about not being notified.

  • While I'm on the subject, I have not received my voting card for this Saturday's team selection. Who should I contact about this?

  • Thanks @arnos_grove! Whilst my initial query was based on trying to determine whether something had come out and I'd missed it as you say it would appear someone may well be listening. However, unfortunately, as others have said my season ticket seat is now not available which is rather unfortunate. Literally, the seat next to mine, even with the 15% discount is more expensive than I am currently paying so this offer doesn't benefit me at all! Shifting season ticket holders out of the block I am in may well pave the way for increasing away attendances but why should that've to the detriment of home fans who may well have sat in the same seat for a period of time.

  • .Over how many months is the instalment payments made? Couldn't see any info on the site.

  • @Greg said:
    .Over how many months is the instalment payments made? Couldn't see any info on the site.

    The application form states monthly payments can be made from the date of application until the 10th of July. So possibly 3 or 4 instalments depending on when you sign up I guess.

  • Filled in the form...and been given a provisional alternative seat in Block D but as I've just been told to hand my form in for my free beverage I suppose the number of instalments will depend on how quickly the ticket elves process them for that ยฃ2 extra administration fee. And the ยฃ2 extra for using them new fangled 'debit cards' that have flooded the market in recent days.

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