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Transfer speculation



  • I think you're wrong Ewan - here's the press release from when el-Abd signed:

    The Blues boss added that El-Abd’s arrival does not necessarily spell the end of Aaron Pierre’s time at Adams Park, although the defender is now out of contract and free to leave to another club.“Our offer to Aaron remains on the table and we hope he chooses to return here, but if not then we wish him all the best."

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    I think I agree with you, @aloysius , about where our squad needs lie. I hope that @EwanHoosaami is correct. It would certainly make sense, for both parties, for there to have been a cut-off date for the offer.

    I'm kind of surprised he's not signed anywhere yet. Getting a bit anxious for him.

  • I don't believe the signing/non signing of ONE player is going to have such a catastrophic effect to be honest. If AP signs a contract and stays we've got three good CBs and he might get a transfer in Janaury if he plays well early doors. But if he does not sign he is not being paid surely from the day of the expiration of his contract. I'm confident all scenarios were looked at and in fact, it is more likely the need for adequate cover (given the perceived weakness of Muller and De Hav as back-ups) that might have prompted the Al Abd purchase. As for loanees, I thought the parent club coughed up the majority of that not right?

  • The problem is would we want a player who doesn't want to be at the club as he thinks he should be playing at a bigger club in a higher division? Don't get me wrong Pierre has been outstanding in our defence partnering Stewart but i just worry if he does sign for us his heart won't be in it and may cause us problems. I would love to be wrong and he came back and carried on as if nothing had happened then moved on in a couple of seasons where we could get some money for him.

  • @robin I know what you mean...but I reckon he's a sensible lad and once the situation is sorted one way or the other he will give his all for the rest of the team.

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    there is no way were waiting on Pierre, his contract offer will have been withdrawn long ago.

  • El Abd wont have been cheap either so expect @EwanHoosaami is very correct.

  • Well that's that situation sorted then - our man on the ground has spoken. Respect his authority.

  • As to whether Pierre's heart would be in it should he sign for us, no-one could deny Stewart's attitude has been exemplary since his rather messy previous attempt at
    a departure.

  • @robin, we saw a similar scenario from Stewart, but done in a more "arsehole" fashion, and that worked out fine as he knuckled down, appreciated that post Crewe disaster, he would probably be turning out for a Woking or Maidenhead if we hadn't rescued him.

    Pierre hasn't done anything as extreme as wasting 6months of his career, soit would depend if he's more "big time charlie" than Stewart, which noone really knows.

  • if richie is not waiting on Pierre neither am I. No way.

  • Richie's input has given me renewed confidence that Pierre will be re-signing for us this afternoon.

  • One has to assume he is training with someone and not watching Homes Under the Hammer.

  • I think Pierre is holding out hope of playing for a championship club that's why he hasn't signed for anyone yet I'm sure there are several league 1 clubs that have offered him deals I'd be truly shocked to see him sign with us obviously would be more than happy if he did
    On the matter of signings I don't think we need major changes I think the only thing we need to address is our playing style if bayo wins 90% of headers get the ball wide and put it on his head in the box instead lumping it up to him anywhere on the pitch, we do have good passers like Saunders and o'nien to play through midfield

  • 'Twould be an interesting player indeed who fell into a combination of all those criteria

  • Oh dear, an old guy trying to delete a very old post that he thought twice about posting at the time somehow contrived to post it while editing it out of the message box. I could challenge mystified readers to identify the post I was commenting on but meanwhile could I just say that, when I got to the ante penultimate line of @na104's post, I genuinely tried to remove what I thought was fly poo after the word "pitch".

  • Is there someone who can sense check your posts first old son?

  • Blackman to bolton...great aigning for bolton #topgk

  • My gripe with the lack of signings, and the speculation that we don't need many because of our squad depth, is that to improve performances, results and league position we simply need better players than we have.

    We need another creative midfielder, as O'Nien has been turned into a hatchet man and who knows how long Saunders will be fit, and also another pacy striker. I'd hesitate to say a winger to replace Weston, but GA forgot what width meant last year.

  • Blackman to Bolton may look good on paper but they already have 4 goalkeepers so could be an "Ingram" bench warming season which he does not deserve.

  • Fitness will play a massive part this season with our list of injury prone players namely; Cowan-Hall, Kashket, Saunders, Hayes, Bloomers and maybe Tyson should he sign.

  • Can't argue with that @Blue_since_1990.

  • They're launching the new away kit on Monday (and given it's got a separate sponsor, it probably really will be an away kit rather than a change kit). Last season's kit launch saw the introduction of Akinfenwa, so let's hope they're planning a similar trick. Though at this rate the player bursting out from behind the curtain will probably be Marcus Bean!

  • I can imagine the scenes now.

    "And to launch the new kit, we bring you news of an exciting pen to paper's.....
    Marcus Bean"

    12 die hards who've taken the day off work to be there especially, go wild.

  • I would be pleased to see Beansy.

  • I suspect this will be the 'Tyson is back' moment.

  • When is Richie going to reveal his exclusive transfer news. It's seems very late this year.

  • Ruth is coming back.

  • @prufrock_91 we would all like to see marquee signings or even a Marquis signing that will help us push would every fan at every League Two club...but I fear we lack the money to make that a reality, hence Gaz having to try out experienced players willing to drop down or wring out the loan market. I think he's got a reasonable record...and let's remember the majority of the team remaining got us to within one point of the playoffs despite two cripplingly poor runs of form.

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