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Coventry away moved to Friday evening

Bang goes any chance of me making it to one of the best away trips in the division.



  • I would presume that WWFC had to give their permission for this to happen.

    I wonder who was consulted before we acceded?

  • Mickey take. Totally ballsed up my plans for a pub crawl on the train, was one of the trips I was looking forward to.

    What's the point of being fan owned if we don't consult the fans, we should have said no in my opinion

  • Expect this is Wasps doing.Xmas my .........!

  • No consideration for the fans.

  • Fucking awful decision. Absolute bollocks.

  • I imagine this would have been one of the most highly anticipated away games of the season for a lot of Blues fans and would likely have been one of the biggest away followings we'd take anywhere, but now it's likely to be half if not less than what it could have been. And what a great way to have spent the last Saturday before Christmas. Shame on both clubs.

  • Coventry can only play on the dates the parasites permit them to!

  • But the story says it's to allow more time ahead of the Christmas schedule - nothing to do with Wasps. Not sure next season's rugby fixtures are even out yet are they?

  • @MindlessDrugHoover I'm willing to bet that, when they are, Wasps have a lucrative pre-Christmas home fixture scheduled for December 23rd. And regardless of whether this is driven by Wasps' fixtures or a footballing reason, WWFC will have had a chance to reject the move, and it's very disappointing indeed that they chose not to do so without surveying the opinion of fans through any of the various fora that exist for this purpose.

  • As I say, shame on both clubs. I guess from Wycombe's point of view there's no financial incentive to have a big crowd, so why not get the extra day's rest before Boxing Day. No thought for the fans who were particularly looking forward to this game

  • Utter rubbish. Last Friday before xmas = drinks in town not struggling on packed motorways / trains trying to get to an evening match.

    Still, as long as the players get a bit of a rest eh?

  • This is really, really disappointing, I was looking forward to Saturday but probably won't go now. Did any supporters have any input into this decision? It just underlines that those who run professional football clearly don't think it exists for the benefit of the paying supporters.

  • This "extra rest" mantra is complete bullshit. Did you see England v Germany in the U21 semi-final? All the talk was England had had 4 days rest while Germany only 2. Yet Germany ran England ragged in the second-half & extra-time. It's the same nonsense of narrowing the pitch. If you're playing well & winning players would play every day if necessary.

    I'm firmly in the Brian Clough camp when it comes to football being a simple game. A shame the Coventry game has been moved to Friday. But hey - if WWFC don't want their fans there I'm very happy to go somewhere else on Sat 23rd December. Another PR cock-up by the "fan-owned club".

  • Looked forward to this game. Won't be going now. Disappointed!

  • A poor decision bringing it forward 19 hours or so won't much difference as their is 3 days until next game.No,thought about the fans ,maybe it would have been better to have had no games that Pre Christmas weekend.

  • We should all turn up at a local non-league game on the Saturday instead.

  • Any playing advantage should be taken, it's still more than doable on a Friday night for 90% of people who would go if they really want to

  • Totally disagree apart from work commitments that night will be a night for Xmas parties etc.Its not more than doable I can't possiblely see how you can justify that statement. People do have lives outside football!

  • I don't know how it is for other companies, but in almost 15 years at the same place, we've never once left it as late as the 22nd(or equivalent) for our Christmas party!

  • The big problem with any Friday night these days is the congestion on the motorway network. I often travel southbound on the M40 on Fridays & the section northbound near Bicester where the A34 joins is usually a car park. It's also very bad around Leamington/Warwick.

    On Friday Dec 22nd this will be exacerbated by the all people going away for Christmas and those who live in the Midlands or North, but work in the South, travelling home. The M1 is an alternative on a map but that is even worse for congestion. I'm afraid that is the reason why Friday night football is detrimental to travelling fans - but even worse so on the last Friday before Christmas.

  • I think the Gasroom Car Pool thread should be put to good use for this one.

  • Nah. Follow the Congo. Everybody congo, everybody congo.

  • I think we need less evening league games in the winter, December to February, ideally none.

    Two years ago, after Gareth had provisionally arranged a pre-season friendly at home to MK Dons, the Trust quickly understood the implications and @DJWYC14 did very good work in getting together a selection of fans for a meeting at short notice, with Gareth, Andrew Howard, Trevor Stroud and the Club Secretary, to discuss what this game meant. In the end it was left to the Football Supporters' Federation to decide, they advised us the following day not to play it. It was disappointing that the club alone did not decide that but at least a consultation process with fans had proved useful and effective.

    Could the Trust not have called a similar meeting for this fixture change, given it's important implications for fans, or at least sounded out some fans individually?

  • We could certainly do with fewer evening games in winter.

    I'm not affected by the change of date for the Coventry game but I am not convinced of the veracity of the stated reason for it.

  • Didn't know that story @Steve_Peart. I am more than a little amazed that GA and others at the club would ever have thought a friendly against the Franchise would be a good idea.

    At least they did listen to fans' opinions on that occasion. Top stuff @DJWYC14.

  • Have a feeling I have heard that Gareth and Karl Robinson have/had some sort of close relationship and believe the stewards from the two clubs work closely together. Also think Dons actually offered to let WWFC keep the total proceeds from the game.

  • At the meeting Gareth said he hadn't realised that our fans had a problem with MK Dons.

  • That's a nice gesture if true, but would probably have been rendered rather useless by the amount of fans who would have no doubt boycotted such a game.

  • Still disgusted with this, and all likelihood won't be going now as my train trip/pub crawl has been destroyed.

    Stinks of a repeat of the Newport game on Boxing Day a few years back where fans had to endure a 12.30 kick off so the players could go to parties in the evening. They should remember who pays their wages. Surely someone at the club should come out and justify this, as for a fan owned club, fans seem to come bottom of the pile again.

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