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Blooms signs new deal til summer 2018



  • It's a waste keeping Sido as mere backup, so it'd be a decent solution to promote him to a starting centre back.
    Would probably be an easier job to bring in a back up defender than a straight replacement for a Pierre/Stewart level player too.

    There's no way Hayes is walking away! There was rumouring that he was next in line for the manager's seat, so no chance he'd walk away now!

  • I wouldn't want to start a season with Sido as first choice centre back. He's done ok over a few games but I don't see how he's managed to get such praise whilst WDH has been slated. Sido has been better but not by as much as some seem to think in my opinion.
    By the same rational Thommo has done enough to get consideration for next year. He can't play with Hayes but without that weight around his shoulders he's a decent player.

  • Thommo provides more than Hayes does these days. He's a step down in quality, but way fitter than Hayes is, and can be relied upon more to be available. However, unless Thommo is desperate to stay as a league player, I can't see us offering enough of a wage to make it worthwhile.

    Disagree massively on Sido. Just a different class to WDH (and Muller). In fact it's simple as this, league standard v non league.

  • I'm with @Malone . Sido has been class at CB.

  • Loads of comments about players potentially leaving who still have a contract here next season. Young pro's like Southwell and Rowe are in no position to tear up a football league contract and will certainly start next season here. WDH and Muller have another year too and will still be around.

    My opinions on out of contract players:

    Stewart - Signs new 2 year contract. He's made the mistake before of turning us down in the hope of something better coming up. I think he's learnt his lesson and continues to be 1st choice next year.

    Pierre - leaves for League 1 club. Been offered an extension previously and hasn't signed. 3 and a half years of service to the club, deserves a chance at a higher level.

    Thompson - Signs new 1 year contract. Yes he's old but he's still doing a job up top. Probably not a first XI starter, but useful off the bench and the odd start when others need a rest or (more likely) are injured.

    Bean - Signs new 1 year contract. Ainsworth still rates him and he is useful in games where we need someone in the middle to disrupt play. Obviously his passing is atrocious and he can't do much with the ball at his feet so should only play in tough games where we won't have much possession. Hopefully Gape can last the full season next year and plays the majority of the games. Possibly offer reduced terms to Bean so he may not want to sign, not sure what other options he'd have, would he be prepared to go non-league?

    Wood - No contract offered and leaves the club. Think this is pretty clear cut now. Hasn't been near the matchday squad in the last few weeks, wasn't at the end of season awards, no idea if the rumours about another game triggering a contract extension but his time at Wycombe is done.

    Nick Freeman - Signs new 1 year contract. Tough one. I'm guessing he's one of the lowest earners at the club so not a huge risk, and he has showed some flashes of potential. Other players to have not featured much such as Tommy Fletcher and Charlie Horlock have been given a new year and Freeman has had more of a chance than those 2.

    Everyone else is still in contract next year. The biggest issue I think is Hayes, who just doesn't look up to it anymore. He rarely has an effect on games these days, and hopefully he takes up more of a coaching role next year, similar to Ainsworth did during his final year.

  • Sounds like we will be losing Wood, Pierre & Blackman, plus some or all of Thomo, Stewart, Bean & Freeman.

    I'd keep Bean myself, especially if Rowe is loaned out again. We look short of a combative midfielder at times and he's versatile enough to offer cover at the back too. That's important if Sido is going to start at centre back.

    Is also keep Freeman but he has to be given some more game time.

    Either way, it looks as though some fairly senior players will be leaving which ought to free up wages for decent recruitment. The squad we'd be left with is a decent one. But we desperately need some more mobile strikers that aren't injury prone, including an alternative target man to Bayo.

    The defence is an interesting area. For some time it feels like we have had a long-term plan in that position, with Pierre, Harriman, Sido and JJ on long-term (for lg 2) deals and a strategy of recruiting exceptional loanees on the promise of guaranteed game time. By refusing to sell Pierre we prioritised the immediate term over the long view (although you could argue keeping him made promotion more likely which in the long term leaves us better off). We now look like we could go into next season with a solid back four (Harriman, Sido, Stewart, JJ) that will all be out of contract next summer and then two centre backs (Muller and WDH) that we're gambling on. So while we could probably field another strong back line for a season, it leaves a slightly uncertain future. Our relative success in the past three seasons has been built on a solid back line so I'm intrigued to see how Ainsworth plays it. My guess is they might be willing to make Stewart the best paid player in the squad to get him on a two year deal (Same for Pierre although I think we have to assume even that wouldn't be enough).

  • I think the issues with Pierre and this clown of a supporter will deffo see him leave the club in the summer.

  • @Croider Sam Wood was most definitely at the end of season awards.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    I think the issues with Pierre and this clown of a supporter will deffo see him leave the club in the summer.

    I doubt whether the fan issue will have more than a minimal bearing on decisions about Aaron Pierre's future.

  • Sam Wood will leave the club and due to a clause will not play again even though JJ will miss the Cambridge game with a lower back injury.

  • Good news for Sam and those who want to see him play again this season then.

  • Wycombe will sign Saunders.

    Oh are we not reporting things EVERYONE already knows?

  • @micra you don't think he'd rather play for a club where he won't be subject to abuse by moronic halfwits? I don't think he'd have stayed anyway, but to be sure that's settled the matter.

  • rmjlondon has an interesting take on the term "inside knowledge". Most people assume that means knowledge from inside the football club, but in his case he thinks it means "pull something out from inside my arse".

  • I'm absolutely sure he would @floyd. But, sadly, most clubs have their share of moronic halfwits and my point in any case was that, among the factors which will influence decisions, the "fan" issue is unlikely to be prominent.

  • I thought Pierre left ages ago to play for a team in a higher league in the summer...or January....or am I just remembering predictions on here?

  • @rmjlondon said:
    Sam Wood will leave the club and due to a clause will not play again even though JJ will miss the Cambridge game with a lower back injury.

    So Sam Wood, his usual jaunty self on Sunday, will miss out on the chance to play left back because JJhas recovered unexpectedly quickly from a slight back strain? Well, that's my interpretation.

  • I love that "due to a clause " phrase.

  • @Onlooker said:
    Croider Sam Wood was most definitely at the end of season awards.

    What makes you so sure?

  • Might have been a hologram @braywanderer

  • Is it just me that finds it strange we do deals with games played clauses?
    Seems to at best mean you have these awkward "can't select" situations, and at worst lands you with a player who you wouldn't otherwise sign on.
    I can't imagine Wood had the upper hand in negotiations last season after a poor year, so why would we give such a deal?

  • He had a 'games played auto renew' clause triggered last year; presumably the auto renew clause also auto renews itself.

  • aaaah...who's staying? Who's going? Who's got a 'Club must buy me a new yellow Cortina' clause? Which players will be tempted away by a deal with Moneybags Utd FC? Which non-league goal machine should be signed immediately by this idiotic management if they knew what they were doing? Which club legend and Bucksfordshire Harriers under 16 coach should be the next manager if the Board wasn't mad? The summer must almost be here...

  • @Malone Not all contractual clauses are put in for the benefit of the club. A player may demand it and the club reluctantly agrees in order to secure the player.

  • I appreciate that @bill_stickers , but do you think Wood had much bargaining power after his performances last season? I'd certainly suggest not much.
    Bayo certainly, but Wood i'd suggest was pretty lucky he had a clause the previous year, or he'd have very likely been out.

  • One thing that puzzles me is that (according to soccer base) Sam has made 41 appearances this season, 32 in the league. That is a weird number to stop at for any auto renewal clause

  • Ah, the famous 33 league game renewal clause.

  • Having said that, 34 games would put him just over the 75% of league games mark - perhaps that's it?

  • @bookertease - It's obviously bollocks, isn't it? Looking back over the thread the idea of the so called "clause" in Woody's contract seems to have been confirmed by rmjlondon. So well done for booting that one into the trees.

  • very harsh @Cyclops I think richie's record speaks for itself.

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