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Match day thread: Mansfield



  • Ever so slightly disagree with some postings.

    Though the first half was awful, we were utterly dominant in second half, in a way I've not seen all season, and am thus not wholly critical of the team today. There were a number of very good performances: Sido was great at centre back; Pierre made some vital, top-quality challenges; Bean had the best game I've seen him have albeit doing what he does, breaking up play and moving the ball on; Harriman was solid; Luke gave 100% and showed for the ball for the back four as many have called for, though he never got it from them; Freeman looked really good when he came on, I thought; Thompson had a good game wide right.

    On the down side, while Kashket had some good moments in the second half, he was so reluctant to pull wide that it severely restricted options, especially in the first half; Bayo was largely outmuscled by a really strong pair of centre backs, though he came into it strongly in the last twenty minutes; JJ's delivery was sub-par; Jaubiak should never play for the club again.

    That we didn't win was a travesty on the basis of the game overall. For me, the biggest problem was how the team was set up - not a new observation on this site, I know, but it really hit me today. We are playing 4-3-3 but without much, often any, width. Thus, the hoof to Bayo was often the only option. When this didn't work, as it didn't today, there were limited alternatives. Even when we were on top in the second half and playing with a lot more panache and creativity, the final ball was often unimaginative and ineffective. To only create two and a half clear chances was a poor return for forty five minutes of total dominance.

  • One dimensional turgid shite is what I witnessed for 85+ minutes. We had a few short spells, (possibly totalling 5 minutes collectively), where I believe we played some football? In this spell, we managed to play the ball to each other with a few concise passes, got the ball down the flanks and put there defence under real pressure. One such move ended with a powerful header from Bayo and a worldie reflex save from their keeper. Other than that, garbage. As others have already stated, Jukubriak ca pack his washrag now and trudge off back across the A404 to Watford. With that sort of commitment to put his head in where it hurts to score a gift, he will never be a professional football player. I doubt he would get offered a place in a Conference squad?
    With the predictability of our play, I really fear for us next season, to defend against us, two big lumps on Bayo, one in front, one behind, press our back line high up the pitch, we hoof it, they get possession back and away we go again. We have Weston, Wood & PCH signed, yet play with a narrow pitch, why?

  • Bayo has been a revelation this season. I think he has stated somewhere he has enjoyed this season more than any other. The goals have flown in. To be honest he deserves another year. He has proved his worth and become the first name on the team sheet. The game by the way sounded a lot better on player than it's portrayed on here.

  • Ainsworth is clearly a credit to the club as a person, and he's done wonders in a turbulent time for us as a man.

    However, today you simply can't forgive the lack of width, cluelessness with which we started the game without any sort of plan, woeful subs. I can't remember the last time we carved a team open at home, and created guilt-edged chances. It's so ponderous and indecisive, like we don't ever want to score.

    Also, I feel desperately sorry for Saunders and O'Nien. SS must be wondering why he's here - he was playing in the actual Championship not too long ago. Luke could be a wonderful attacking playmaker, but as been reduced to a niggly hatchet-man. The only joy of the whole afternoon was his boll*cking of the Watford kid.

  • has Pierre really done that ?

  • When the manager thinks that was a good performance I'm not sure I see the point in turning up to watch.

  • That tweet has been removed.

  • which one ? Gareths or the head butt lol

  • ahh ok ... not true then ...phew

  • Didn't say that! All I know it's been removed.

  • The tweet is still there. I've seen worse bleeding from nose picking. That bloke should be fucking embarrassed.

  • Yep still there, @drcongo superb.

  • It hasn't been removed. Still on the blokes Twitter.

    As for GA and AH, fed up of the we have no money, we are over achivieving sob story etc etc. Both have worked fantastically hard for this club but there comes a time when change is needed. The regulars including me will still buy tickets but how they expect to attract any new fans playing that dross is beyond me.

    On a positive note Jombati was superb today and shows how far off the pace the other centre halfs at Wycombe are. Nick Freeman I also thought was decent when he came on and offered a different option.

    What worries me most is the when plan A doesn't work let's keep playing with plan A attitude.

  • I hope someone has called a waaaaaahmbulance for him.

  • I don't think the performance was as bad as some are making out. We had a lot of territory and were far more compatible than we've been in recent games.

    Obviosuly the lack of an alternative attacking plan was infuriating but I don't think it can be called a dreadful performance.

  • M3GM3G
    edited April 2017

    Those glass eyes suggest his mood would go with his previous tweets on today's game? Bet he's not annoying!

  • Smearing Ribina on your nose is not a recognised treatment for premature hairloss > @NorthumberlandBlue said:

  • Are we really making fun of someone who may or may not have been assaulted?

  • @StrongestTeam don't think he had a clue how to use Freeman to be honest. Bloke was warming up for 20 minutes before finally being sent on. Half the problem is being scared to make subs. Why wait until 75 minutes to make a sub?

  • Forgot to mention amid my angst, Sido was 1st class today, my MOM.

  • @AttitudeEra said:
    Are we really making fun of someone who may or may not have been assaulted?

    Of course. I hope someone follows him around in his spare time telling him he's shit at his job.


    Yup. Hard to imagine Pierre's gone up to the bloke out of the blue and lamped him. Assuming there's even any truth whatsoever in the suggestion that something happened.

  • As we have no details at this stage and I have never met the person alleging the assault, I'm going to reserve judgment until more emerges.

  • Here's some more context. Personally, fuck him. Very much doubt we'll see Aaron signing a new contract now.

  • If AP really had hit him surely his hooter would be in a far worse state than that. I can't see it myself.
    As for @drcongo making jokes about sticking pencils in your eyes - think yourself lucky that you have two to choose from. Bastard.

  • edited April 2017

    Entitled little prick.

    (Edit: Pierre's abuser, not you @Cyclops )

  • Although having met Aaron I'd be massively surprised if he suddenly decided to approach me or my girlfriend in the car park and head butt us for no reason, I'm still slightly hesitant to come to a judgment that this guy 'brought it on himself'.

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