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Wimbledon tickets



  • @Midlander said:
    But I fail to see why people should get two tickets. It is now enabling some fans to buy two without needing then and playing God.

    As I explained above - people rarely book solo in my experience. So allowing two is a reflection on those that actually attend away under a single booking.

  • True but the point is are these people getting the second ticket all STH , if not then it is unfair.

  • No its not, its fair as someone said people buy for others away, get in the home end with me!

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    stop bleating on f f s

  • Well I only bought one ticket. My son can't make it so we have only used 1 out of the 4 we were entitled to.

    I expect gratitude from 3 people.

  • Rather than squabbling over the rules and whether it's fair on everyone or not shall we just take a second to appreciate the fact that we haven't been in a position as a club or fan base for that matter where we have needed to even consider installing priority booking for away matches. The fact that there is such a debate over the rules speaks volumes for how well the team has done this year, and how it may seem that numbers of fans are gradually coming back. Yes, these aren't massive away allocations, but even the 860 or so we took to Burton was a wonderful turnout for a 2 - 2hr 30 journey on a bank holiday Monday.

    And whilst I'm at it, on the subject of the two ticket system, a friend and I go to a number of away games throughout the season both together. He - for working reasons - is not a season ticket holder, whereas I am although he ends up attending a very similar amount of games as I do. Therefore the second ticket I could buy goes to him and yes, he may not be an official season ticket holder but is as valid as anyone for qualifying for a ticket. I am sure that a number of other people have a very similar scenario. But as @wycombelad has suggested, let's not worry too much about it - let's just take over the whole ground! COYB.

    • Should say we haven't been in a position where priority booking is required for a number of years - not ever.
  • A case of I'm ok screw the rest of you, hey Brownie. I wonder if you had been a season ticket holder for many years and been unable to secure a ticket yet non season ticket had you would hold the same view? Would you really believe your friend is as valid as anyone for qualifying for a ticket if this was at the expense of you going?
    It's extremely righteous of you to ask for people to stop squabbling over tickets (not that people are!) when you yourself and non season ticket mate have tickets. I wonder if you would hold the same view if you didn't? I suspect not.

  • LX1LX1
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    "Tickets are limited to two per person subject to the conditions above." I read that as meaning both people had to qualify under criteria but sounds like I am wrong. If so I agree with Midlander, not sure why it's not one per person.

  • LX1LX1
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  • As we are a family club, I'm sure an amount of discretion is allowed here.

    If someone has genuinely been to every home game but is not a season ticket holder I'm almost POSITIVE they would not be turned away.

    We've already seen that with someone and the 'pictures outside away grounds'

  • There is no right and wrong here, the club has done its best, as ive said i have been to 12 away games but live in the north, im in the hone ends at both and i dont care. Get tickets wherever you can.

  • It's a shame you've read it that way Bluemoon because it certainly was not meant in that manner. Had I missed out on tickets I would've been disappointed but not annoyed as I do believe that this is the fairest way of selling them. Do that many people really go to football games alone, and solely with season ticket holders that it would not hamper the match day experience for the individual if only one ticket was allowed per person? Rather than the system being unfair, I think it is more unlucky than anything else that we have been lumbered with such small away ends for the last two huge away outings. The club - in my opinion anyway - have gone about this the right way, particularly for a club that are inexperienced in having to do so.

  • Fair enough. Not suggesting for one moment it's easy for the club but upsetting season tickets holders (in my case for the past 12 seasons) just prior to expecting them to renew for next season does not in my opinion seem to be a great move. Anyway, enjoy the game and hope for a win.

  • Isn't it sad to be "risky" to be next to opposition fans at all? Why has this come about? At Loakes Park we used to all be mixed up and happy with it.

  • The reason it should be limited to one ticket per season ticket holder is to allow as many season ticket holders as possible to attend. There are 750 tickets available so isn't it fairer to sell all 750 to 750 different season ticket holders.

  • With regards to the 2 ticket purchase, I've been to 10 away games this season but 8 of them have been bought by my friend. He buys the tickets and I drive. So technically I couldn't of got a ticket of he couldn't of got two

  • You could if you'd of kept the stubs

  • Don't get stubs if you pay on the gate for example Stevenage, Dagenham, Burton and Cheltenham.

  • Season tickets are for home games and home games only there! It's funny how many season ticket holders are moaning they can't get tickets (because they haven't been to enough away games)

  • Does anyone know which pub is best to drink in pre-game?

  • Get the home terrace tickets now!

  • @Pogo said:
    Does anyone know which pub is best to drink in pre-game?

    There is a decent bar at the ground although it gets fairly busy from about 2.

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