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Graham Salisbury

another referee that doesn't get out of the centre circle ....... why is it in all the big games we get this dross !!!



  • edited February 2017

    I actually enjoyed his refereeing today. Players going down with just a touch! Play was waved on. Time wasting add on 8 minutes. Yes most referees would have given a red in the first half, but likewise most referees would have given Portsmouth a penalty for the nudge in the back. What you want from a referee is consistency, and he showed that today.

    The game today benefited as a result of the referee I thought today.

  • Better than most of the officials we've hsd to suffer recently.

  • sorry but he is a very poor official on todays display.

  • He did ok. Seen much worse this season. 8 minutes added on mainly because of our own time wasting tactics.

  • If @rmjlondon thought he was a poor official today two days before the match that's good enough for me.

  • Thought in general he was ok, but completely bottled the one big decision he had to make when he didn't send off their cb for chopping down Kashket

  • It would really help us ignorant football fans if the referees or their assessors could explain certain decisions so we are educated in the future.
    With the Kashket decision he is through the middle both players go to ground to 'tackle' his. Which one can be the covering the defender if they are both on their arses? I assume that Stevens was the one that made contact and thats why he got booked, I certainly could not see from where I was.

  • We all thought he should have been red..No covering defender as 2 was on the floor..brought down.Has to be a red card surely..

  • Surely, in that scenario, there is no middle ground? If there is a foul, no covering defender, denial of a clear goal scoring opportunity, then it's a straight red. Alternatively, there is no foul, therefore not a yellow?

  • Referees have to make an instant decision. Play goes on and there is no going back, even if you realise with hindsight, that the decision was wrong. It is very easy to find fault but try it as there is a shortage throughout the game.

  • The referee didn't make an instant decision though did he. It was an eternity, between the incident and the production of a yellow card. There wasn't an option for a yellow surely. Kashket through & brought down when clear on goal. As I understand the laws of the game, it's a straight red? If he wasn't fouled then it's not a yellow. The lino didn't appear much help as he didn't even wave his flag!

  • I've just seen a photo from the incident and can see why only 3 was cautioned. The other CB was on his arse but behind him.
    However what is unfathomable is why it was not a red. Totally blatant. Booking = foul and if fouled it has to be off.
    I would have been well pissed if we had not won

  • The Lino was probably the most inept this season. Not even sure he knew the laws of the game.

    Any half decent one sees the Kashket incident probably as he is in line with the game in real time. The ref is further back and has less visibility.

    Prior to this he gave us offside, when the player was ten yards away and not interfering with play. It was the type of decision a home supporter who is asked to run the line gives on a Sunday morning.

    It's the same every week. Yes they are human and we all make mistakes. I can fathom a couple of incorrect offside calls, but the Kashket incident is blatant sending off and it gives us a massive advantage.

    The thing is this is all just hot air, the same thing will happen next week. Much of the issue is, their inability to read the game properly. Most of them have properly played amateur level at best and don't have the vision to officiate to the required standard.

    The FA should offer gateways for retiring pros to become refs/linos. They understand the game, the passage of plays, likely scenarios, gamesmanship etc.

    Any ex pro would have seen the Kashket incident and either sent the player off or flagged and helped the ref make the correct decision.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub any chance of sharing the photo you mention so we can all see? From my position on the side, in line, it was not possible to tell who made contact. I doubt the linesman would have been able to help the ref with that either, although he would have seen Kashket was past the last defender.

  • The fact is that ex pros don't want the job or a fast track system would have been set up already. There seems to be no pressure for it to happen either. Why not?

  • @twizz I hope this works.
    I agree with comments that the referee only has one view of it. But if my one view showed 2 defenders on their arse, and the one nominated as the covering defender behind the offender I still don't get how he could get this wrong.

  • Should have been a sending off. Presumably the rule was designed exactly for this sort of situation. I am glad we won.

  • Well, the photo shown in the BFP appears to confirm it wasn't a penalty. Notwithstanding, a card was issued. On that basis, it can only have been one colour, as I understand the rules, last man brought him down, red card. Ref had plenty of time & took it, don't know if he consulted the assistant, but there was no either or option in my book! Would love to hear from the referee his explanation, but we all know that isn't going to happen.

  • Referees at all levels of the pro game make a problem for themselves by insisting every decision they make is right. They will mess up, they will make errors of judgements, they will interpret the rules in their best way at that moment. Their bosses should share that thinking and sentiment at least with the players and the team managers, if not with the fans.
    Mike Dean has been rightfully mocked over recent weeks but maybe if there was a platform to explain his thinking then this would be better all round.
    I generally hate the BT Sport coverage but the Graham Poll ref insight is pretty good.

  • Obviously nobody took any notice of the rule change in the summer ??? Yellow card was correct as he attempted to play the ball and missed had he hauled him down or pulled his clothing it would have been red regardless of covering player.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    Obviously nobody took any notice of the rule change in the summer ??? Yellow card was correct as he attempted to play the ball and missed had he hauled him down or pulled his clothing it would have been red regardless of covering player.

    Only applies in the box when a pen is given

  • @rmjlondon said:
    Obviously nobody took any notice of the rule change in the summer ??? Yellow card was correct as he attempted to play the ball and missed had he hauled him down or pulled his clothing it would have been red regardless of covering player.

    As attitude says, only for a penalty.

  • rmj lives in a parallel world.

  • Or it might be us living in a parallel world and the real word is full of nutters!

  • I've come to the conclusion that @rmjlondon is actually just a bot that trawls football forums to scrape a lexicon and then posts simple Markov chain approximations of the sort of sentence a particularly thick football fan might write.

  • The follow from FA Law 12.

    A player, substitute or substituted player who commits any of the following offences is sent off: .......
    denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the opponents’ goal by an offence punishable by a free kick (unless as outlined below) ........

    Where a player commits an offence against an opponent within their own penalty area which denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and the referee awards a penalty kick, the offending player is cautioned

    I can't see how, given the above, the player wasn't sent off. Only the ref knows and he isn't telling.

  • Have to say as a qualified ref RMJ is right here a genuine attempt at the ball can now be given a caution regardless of the fact he was the last man. A pull of the shirt or a deliberate trip however would have been red.

  • @leo030500.
    So how does that square with Law 12 which clearly states the player should be sent off?

  • @Twizz maybe that rule was the old un-amended form. Or as it says (unless as outlined as below)... It may have said in that section which has been cropped from the message

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