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Out of contract players

What a fantastic couple of months. Now that the Grape situation has been sorted out, I'd thought I'd give my pennies worth with the out of contract players.

Max Müller (length unspecified)
All reports lead me to thinking he could be something special, although I obviously haven't seen enough of him to comment.

Therefore you have to trust Gaz and his team to make the right decision.

Given our "low" budget (as they mention every other day) they are probably the best judges of players in the division.

My only real thoughts on the matter are that unless he is going to make it back to full fitness by the start of next season, the clubs resources e.g. Money and time spent by the physio, could be used more wisely.

Up to the gaffer.

Aaron Pierre (contracted until 2017)
Surely a three/four year deal, although I'm not holding out much hope. Would love just to be able to keep him until the end of the season.

In my favourite ever Wycombe XI. Please stay Aaron.

Anthony Stewart (contracted until 2017)
Since half way through last season he has been a revelation at centre back. He has built as solid a partnership with Pierre as I can remember in the last 15 years, with the obvious Alfie/Aaron exception. Classy on the ball, what a player he has developed into. I expect clubs in higher divisions to come knocking for him soon. Three year deal.

Stephen McGinn (contracted until 2017)
I'm a fan of this classy Scot and really believe he could make the defensive midfield position in a 3 man midfield his own. For me we look a better footballing side with him playing. However Gaz clearly doesn't rate him highly enough to play him, so, somewhat reluctantly it makes sense to release and bring a new face in.

Marcus Bean (contracted until 2017)
I imagine he must be pretty good around the dressing room, but I hate watching him or players similar to him play.

Whilst I appreciate at times he breaks play up well, I'm struggling to think of a Wycombe central midfielder who misses more five yard simple passes. When he plays we regularly opt for hoof ball, which doesn't work and is boring to watch. Release.

Matt Bloomfield (contracted until 2017)
Great to see him back in the team this season when we are doing so well. Always rated him as a squad player, given he never complains when better players are in front of him in the pecking order. Professional example to other players to stick with the club. Another one year for Bloomers.

Sam Wood (contracted until 2017)
I'm surprised by how much continued stick he has received this season. He was pretty useless last season but has been a decent servant for the club since he arrived from Brentford overall.

Again I imagine he's pretty good in the dressing room and given this versatility I'd give him another season. One year deal.

Garry Thompson (contracted until 2017)
A flop in my eyes. Much better around for less money IMHO. Although he isn't picking the side, his partnership with Hayes last season was one of the most frustrating to watch. I question his bravery and feels he backs out of physical contests with the opposition.

Adebayo Akinfenwa (contracted until 2017)
Unlike many on here I went wild when we signed the beast. At worst he was always going to be a threat with 10 minutes to go and with the quality of Kashket along side him he's pretty lethal. Must be worth another year. Get him his own beast mode range in the club shop.

Nick Freeman (contracted until 2017)
For me he should have played more often this season, and looks like he'd score quite a few in a more advantaged position.
Another year please.



  • Hopefully Stewart has learned his lesson from last time and will sign a new deal. I think getting rid of Bean and Thompson are no brainers and McGinn clearly isn't in GA's plans either. Muller and Freeman are interesting ones that could go either way, my gut is I hope they get another year, along with Wood, Blooms and Bayo.

  • Thompson, McGinn and Freeman would be the only ones I would definately not offer a new contract. Whilst the Beast is getting long in the tooth, I would certainly give him another year even if we went up. For me he is currently player of the season.

  • Out of interest, Bacon, if you want Freeman to play more, would this be instead of Kashket or Cowan Hall (or are you hoping to sneak 12 players onto the pitch).

    I would have thought the club have checked out whether Pierre and/or Stewart are prepared to sign now. No great hurry on the others. Wouldn't be surprised to see one or two of that list to go out on loan by the end of Jan.

  • No not suggesting a 12 man, although I would love to see a club try that for fun.

    I think given the poor form before we started smashing it up, Freeman would have been given more chances to show his stuff.

    This was also when Kashket wasn't playing and Paris was injured, so he could of played.

    I also think he could have played as the advanced player in the three man midfield, where bloomers has been playing.

    Lastly he could have been used, and previously to the good run in form as an impact sub.

  • Thompson is an absolute no brainer to release. Yet checking the appearance stats, he's right up there, which surprises me, as it seems like he's barely started for months!
    Reputedly one of the top few earners, so has to go. A very risky 2 year deal as it was.

    McGinn, 100% gone. Hasn't had a look in. Did well to get a 2 year.

    Bean, unless he gets back in the team and storms it, a definite goner too.

    Bloomy, worth a new deal more this time than last time, 1-2 year deal.

    Pierre, no chance we're keeping him.

    Stewart, despite his shenanighans last time, I can see him waiting around to see what other offers are around. I think people think him staying is a given, which isn't at all true to me.

    Freeman, good gamble, hasn't really worked. Try again with someone new I think.

    Muller - has he even signed on from his initial 6monther? It's gone very quiet.
    I don't see how anyone can be in favour of anything beyond this summer based on 1 60/70 min appearance in the least high profile cup!

    Centre back looks very likely to be a hugely important area to sort this summer whatever happens.

  • Hard to work out who to offer a new contract to when we have a chance of being a league higher come this summer. We will have a very young midfield next season, with O'Nien, Gape and Rowe on the books, so I can see Bloomfield being given another year at least.

    Not sure about Wood, I think he will have to really prove his worth this second half of the season - the last two matches have been an excellent start - but I just don't see GA using a 442 again, unless it's a diamond formation, so wingers like Wood and Freeman may be extraneous to requirements. Bean will clearly be released, as will McGinn unless he's remarkably cheap.

    Thompson is an interesting one, I can see him staying for one last season, he's GA's sort of player. We may struggle to keep Akinfenwa, continue like he is and I bet a team like Plymouth will try to poach him by offering to double his wages.

  • @aloysius , I think you're dead right with Wood. I think he did well, and was trading on previous performances to get a deal for this season.
    And until these last 2 games he'd fallen well out of it, not even being 1st choice backup winger with Weston out.

    So he needs a real run of form to re-invent himself as an attacking mid now. Certainly wouldn't be against him staying if he carries this small patch of form on.

    Thompson would really have to accept a big wage reduction though and accept backup status.

    Surely Bayo could have got higher wages elsewhere. Location helped us out massively.
    Plymouth might be very inconvenient.

  • Regarding Akinfenwa, I think it will boil down to the role he's offered. Having spent much of last season and the beginning of this one as a substitute, he'll want to be somewhere he's guaranteed minutes and in a team whose tactics play to his strengths. I can see him staying for another season.

  • Interesting reading this thread through again in the light of the January transfer dealings. I'd say we're now likely to offer extensions to Wood, Bloomfield, Stewart and Pierre, while letting Bean and Freeman go. Akinfenwa has already confirmed he's staying and Muller has been given a new contract. The only real question-mark for me is Thompson - he's had a great week but will be able to do enough before the end of the season to justify a new deal with PCH, Kashket, Akinfenwa, Hayes, Southwell and Weston all signed up for at least another year?

    It's actually remarkable how settled the squad will be next season, which bodes well. Could mean a very quiet summer though with just the central defence (and keeper?) to sort out.

  • I'd missed Akinfenwa confirming he was staying, could you show me where that was?

  • @floyd It's in here...

    "I signed a one-year contract at Wycombe with the option of another 12 months on top, and that second year is about to kick in, so watch out – I’m around for another year, people!"

  • I doubt we will keep either Pierre or Stewart. But with Ainsworth who knows!

  • Thompson is 36 years old.

  • If we get promotion I think we could keep both stewart and pierre.

  • I think we will keep Stewart but Pierre may want to try his luck higher up the leagues. He has seen the success Alfie has had and obviously wants to follow that path. Promotion may just convince Pierre to give us one more year but after all, football is his job and if you can get more money and satisfy you ambitions elsewhere, then best of luck to him.
    Pierre has been superb for us and I can see him playing at Championship level. If he does go, I am sure we will all wish him well. The good thing though, is we have him until the end of this season at least, so I for one intend to enjoy that.

  • Is De Haviland out of contract in the summer?

  • 2018 for WDH.

    Do we expect GA to still be manager at end of August or will other opportunities prove too tempting?

  • Is it that time of the month already? The always popular 'Will Gareth still be manager' question from @DevC is as sure as death and taxes.

    Not to miss out on one of lifes institutions I would answer:-


  • If AH continues to support GA and with what is a good working relationship why not extend GA contract now and add another 5 years onto the existing contract. Would make financial sense for WWFC. The team GA has built up could well be his best next season so why miss out?

  • @Blue_since_1990 Not so sure Pierre will make it at Championship level myself. A very good "blocker at the back", of that there is no doubt. Still think he lacks the composure & distribution to be a force in the Championship. Would love him to prove me wrong though, as I for one don't underestimate his fantastic contribution to this football club.

  • There is no practical reason for extend Gareth's contract but there is a big reason for you starting this on a new thread rather than hijacking a perfectly good discussion on the rotation of the squad.

    For me Gareth needs to be a bit more cut throat and a bit less loyal when offering new deals. It was great he offered Wood and Bloomfield new deals and they have contributed this season but that was done as much out of loyalty as anything else. Thommo falls in to the same category this season. Stay with what you know or take a punt?

  • His pace is what makes him stand out as a player, not to downplay his other attributes. I love watching opposition attackers who are used to easily racing past centre backs get nowhere close.

    The assist against Exeter looked like a pretty decent touch in the highlights.

  • Big strong, dominant in air, pacy. Not too many attributes missing. Personally if he does leave WWFC in the summer, I would prefer him to go to a upwardly mobile LG1 team with whom he may progress to the Championship rather than perhaps being lost in an established Championship teams squads. trouble is looking at the table the three most obvious southern based teams are Oxford, Bristol Rovers and Plymouth (assuming they get promoted) - none of whom are exactly my favourites.

    For the record, Wood has not "offered" a new deal in the summer, he had a contractural right to one which he exercised. Bloomfield has proven his worth off and on the field this season again, perhaps Ainsworth is a better judge of which players deserve a new contract on merit than Righty.

    Clear strategy to offer longer contracts, I presume on the basis that the additional security results in a lower annual wage demand (i.e. player might sign a two year £50k contract when for a one year he would demand £60k). Puts a higher premium on getting that initial signing decision right but fortunately GA has proven to get far more right than wrong.

    GA future is entirely relevant to a thread on player contract extensions a) because if he is here, he will make the decisions and b) because it would appear to me at least that GA and his management style is a major influence in getting players perhaps a little out of our league to sign for us. If we lose him we may see the difference in terms of new players attracted.

  • So Pierre is definately going in the January transfer window and we're getting a new player on loan from Southampton. Have I missed anything?

  • @Wendoverman said:
    So Pierre is definately going in the January transfer window and we're getting a new player on loan from Southampton. Have I missed anything?

    Yes. The arrival of 'Ruth'

  • @bookertease I forgot about the return of Ruth. As did Ruth it seems.

  • The whole Ruth Rendell thing seems to be a bit of a mystery.

  • I would wish Pierre the best if he does get a move to the Championship. I hope he doesn't leave with the hope of a move to that level, that can backfire. Personally I don't think he is ready for the step up straight away. We have been blessed with quality centre halves over a few years and when you remember Mike Williamson he was mentally head and shoulders above his partners in defence. Whilst I think Pierre has the physical attributes he gets himself in the wrong position often and relies on his physical presence to get himself out of trouble. Alfie Mawson rarely showed this weakness.
    Maybe a higher level of coaching can help Pierre reach that level, I would hate from him to be at Northampton in 2 seasons time.

  • Stewart AND Pierre going would be a massive blow.
    Not sure if the reserve two would be a good enough replacement.

    However, they'd get their opportunity, which is what it's all about.

    On another note, Thompson cannot get a new deal. It feels a little like the Stevie Craig scenario, a couple of seasons working hard but plodding, with a tiny run of quality performances somehow influencing people in their fickle way.

    Paris, Kashket and Bayo are clearly the best 3 at this stage. Hayes will be here next year. Wood, Weston and Southwell presumably all still around.
    I can't see Thompson getting anywhere near it.

  • Agreed on Thompson, clearly tries hard, but not worth the money of an extension. Should part ways on good terms

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