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Tottenham priority ticketing structure



  • .@jonny_King If there is a typo it is more likely that they have not put a comment that states that "if you are also a S/T you cannot the purchase another 2 tickets on Monday the 23rd."

  • It doesn't make too much difference I suppose, but are they now saying the share people are more important than the season ticket holders? Albeit it for a few days until STH can get their 2.

    Roll on tomorrow, getting the ticket, and then forget all this posturing!

  • This looks like NEW INFORMATION regarding share scheme investors

  • The way I'm reading this email is that as a STH and a Share Investor, I can roll up on Thursday and get 3 tickets. That means Share investors' position has improved markedly - which is either an error or there's been a bit of pressure applied from investors, some of whom may be chucking in a fair few quid.

    Hopefully @DJWYC14 will pop in at some point to clarify?

  • @arnos_grove - I should think you are right...there was word of a good number of sign-ups on Saturday.

  • @arnos_grove BUT does that mean that as a Share scheme investor and a STH then if you rolled up on Monday 23rd for Window / Phase 3 that you could get yourself 4 tickets? Please do come and help us out here as you so often do @DJWYC14

  • Shareholders in any company are generally dealt with more favourably than customers, so hence the club's stance is correct in my view. By the way I am not a shareholder, only a STH.

  • I don't think it really matters. If you look at the numbers, it would take everyone in STH/SS/500/HSTH to buy two tickets to sell out by window 4. Given that a lot of STH will get their one in the first window, almost impossible I would say.

  • Do any mathematics students who post on here fancy modelling the probabilities for all outcomes? My head hurts!

  • @Bluegasbag Sounds like a wind-up to me. Are you reading the email correctly? Or maybe someone at the club made an error. As @Blue_since_1990 says it really doesn't sound right.


    It's a typo. Please see the twitter link from a conversation with another fan on twitter

  • @Bluegasbag That email of today was generated by EFL and is incorrect. Share Scheme investors still come under Phase 3 next Monday 23rd and the maths show that there will be plenty of tickets still available when Phase 3 opens.

  • I contacted Alan Cecil regarding the confusion for shareholders and received the following:
    "Matt has already contacted me about that and the EFL’s version is incorrect.
    Share Scheme investors still come under next Monday 23rd’s Phase 3."

    Hope this helps.

  • Anyone in the above groups who wants a ticket - 100% chance

    In fact there is only really a need for 2 windows. The Glaziers must have been behind the current arrangement.

  • I'm not taking any chances, i'm heading down to the ground to get first in the queue now!

  • Keeps the window cleaners busy though!

  • Shareholder info in the email confirmed by the club as an error. They can buy two, but only in window 3 and not in addition to their STH.

    I thought it seemed a bit too generous!

  • Sounds like you've been framed

  • Glad that is sorted. Now it would be good to do something for the people who cannot afford a season ticket or cannot afford to invest but have purchasing history for X home and away games this season.
    As I say, I am a half season ticket holder but I really feel for people who have supported the club throughout the season (home and away) but do not qualify for the first 3 phases.

  • @Blue_since_1990 Given an allocation of 4000, I do think that the Club would have been better off working out a priority system for the 'general sale' rather than one for people who will get tickets anyway

  • FAQ document now on club website

  • There's an element of who blinks first about this. Her indoors and I are STHs and we both work and have limited time at work to be on the phone. We would like to take our frIend and his daughter, both of whom have attended a few games for several seasons. His daughter is a keen club follower and I enjoy encouraging her. So if most STHs and investors buy in windows 1 and 2 then we may chance window 3. But if the other window 1 and 2 eligible think the same then window 3 may be overwhelmed. Perhaps we should throw our friends under the bus and go window 1 or 2? Such a dilemna...

    Will the club be issuing a daily count of tickets sold as that would make it easier to determine if a window 3 gamble will pay off? And I agree with calls for window 4 for three or more proven games attended or some such. I am aware of a few colleagues who have never seen us play and likely never will again who plan to be on the phone all day once general sale is open.

  • @Manboobs The FAQ put out doesn't really address the question as to why the club has ignored its own charter and excluded any sort of prioritisation based on ticket buying history. Lack of time does not really hold true when they could just as easily open window4 as planned but limit the sale to those that have been to even one game this season. My suggestion as to why they've not done this is firstly that they want to be sure they sell all the tickets and any prioritisation might hinder that plus they want it to be easy on the office staff, avoiding them having to manually check their database before every 'window4' ticket is sold.

  • Just got my tickets but really disappointed that only lower tier are being sold, Spurs told the club they have to sell out lower tier before selling upper. They are selling from ticket windows 1 to 3 (real windows!). If you want a row further back, go for window 3.

  • Poor from Tottenham that. I think we all have Lord John Russell PM to thank for repealing the window tax.

  • Just got mine, after a fair few calls and attempts to hang on!
    Presumed it'd be a lower-upper choice, but as Steve says, it's only a singing or not choice.

    Doesn't really matter i suppose, am in! With tickets hot property we can't get too pinickity

  • So season ticket holders get first go but only have half the options in terms of seat locations. Well done to the club for this additional season ticket benefit. You really do go out of your way to find new ways to make things interesting.

  • Very poor to allow Spurs to direct how we sell the tickets.

  • The only selling lower tier tickets is quite a vital piece of information. Ludicrous from the club for not sharing this....

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