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potential fixture chaos

I note that this year's FA Cup final is scheduled to take place on 27th May. This year's league 2 play off final is scheduled to take place on 28th May.

It's absolutely outrageous that Wycombe might be expected to play two such important matches in the space of 24 hours


  • Made my Monday.......dreams are great reality unfortunately is different.

  • Psh as if that's ever going to happen. We're nailed on for automatic promotion.

  • Interestingly Wycombe are 1000/1 to win the FA Cup at Ladbrokes, much shorter odds than Leicester were to win the Premier League last season!

  • I had noticed that @eric_plant, weirdly the L1 final this year coming a week before. Makes booking days off work difficult. Can book the whole weekend off but risk missing a re arranged play off final

  • Chuckled at this, but with 2 league away games to reschedule (at least), and 2 midweek aways already in Feb, and a packed March, we could have a right heavy schedule late on.

    Imagine if Tottenham amazingly went to a replay,or even us sneaking through how tough it'll be, and further progress in the Checkatrade.

    Good problem though

  • Obviously its extremely unlikely we will get though even against a weakened Tottenham side. But fixture congestion is rearing its head already, even worse if we got to the checkatrade thingy final.

    We are already committed to playing midweek on w/c 13/2 and 27/2. 20/2 may well be the Exeter game, if not playing in the checkatrade semis.

    6/3 is available, (Exeter if checkatrade semi played in feb or col u) then busy on w/c 13/3, colu w/c 20/3 if not played before.

    wcomm 25/3 could be first Tuesday free.

    Checkatrade final on 2/4 would create another Tuesday game which couldn't be w/comm 10/4 because of Easter.

    Throw in a coupe of weather postponements and could really become difficult.

  • Exeter game now scheduled for 31st Jan.

  • A trip down to Devon to play an inform side just 3 days after playing at White Hart Lane. Blimey...

  • In 93 we played 6 games in 10 days (5 in 7) and we won the double.

  • The Col U game has been scheduled in for 07/02 as well now (pending not winning v Mansfield, and no replay needed v Tottenham).

    Meaning 5 aways midweek in 6 weeks.

    Truly insane scheduling to bunch it in like that

  • @Malone You can hardly call Cup Fixtures "Scheduled" yes the date may be known but the draw decides the Home team.

  • I can call squeezing Exeter and Col U right amongst our current set "scheduled" though.

    Why not add in around in March/April.There would still be plenty of time to reschedule in the very unlikely event either was postponed. We play to the 6th May!

  • The league rules state that a cancelled game should be rearranged at the 'earliest reasonable opportunity'. So I guess it depends on what you define as 'reasonable'. Knowing the authorities then we've probably had to arrange them on the earliest available Tuesdays to fit in with that rule or face being fined or having them scheduled for us.
    Or it could be that the management decided to squeeze them in now so that there is a bit more breathing space at the tail end when the players really are starting to feel the effects of a long hard season.

  • Sounds like a vague suggestion like the FA's 15% 'rule'

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