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Tottenham priority ticketing structure



  • Would you prefer it to be known as a 'transfer phase' rather than a 'transfer window'? Or is it called that because new players have to enter their new club via said opening rather than a door?

  • To be honest, I just want to buy tickets during window/phase 3. I hope everyone of our supporters gets a ticket/S, season ticket holder or not. COYB!

  • it probably wouldn't be worth it as maybe only used once or twice a year but the club could offer a membership scheme. That way if you're not a season ticket holder you can become a member.

    1 point accumulated for a home game 2 points for an away game. You can accumulate points and people with the highest number get priority after ST holders.

  • Four windows you say...

  • I have read the clubs statement several times as I couldn't believe how badly worded it was. It is the easiest job in the world to be critical however the whole wording is confusing. As a season ticket holder I attend all matches. So far this season family members have got match day tickets via myself or paid on the gate. Please correct me if I am wrong but it appears that I would be better off waiting for windows four to open so that my family could be together. The policy could lead to any Tom, Dick or Man U fan getting a ticket before loyal fans!

    If my family bought a half season ticket tomorrow would they qualify for a Spurs ticket? What happened to the Clubs Charter re Cup ticket sales for fans on the data base please?

  • why don't they call it a "incredible extravaganza of magical dreams opening", instead of windows/phase.

    That might calm people down

    (seriously, people whinging about what they're calling the window/phase is truly pathetic"

  • Surely most people who have a season ticket, know/go with others who are too. So not like loads would have to wait to "Bring a mate", or risk going on their own!?

    But it does seem a little strange that if you are organised, and get your ticket sorted early, you're sort of penalised, that you thus only get 1. Whereas if you faff a little, you can then get 2.

    Surely it's usually the other way round?!

  • Anyone know if it's sit where you want when you get there?

  • @Aylesburyblue . when is it ever sit where you want in a sold out end!?

    That'd cause huge problems!

  • To be fair sit where you want would negate the need for the window 1/window 3 gamble

  • @TheChair window 3 you can buy 2 tickets as a STH so option to sit with a friend/ family.

    And yes if you buy a half ST that would put you in window 3.

    Not sure on any detail in Club's charter giving peiority to fans on database, but if it is there would appreciate you pointing me to it. Thought it was just to give priority to STHs.

    Just trying to help !

  • Could you imagine the carnage if it was sit anywhere?

    You'd have tonnes of people missing loads of the game trying to sort it all out!

  • It worked at Villa away and my section was full

  • England away games are all sit where you want and nearly always sold out. Works fine.

  • Sit where you want generally reduces capacity by 5-10%.

  • Villa wasn't sold out at all. That's not true.

    I'd be pretty surprised if there wasn't a rule that you can't do sit where you want in sold out games in this country.

  • Page 6 of 9 on the Wycombe Wanderers Official Site. Click on Club then Charter. Hope that helps.

  • Probably @Malone but as I say it works fine at England games. I guess it's just an unwritten rule now.

  • Thanks @TheChair - will flag this

  • so anybody can join the 500 club now and put themselves into Window 2 ????

  • Yes of course but will cost you ยฃ150 for the privilege of getting a slot in window 2.

  • yes but not all at once, its monthly.

  • I thought with you working at the club you would have a priority ticket anyway......

  • bet there is a massive load of people joining the 500 club and cancelling once they obtain a ticket.

  • Doubt it. Not all as shallow as you.

  • I bet you this happens, its wide open to abuse.

  • Accept priorities 1-3 (although not sure why 500 club is ahead of share save), but very disappointed if there are any tickets left there is no further priority before general sale and that then it's four per person too.

    Having moved away a few years ago, my season ticket / 15 plus away games a season days may be over, but still manage some games a season ( two home / five away so far this season) and am a trust member.

    Is it a potential time issue that has stopped a priority window for people who've been to X plus games this season, as seems a big jump between threshold for Windows 1-3 to 4?

  • Not really. Once you sign up you have committed to making all payments and club can enforce debt against you.

    Besides you would have to be an immoral twat.

  • My reading is that all Windows will be available at the same. Window 4 ( general Sales will probably be delayed until after the Luton Game , when it is likely that all those who Qualify for the early windows will have claimed their tickets. If they intend to issue in Phases, I would have expected the Club to say just that. It would be crazy to expect STH in the Share Scheme and also 500 Club Members to wait for 2 days before they could buy a ticket.

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