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  • so if we take the 4,800 then that leaves plenty outside of the number, I think it will be 1 per season ticket holder though.

  • I'd be really surprised if it's only 1...

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    As an ex-season ticket (two years ago) holding northern-based fan who goes to the games that are remotely possible (all over the Christmas period, early season fixtures etc) I can't help but feel a tad nervous about my chances of guaranteeing tickets for this until Spurs can be kind and confirm us a generous helping of tickets....

  • If the allocation is around 4k 1 per season ticket would be the right thing to do.

  • I have a season ticket that works out at a loss for me every season. I'm too far away to make every game but I buy one precisely because of fear of this situation. Despite that, I can see no reason why I should be able to get more than one ticket for this match.

  • I should be allowed 7 or 8 I reckon.

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    Why would that be the right thing? I think a lot of season ticket holders buy tickets for others regularly. I agree they shouldn't be allowed 4/5/6 like in previous ties, but 2 per ST seems reasonable if it's 4.8k allocation

  • At last week get a glamour tie!

  • Two tickets per STH could take up nearly all the allocation - that would seem a bit unfair. A friend of a STH is no more deserving than a punter who shells out regularly (or semi-regularly) for their own ticket.

    I'll be very surprised if it's more than one per STH.

  • We'll see, having like 30 tickets sold through my season ticket already this season I'd be annoyed if I can't get one for a mate.

    Hopefully spurs will give us more than the minimum so less people are left out

  • Let's hope so, but not really sure why your non STH mate should get priority over someone else with a ticket record. After all, they've not made any significant commitment to the club.

  • If we are going to prioritise 500 club contributors then we should prioritise share scheme investors as well

  • They would have a decent ticket history if it wasn't just easier for me as a ST holder to pick them up as I'm at every game/am local.

    There'll be losers whichever way it's done.

    If all ST holders/ share scheme/ 500 club members are allowed two then that'd like be around 4000, maybe 3500. You'd have to think that most ST holders would take along a Wycombe supporter if they brought a second ticket / someone who would have a decent attendance record?

  • What a draw! And I should be back in the U.K. that weekend too. Am coming back to blighty that week for the Luton and c*lu games but this would be a nice alternative. Trust member, share scheme and 500 club but no sth this year..... :( due to living Abroad.

    Might have to call in some favors.....

  • It's the right thing to do @Username because it allows people who don't have season tickets but do have a booking history to also buy tickets. It's the norm at pretty much every "big club". STH, members, general sale. Simple really.

  • STH, Gasroom posters, general sale

  • It's a bit different at big clubs when allocations are normally way smaller than number of season ticket holders.

  • @Username If you've been buying additional tickets I'd expect you to qualify twice in the allocation, i.e. one ticket as a STH and another (or more?) as someone with a buying history. What's wrong with that?

  • That sounds good to me, but I've never noticed that been done before unfortunately.

    Waiting game now!

  • Having contributed to the 500 initiative I don't think they should get any priority. It was never positioned that way (as far as I'm aware) and not everyone is in a position to contribute on top of the cost of the ticket & travel etc. It wouldn't feel right if those paying into the 500 club were perceived to 'buy' a place at the front of the queue.

  • "If we are going to prioritise 500 club contributors then we should prioritise share scheme investors as well" agree with John Malone as a long distance supporter I get to as many games as possible and contribute to the share scheme to show continued support for WWFC.

  • Can you imagine the "outrage" if season ticket holders get 2 each.
    I can see it now
    "i can only do 1 game a season, but i'm as big a fan as those who have season tickets" etc etc

    It's going to be enteraining.

    ps @DevonBlue . Don't get me mixed up with @JohnnyAllAlone :-)

  • @DevonBlue said:
    "If we are going to prioritise 500 club contributors then we should prioritise share scheme investors as well" agree with John Malone as a long distance supporter I get to as many games as possible and contribute to the share scheme to show continued support for WWFC.

    Agreed. The share scheme does appear to be the poor relation of the 500 club these days. If any priority is given to 500 club contributors it must be extended to share scheme investors, who are essentially committing over a 5 year period.

    I know of a few long distance supporters who contribute in that way. It was my thinking too before I went back to having a ST.

  • I see its started already, the mad dash and scramble to get a ticket for this game. Whichever way the club does this they are going to be subjected to moaning and complaints from the unlucky ones. A lose lose situation for the club.

    The overiding policy should always be, and I think looking at other clubs polices, is that those people who have shown commitment to support the team, either home OR away should always take priority over those people who suddenly remembered they went to a game about five years ago and "Always look out for the results on a Saturday afternoon"

    Lets ALL calm down and wait until a) the actual date is known b) the actual number of tickets available and c) How the club intend to sell.

    I'd like to hope that Spurs might be generous enough to perhaps give us a few more than our entitlement to help us maximise our returns from this game.

  • gives a good indication of the BBC's first thoughts. Man Utd v Wigan is bound to be their live game.

  • That has the look of a real giant killing game.....obviously the catering is better at Old Trafford than WHL. Remember that most of the BBC is now based about a mile from Old Trafford these days which might explain a great deal...!

  • It certainly is a lose-lose situation for the club. If they were to give season ticket holders 2 tickets per person, I would be one of many non-ST holders this year who would be very disappointed. However, they'd have 1,600 or so delighted ST holders.

  • We are all excited and see it as a glamorous game. To judge its suitability for TV take that out of the equation and pretend its Tottenham v Mansfield. Feels unlikely to me especially as Tottenham were one of the live games in Rd 3.

    Re tickets Pete is right, there is probably demand for 8000, supply of 4000. Many inevitably are going to be disappointed. I would love to go, I understand I am correctly a low priority. Feels to me season tickets (1 per ticket) then 500 club and share scheme, then be mercenary, you have to have a Yeovil ticket stub for this weekend.

  • BT Sport have one objective, to attract as many viewers as possible, particularly overseas. A match featuring Man U or Liverpool will attract more viewers (and therefore advertisers) so that's why they always feature, even when they have home ties against lower league teams. Man City and Arsenal, being away, have to be prime candidates to be televised too, and maybe Leicester. Tottenham will be considered but seems unlikely.

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