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Match day thread: Stourbridge



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    I was impressed with their work rate. They closed us down from the first minute to the last, won every second ball and played some decent football. I think we got lucky.

    Also, hats off to their fans. Especially for pointing out the flare chucker to the stewards and chanting "wanker, wanker" at him. Classy touch by Gaz at the end too, walking over to the away end to applaud their fans before doing anything else.

  • It didn't feel it at the time, but it really was a terrific cup tie. Stourbridge were fantastic, the better side in the 1st half and even in the 2nd after we'd improved, they still pushed us all the way. I think they were unfortunate not to get a draw at least and fully deserved the standing ovation from all sides of the ground at the end. The ref was indeed very irritating, we didn't seem to get a thing out of him all afternoon and the amount of soft free kicks he gave them allowed them to continually get balls into our box.

    Stourbridge will rightly get the plaudits, but it's a great achievement for us to reach the 4th round for only the 2nd time ever. I'd be happy with any Prem or Championship side in the next round.

  • Really decent cup tie. Impressed with their number 10 and the throw on the number 4 - wow! Although I'm sure he was drying the ball with a Wycombe flag throughout the second half?? Who allowed that to happen?

    Great atmosphere from both sets of supporters. On to round 4!

  • @Gary we all found it amusing that a lot of throw ins were from where the 'towel' was lying. Agree about GA's reaction at the end. Good work.

  • Yes noticed the towels..I thought that got stopped years ago..

  • Not a classic game but somehow still a classic cup tie (if that's possible). Stourbridge certainly did themselves proud, including the supporters - minus the cretin who through the flare. Hopefully they can make him pay the FA fine that's coming their way.
    Stourbridge probably the better team 1st half and always looked like they could score a scruffy equaliser from the thorw-ins. To be honest they will feel disappointed they didn't get a draw.
    That said we might well feel we should have scored a third, certainly we had some chances which, on another day, we might have converted.

    As always, though, it's the final score that counts. 2-1 COYB.

  • We were lucky today, a lot of folk are kidding themselves if they think we deserved that. But happy days, let's hope for a big draw on Monday

  • I agree with a lot of what's been said already. We were lucky to win in the end and Stourbridge really had us worried. Equally though, it was a really hard game for us to exert ourselves on and getting into the fourth round is a huge achievement for us. We should all be extremely proud tonight, no matter how fortunate we were.

    Moreover though, I mainly wanted to acknowledge the Stourbridge fans who were fantastic throughout. I genuinely think the roar when they scored is the loudest I've ever heard from the away end - I had goosebumps. All the best to them for the future.

  • I really enjoyed today, from walking up Hillbottom Road with the Stourbridge fans, past the away fans marquee and avoiding the queue for the Vere Suite. Atmosphere during the whole game was fantastic, applause for Glenn Fyrth was heart warming. The only difference was the quality of JJs cross and the Beasts perfect finish. Hopefully the extra fans will have seen enough to return next Saturday. Looking forward to the draw Monday evening. I don't care who we get in the next round.

  • Can't believe they had the cheek of using one of our flags to dry the ball!

    Baz wasn't standing for it. He sloped over there, took it away and gave it to a steward!

    And who could fail to notice the boards brought half way in again!!
    Ball boys had to sit the other side of the boards, one time, the ball boy refusing to get a ball that was about 10cm in front of him!

  • Would have thought gaz watched them and noticed they like to throw the ball into the box so needed to restrict the run ups..

  • Stourbridge were absolutely excellent. As well as getting stuck in and doing the sort of things you'd expect from a non league team in the 3rd round, they also played some tidy football around the box and created plenty of chances. On balance a replay may have been about right.

    As other have mentioned, it was a proper cup tie. Excellent atmosphere and a really enjoyable intensity to the whole game.

    Special mention for Stourbridge's supporters as well, who were superb. As we eventually won, I'm pleased they got their goal!

    Liverpool or United away in 4th round please.

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    Anfield or old Trafford please. Or even st James's park.

  • I think a draw would probably have been about right in the end but happy days we edged it. Atmosphere superb, a proper FA Cup tie. Stourbridge fans were superb and I loved their banner at the start.

    I spoke to a few of them at the station after the game and they all said what a great day out they'd had. Good work from Chiltern Railways laying on extra trains too.

  • I thought we were very lucky and that the better side lost. Stour played some cracking stuff as opposed to us who just hoofed it to Akinfenwa. Belting game though, but dire ref, must have given about 80% of decisions in their favour

  • I actually did wonder if Wycombe might close up shop with 10 mins to go and try for a draw like last years game against Villa. Glad they didn't as Stourbridge looked well capable.

  • They wanted it more, and seemed to be first to every ball, but we always looked more likely to score - more than once, anyway.

    None the less, we couldn't reasonably have complained if they'd snatched a win (which they might well have done even without the assistance of the referee. They were in our face in the best possible way).

    All credit to them. Classic cup-tie.

    Now hopefully for a London premiership side away, lots of money, out we go - and back to the real priority, which is building on the Gape signing, keeping PCH, getting a bit of extra midfield cover in the transfer period, and gaining automatic promotion.

  • Stourbridge were a decent side and gave a fantastic account of themselves and their league

    Don't give me any of this 'they wanted it more' nonsense though. It's quite simply not true.

  • I'd just like to thank WWFC on behalf of the eight of us Glassboys fans in my group who visited today, for their hospitality, the cracking FA cup tie and the kind words about our players and fans.

    I'd also like to apologise for the toe rag with the flare and assure you that he was most certainly not one of us. In fact a little digging has found out that he is actually a Bluenose Zulu wannabe and it's a cert that he won't be showing up at our place again.
    He will however be visiting Wycombe again on the 30th.

  • Thank you to everyone at Wycombe for their warm welcome today - from fans to stewards all were friendly and other than the flare throw there wasn't the hint of any trouble and it is such a shame one idiot spoilt it - I was a bit worried about the fan behaviour pre-match given the size of the away following but in fact all but one behaved absolutely impeccably.

    What a change it makes to hear Gareth Ainsworth make such nice pre and post match comments - last time we played Stevenage and Graham Westley was an arse and made very disparaging comments, so that was very much appreciated.

    The game was very close fought and could have gone either way but that little bit of quality in the ball into the box was the difference. I thought our performance was superb and I'm glad we got a goal to celebrate like mad! Shan't forget that in a hurry.

    Best of luck in the next round and for the rest of the season - a double promotion would be nice come May!!

  • There were a lot of relieved people in South Bucks yesterday evening! Stourbridge would have been worthy winners, they came to AP to play football and caused us more problems than the vast majority of 4th division teams.
    I hope all the Stourbridge fans had a safe journey back, and a good amount of those who went keep going more regularly, they surely have potential to play a few leagues higher.

  • Great game. Really enjoyed it.

    One thing that annoyed me was towards the end of the game the ball went in to the valley end and was caught by one of our fans, when the Stourbridge keeper asked for the ball back he proceeded to abuse the keeper making all manner of gestures and kept hold of the ball. Another Wycombe fan wrestled the ball from him and threw it back to the keeper, as he wanted to see a game of football.

    I applaud that fan. Unfortunately he was then given a load of abuse by the very same fan.


  • Yesterday was why we all love the FA Cup.
    The nervous anticipation leading up to the game.
    A great crowd, with both sets of supporters urging their team on.
    Some goals celebrated as though they had won the FA Cup.
    Finger nails being bitten at the end as Wycombe hung on to their lead.
    One team ultimately going home disappointed
    Both sets of supporters staying behind at the end to applaud both sets of players.

    There is a lot in football which I despair at, yesterday though was all about what is good about the game, and why I support Wycombe and not some premiership big knobs.

    4th round bring it on.

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    @Wheresthechips , from a distance, it looked like Chris P was amongst it, and might have been him that did the right thing. Well done to the man.
    Think I could recognise the fan doing the abuse too..tall bald guy in white?

  • @malone I don't think the bald fella held on to the ball, it was a younger lad at the front. However I did also see that lad in the white jacket having verbals with someone else, Not sure what that was about. That aside I thought it was a very fair and enjoyable cup tie!

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    Yep, doing that against a team 7 divisions lower is just embarrassing, much like the chaps haircut #bantz #old

    Three surely? I thought they were in the 7th tier.

  • They deserved a draw...though I'm relieved they did not get it. Anyone else think PCH and JJ had a poor game? Once JJ told Pierre to leave a ball and their forward nipped in and ran in on goal.

  • JJ produced the best moment of quality in the whole game and saved us a very tricky looking replay

  • At least we looked more able on the left than Sido & PCH on the right. The 7 & 10 for Stourbridge were handful and the number of times that we fouled them was worrying at times. A good cup game against a team who had a good go.

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