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Danny Rowe and Michael Harriman

Danny Rowe wasn't on the bench yesterday. Does anybody know if he's injured or just not selected?

Also do we know the extent of Harriman's injury?


  • We had a full bench so it was probably either him or Bloomfield.

  • Danny Rowe came round to the Woodland lounge with Jamal Blackman yesterday on one of the regular meet and greet tours, including Executive Boxes, but the conversation on our table was inevitably mainly with the colossus that is Jamal Blackman so didn't get a chance to enquire after Danny's fitness. One or two on here have rather unkindly referred to Danny unfavourably in comparison with Dominic Gape but we have seen so little of him this season that I think those sort of judgements are a little premature. I seem to recall that he put in a superb performance at Fratton Park last season, for example, and I think he will become an excellent central midfielder, both defensively and in a more attacking role where his height could enable him to put in the kind of performances that we saw from Peter Murphy when he first arrived.

    Jamal seemed confident that he would be OK by the weekend; Michael Harriman has a groin injury. Groin injuries can take a long time to heal - ask Myles Weston - so my guess is that Sido may be playing for quite some time. He is always entertaining with his very individual approach to defending and his flair and you're never quite sure what you're going to get (as we saw yesterday!).

  • @micra - agreed, Harriman is a straight up & down attacking full-back. Jombati plays a different game altogether, great to watch though. And those free-kicks are always handy to have up your sleeve.

  • I love Sido and he's so entertaining to watch, but I do have to hold my breath at times when he's climbing all over the back of an attacker when he's trying to shepherd them out of the danger area. There were a couple of occasions on Saturday when I thought all it needed was the Newport player to go over and the ref would have given a penalty.

  • I think Sido is exceptionally unfortunate to be out of the team so often, and although Harriman being injured is unfortunate it's the one part of the back 4 we can very comfortably deal with.

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