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Record Signing?

Question for you all: who is our record signing, and how much did we pay? I'm assuming it's someone from the early 2000's (Faulconbridge maybe?) but was a bit too young then to remember the details... Thanks in advance!


  • Faulconbridge came on a free

    I don't think we've ever paid more than 200k, which we've done twice. Sean Devine and Darren Currie

  • We paid around 100k for Roberts. In fact, wasn't it a really odd figure, like £102,500 or something like that? He was valued at far more at the time, but Swansea were in financial trouble then and Sanchez took advantage.

  • Currie and Devine from Barnet for 200k are our record purchases. Didn't we once pay 150k to Barry Fry for Ruth Rendell!?

  • How about John Williams from Coventry? Wasn't that in the region of £250K?

  • What did we pay for Steve McGavin ?..i'm sure it was a 6 figure sum.

  • I always thought it was Devine but could be wrong.

  • Didn't we pay a lot more for Nathan Tyson than everyone thought at the time?

  • £250,000 for devine

  • Wasn't Tyson's fee diluted by Simon Church going the other way?

  • No @bigred87 it was 200k for Devine

    140k for both Tyson and McGavin

  • 200k Devine. What a finisher he was !

  • I believe we payed 120/125k for Rendell. The deal for Tyson included Church, Scott Davies and I believe another youth player called Steve Brown(!) who later vanished without trace.

  • I thought it was 250k for Devine too, as the Scott to Reading for 250k seemed a ridiculous favourable tradeoff.

    Roberts seemed like a bargain, as Swansea had "apparently" valued him miles higher in the years before, but we "stole" him for 100k+, only for Sanchez to mismanage him into local league football.
    Currie for 200k that same summer, after we'd originally tried to bid "all the available money" for Ellington.

    Tyson seemed like a bargain, with a casual comment about " a few youth team players" from us to Reading balanced in.
    And then we found out it was the likes of Church, that ginger kid who was sensational first time round, and maybe even a keeper whose name i forget who subsequently went onto the Premier league too"

    Making it, very much not a bargain in the slightest. Albeit still a terrific player forus, and sold for 750-850k type arena?

  • Alex McCarthy was the goalie I think

  • I think Keith Allen himself later confirmed that Alex McCarthey wasn't part of the Tyson deal and was a separate transfer that just happened to take place around the same time. I think the gist of it was, our youth team GK coach moved to Reading and McCarthy wanted to follow him and so a deal was arranged between the two clubs. I think we got a small fee for him and possibly got a nominal sell on fee when he was sold to Palace.

  • Who was the ginger kid?

  • That boy certainly didn't succeed in the game..lower non league footy now.

  • edited December 2016

    yes, apologies, @Jonny_King , with the knowledge that had temporarily escaped my old man's brain.

    First time on loan he was superb at times, ridiculous distance goals, sheer quality.
    Second time round, distinctly unfit and average.

    Thank goodness we never paid the huge fee they were asking.

    I wouldn't be too quick to write him off as having a lack of "success" though. I've heard whispers he's actually on more in the non leagues than we pay a lot of our players in league 2!

  • Ah yes, he looked a completely different player didn't he.

    He recently admitted to a severe gambling addiction, which possibly could have contributed to his relatively sudden plunge down the divisions.

  • Yeah that certainly won't have helped, but surely an attitude issue thrown in the mix as well.
    Shame though, as i'm sure we were a bit of a crap team, and his loan spell energised us.
    Reminded me a bit of Emblen coming in way before that.

  • John Williams from Coventry for £150,000. One of our biggest and, for me, most disappointing signings. Terrible

  • Yes spends his spare time in the bookies quite a bit..played against Aylesbury fc in a friendly couple of seasons back and believe he was on 1k a week.

  • Oh Johnny Johnny, Johnny Johnny Johnny, Johnny Williams

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