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  • edited December 2016

    Why is it a sorry end to 150 years? There'll be a game next week

  • @peterparrotface Don't know much about it, but I believe they're having difficulties with their owner and some Spirites fans fear for the club's future. Sad if that is indeed the case and wish the club and fans well.

  • I thought the comment from Wilson about us being a big physical side was interesting. I know he not a man of stature himself but JJ, Harriman, Gape, O'Nein, Bloomfield and Kashket can hard be described as big and physical.

  • Does it count as racist if you star out the word 'black' when referring to Bayo as a 'Big Fat B.... C...' (I censored the c-bomb), a tweet found from a Spirite who also wasn't pleased that the BBC recognised our good week. I watched the Black v White documentary last week and it mentioned the racism for the most part has left the terrace for twitter.

  • A lot of the Chesterfield fans seem to love Akinfenwa. I was sceptical when we signed him but fair play to him he's proved me wrong.

  • @niebieski Just to be clear. You didn't find that comment/tweet featured in our article.

  • Absolutely not @Vital. I like looking at some follow up tweets/messages and if one stands out for good or bad reasons, I look at other stuff from the same user.

  • @niebieski you shouldn't even have to be asking yourself the question. Of course it's still a racist comment. I hope you've reported it to Twitter.

  • @Aloysius, it was more of a dig at the mentality of someone thinking that self-censoring the word made it an OK statement! It has been reported and a screen grab made just n case. Although I'm sure the 'I was only being descriptive' defence will come out.

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