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Half Time Penalties

It looks like the club are bringing back the Half Time Penalty Shootout but as a competition now:

I know my son still loves the fact he took part in one, even though it's got to have been 8 years ago!


  • Great news. We are the only club to win Family Club of the Year two years running and I really think this played a large part in it. It helps establish affinity with the town and gets young supporters in to watch WWFC.

  • Excellent news.

  • First glance reaction - great idea
    Second glance reaction - ooh charging £250 per team seems a bit heavy
    Third glance reaction - ah yes but that includes admission for 25 people in total including kids. That seems fair.

    So overall thumbs up from me, with one caveat.

    As well as kids, I have long thought that we should be targeting those 18-30 year olds playing in the local leagues too. Assuming they don't play at 3pm on Saturdays, I wonder if a similar promotion - pay £500 for 20 tickets, ten guys take a penalty in the real goal at either end might get some of that key agegroup interested in WWFC again. Surely that wouldn't damage the pitch too much - could even do it at say 2.30 pre game if time limited. could even set it up as a knockout tournament?

  • The away fans loved it as well, adds to the welcome atmosphere the club is so good at off field

  • Pleased with this news, in terms of both the club engaging with potential future supporters and because I like watching it.

  • It's always a good measure of the quality of the away fans too. I remember Bradford fans cheering every penalty, scored or not, and Port Vale (I think) silent throughout.

  • Actually I find the format of taking multiple unlimited penalties in five minutes at either end quite hard to follow or engage with. But then its not really about the supporters, more the kids.

    Do remember a member of the opposition staff (Witton Albion?) who had always wanted to take a penalty taking one at half time in front of the home AP terrace with a huge smile on his face and an even huger wobbling belly to much good natured abuse even more so when he failed abjectly.

  • Make the OAPs take penalties I say. Earn their discount the scrounging gits

  • Not a bad idea. Would have to leave their bulging wallets somewhere though.

  • Might even find a "hidden gem" to sign.

    Then again maybe not.

  • Hidden gem...? From among the pensioners...?

    Really glad it's coming back - but isn't £10 per ticket for kids more than it costs for them to attend as juniors? £250 seems slightly steep.

  • I was meant to be quoting DevC's ealier post and was referring to the 18-30 year olds, but the quote didn't work for me.

  • Over 80s football at half time would be a wonderful thing

  • £250 does at first glance seem a lot, but I am not an expert on pricing of such activities. Time will tell whether the price has been pitched correctly: If not enough teams come forward to fill the available slots, then price is too high; too many teams to fill the available slots, then price is too low; just enough teams, price just right.

  • With the price, there's usually a fair few adults going too, coaches, managers, parents, so there's a few adult tickets in there too. It's harsh that only 11 get picked but that's the real world, get used to it! Maybe it's an early 'GA's Life Academy' lesson.

  • 5 minutes is pushing it a bit!

  • What have oaps done to you you miserable sods don't forget you might be one someday heaven fotbid ,I notice it's the usual clever clogs!!!.

  • Watching half time penalties will be preferable to the dire fair we are currently subjected to

  • At least with the under 9 pens we'll see a few goals. I'll pay the £250 for an over 80s half time penalty comp.

  • am surprised no one has said scrap the actual game and just extend the kids pens!

  • @brittanywanderer That whooshing sound you can here is an in-joke going over your head.

  • We did have some hot air balloons pass overhead this evening Perhaps it was in one of them.

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