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The future of our season



  • @trevor. For Pierre, with less than a year left on his contract, I wonder if 200k is as outrageously low as you make it sound.

    I don't think he's going anywhere this summer, I wouldn't be surprised if we keep him for the season and then it's a real lotto if we even get out 200k!

  • no loyalty in football anymore

  • @trevor said:
    no loyalty in football anymore

    True. And that includes certain supporters.

  • Loyalty in the face of potential impending disaster is the way of lemmings. The 'just keep on being positive and it'll all be all right in the end' school is the school of the deluded. You wouldn't continue eating in a restaurant if it started serving up shit sandwiches, nor would you patronize a shop that took your money, spat in your face and chased you out the door empty handed. There are significant numbers feeling the same way about Wycombe Wanderers at present. Why should we have faith in a management set-up that, off the field, is opaque and defensive, and on the field has been rumbled by every other team in the division. Wake up; get to grips with an unpalatable reality. The product is failing; the income is diminishing and given the current trajectory, WWFC is heading for the abyss. The direction of travel can change, but won't do so if 2,000 deluded saps (myself among them) stand by and say nothing.

  • @leapfrog; another good post, hit the nail on the head.

  • There are always the don't dare to moan super deluded, but then there's always the love to moan about anything types.
    You always need a balance to everything.

    Personally I'm holding out a bit longer before talking about "impending disaster". I want to see if we're able to play any better with the wingers, O Nien and Hayes on the pitch.

    Clearly, getting 3 of the 4 together for a game is going to be a right mission, but if we can I expect us to pick up pretty sharpish.

    This is all on the hope that 3 of the 4 aren't out a lot longer than the club have kept quiet on

  • I don't think the problem lies wholly with Gareth.

    At the end of the day he can only work within the Budget allocated to him by the Chairman.

    As I understand it we have a lower quartile budget compared to other League 2 Clubs and that is reflected by what we are seeing on the pitch.

  • All these posts about a creative midfielder are nonsense. You're mad if you think one addition to the squad will change our season, what if they get crocked in their first match as seems to be de rigueur these days?

  • The style of football is not solely governed by the budget. We are consistently losing playing shit hoof it football so we might as well try and play more attractively. We will be no worse off points wise and the punters will at least get some entertainment. We might veven win the odd game!

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    @drcongo said:
    All these posts about a creative midfielder are nonsense. You're mad if you think one addition to the squad will change our season, what if they get crocked in their first match as seems to be de rigueur these days?

    Who was you referring too? as I said Saunder'ess (Creative) midfielder and a Mawson type Centre back to bring the ball out, (makes it two) so if we don't get any personal in, because we are skint, and ok, say for arguments sake, one additional player, your saying it shouldn't change our season.

    What do you propose? as game after game is producing the same results, and we will be stuck with what we got (our squad) in a few days for 5 months.

    You feeling lucky @drcongo?

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    We don't need new players. All we need is a strong central midfield, confident on the ball, that Ainsworth tells his defenders to pass short to and they will do the rest. I would like to see Bean dropped, Rowe given the defensive midfield role and McGinn given attacking midfield, with license to spread the ball intelligently to the wings or the front two. When O'Nien is ready he can challenge McGinn for that role, or maybe even use both in a 451, with O'Nien going box to box or as an auxiliary striker.

    The most frustrating thing for me with Ainsworth is that he has a great eye for promising young players, then fails to field them for most of the season (Rowe, McGinn), plays them out of position and in a system that sees the ball pass over their heads.

    I understand why defenders like playing with Bean as he is brilliant as scurrying about to protect them but my heart sinks whenever he's on the teamsheet as most balls that go through him are lost through poor distribution. Combined with hoofing from full backs and Pierre and it's no wonder our creative players are starved of service. When Bean and Bloomfield both start it's time to go home before the match begins.

    It would be so easy for Ainsworth to put this right. Select midfielders comfortable on the ball and tell defenders to have the confidence to play it short to them. Let the players play and show us all what they're capable of. We could transform this season just like that.

  • @drcongo said:
    All these posts about a creative midfielder are nonsense. You're mad if you think one addition to the squad will change our season, what if they get crocked in their first match as seems to be de rigueur these days?

    When O'Nien is back we'll be fine.

  • What I find amazing is that in every interview, Ainsworth talks about wanting to get the ball on the floor and play football, yet he can't deliver. It's like they just aren't doing what he tells them too, especially odd if you think about the pass and move football we played at times in the Play-Off final season.

  • The worst thing is you need to go back to November 2014 when we came from behind to win a league game (I think). It shows that we just don't create enough chances or have much confidence that we'll score.

    Personally I'd also like Rowe to play a holding role and push our full backs higher up the pitch. This should provide more options when we are on the ball. Then play better ball players like Freeman, O'Nien or McGinn in midfield who are comfortable on the play.

    We also need to get back to pressing teams like we did a couple of seasons back.

  • Once on the pitch irrespective of budget you have what you have I think we have good player's who are more than capable to deliver but as soon as the game starts it's more like come dancing with game changes. I'm glad the red arrows aren't managed like that!.

  • I voted for Gorman in the 2nd best manager poll, despite others winning more honours or taking us further in cup competitions. While Gorman was in charge, tickets would have been great value at twice the price as almost every match was a joy to watch, win or lose.

    It's very hard for a lot of people to justify paying any amount of money to watch endless turgid defeats and scraped draws, let alone justify the time it takes out of one's weekend.

    I can see only a couple of ways out of this short of a change at the top. 1) start playing the best players in their best positions. 2) Bring someone in to help Ainsworth, maybe by reminding him every week as he's selecting the team to play the best players in their best positions.

  • Personally I say that the key to success in this division is a mix of pragmatism - scrapping and physicality - and ability - as in actually playing football when you can.

    We will scrap and battle till the cows come home, but that's like having every meal you ever eat be nothing but Weetabix.

    Even Peter Taylor's utterly dull grindball - which was often excruciating to watch, shit early goal plus 70 minutes of parking the bus - brought wins. At the moment we're getting all the grim faced scrapping and lack of flair, but not the results. Not a good combination.

    We do have players out, O'Nien is a big loss, and PCH and Weston are obviously intended to provide attacking creativity also.

    I think there needs to be some serious improvement before Christmas though, and I'm not sure where it's going to come from at present.

  • The only upside is that, from what we saw in the Play-Off season, I do think GA can get the best out of his signings this summer. It's his own fault for bringing in notably injury-prone players, but I think his brand of lump-and-chase will do well with Weston, PCH, Hayes and Southwell.

  • @drcongo Gorman was also given a far greater budget to play with (especially inflation adjusted). I would like to think that Ainsworth would be able to fashion a watchable and successful team with that sort of budget.

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    'felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas' as my old Latin master would say

  • @ReadingMarginalista not so sure of your logic. Peter Taylor had a decent budget and "watchable" wasn't the first word that came to mind under him

  • Have to agree with @PBo you put up with a lot when you're winning but it's not looking good at the moment. I am still optimistic...but they already have my money.

  • @perfidious_albion said:
    'felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas' as my old Latin master would say

    Happy the man who understands the underlying problem (cause)??

  • @bookertease Peter Taylor has nothing to do with the point I was making. The point was pondering what the chances would be that Ainsworth's team would play more pleasing football if he had the budget to bring in the requisite players.

  • @micra said:
    Happy the man who understands the underlying problem (cause)??

    V good Micra, 'fortunate is he who can understand the causes of things' Virgil 'Georgics' no2, 1 409

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