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We've got O'nien

Are we really going with this? Seems like Sweet Luke O'Nien was our only original song. Could we not find another two syllable midfielder to attach this to? (Freeman, McGinn, The-Bean)?


  • Quite a few people were singing "This old heart O'Nien" by the Isley Brothers as well.

  • "Sweet Child O'Nien"

  • LX1LX1
    edited August 2016

    I was not concentrating properly, but I'm sure I heard the family stand singing 'Luke into your heart, With a positive mind
    Take self inventory of your woman and your glory

    Leave the bad things behind (ooh)
    Everybody's got a story (yes they do)
    About love and the good things
    But for the spices of your life
    You got to pay the price

    If you know what I mean (ooh yeah)
    Telling everybody, out loud
    How a girl becomes some proud
    When thought there was nothing left
    I do believe I found myself

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