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Management 101

I've said it before about football management, the basics aren't that difficult. You choose a formation based on your squad or you build a squad based on your preferred formation.

GA repeatedly failed to do that last season so we had the summer to address either position. He seems to have done neither. How many players were out of position today in a 4-3-3? 3 or 4? Considering we had the squad to do 4-3-3 if that is what was wanted why not pick those? Or even better go 4-4-2 which the squad looks set up for?



  • It's disappointing that most of the biggest criticisms of Ainsworth last season: that he didn't get the right players for the formation he played, the team resorted to hoof ball as soon as they came under pressure, gamesmanship was being pushed further than it should go... none of these seem to have been addressed.

    But at this stage I'm mostly worried about how we train our players. They were all reporting that pre-season training was 'intense' - were they worked too hard without sufficient recovery time? Were they thrust in to the deep-end too quickly? Given we have a small squad with many of our key players either coming to the end of their careers or injury-prone, I really hope Ainsworth's desire for a high-pressing, all-or-nothing, aggressive team hasn't pushed them too hard too early, causing what could now be one of the worst injury crises of his time in charge. I don't care if we can only name a 14-man squad on Tuesday - but if that's the situation next Saturday as well we will really be in trouble.

  • Go along with all of that @aloysius.

  • with O'Nien and Weston added to the injury list, there were a few others that looked short of fitness too (e.g Pierre starting despite being doubtful earlier in the week). At this rate Ainsworth is going to need to reprise his benchwarmer role before long.

  • I can't understand playing wingers in a front three. Square pegs in round holes.

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