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  • Wow very very harsh on Pierre and bean.

  • Very strange ratings which in know way reflect the actual game.

  • Tough scores. Interesting that Thompson has jumped ahead of Jacobson for captaincy. Was O'Nien taking free kicks before he went off (I heard mention of at least one in the commentary)? Might be worth giving him a chance to take corners, given how accurate he is in all these training ground competitions.

  • Harsh on Bean. It was his standard performance. Can break up play well, but given any time, at all - in the planet, galaxy, universe, with the whole pantheon of time from the Big Bang to the probably end of time in a Trump Finger Press - he just cannot do anything.

    It's shocking how a professional player can be so bad at passing a ball.

  • I can't really disagree with Bean's rating. Very, very poor.

    That deep lying midfielder role is so important these days and it's not good enough to just be able to break up play. You have to be able to control possession, link up play and begin attacks.

  • I think the scores were harsh too except for Bloomfield who I think was rated too favourably. All about opinions though and can't complain too much when Mr Clift is putting in the effort to turn in the match report quickly, appreciated.

    I hope to see more from Akinfenwa too, today was pretty much what I feared he'd be like, although to be fair I did note him contributing at least three deft touches, so if he can do more of that and less of the shoving over then all to the good. Him coming on and immediately shoving one of their players, nearly sending them flying, was mildly funny though.

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