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Yob culture amongst our 'fans'



  • @wycombeloyal A decent last post from you there.

  • @wycombeloyal The vast majority of younger fans who watch WWFC do not feel the need to act in a manner that offends. You appear to be defending the indefensible. You are not a representative of 'youth', but of a small, bloody-minded group of not particularly articulate and particularly selfish people who have leeched onto football to suit your own ends. I suspect the only 'class' you would recognise is the one you were excluded from. To be young is fantastic. To waste that youth is fantastically stupid.

  • If the Facebook page is more to their liking, I'm not sure what some of the 'yoof' posters are doing here in boring town, unless it's to stand in front of people and call them a ****.
    I'm not interested in going on Facebook and then having cretins trolling me on the interweb because they've got nothing better to do when their mothers/carers go shopping.

  • This designated seat thing is just down to respect for others and a little bit of common sense isn't it? At Portsmouth the other week I asked two different stewards if they wanted me to sit in the seat allocated on the ticket. Both shrugged their shoulders and said 'sit where you like. Everyone else seems to be.' It didn't cause too many problems apart from the obvious one with the normal goons who don't really care about the wider fanbase. That in itself kind of sums up the problem.

    It appears from reading the thread in recent days that those who are anti social simply don't see it. Asking someone to tell them face to face what the problem is isn't going to happen as those bothered by the trouble aren't going to court more of it.

    There are some really macro issues involved such as education (Are Wycombe schools really that bad now?) and general respect but these issues are not going to be fixed by Wycombe fans. I still think the bottom line is to kick anti social idiots out of the ground. If you get kicked out twice then you get banned. I haven't read a single valid reason for what has happened at recent games. Learn some respect for others or go somewhere else.

  • If you cut through all the posturing and name-calling (from both sides of the debate) on this thread then I do think the case for people not standing in front of people who are sitting (whether through choice or through physical inability to stand) has been well made and (mostly) politely.

    To knowingly stand in front of a seated fan is undoubtedly highly selfish and anti-social. I kind of thought that was obvious to anyone with intelligence, but apparently not.

    As someone said earlier, if you want to stand (as I prefer to myself) great - arrive at the ground in good time and head to the back. If you miss out, you miss out. Sometimes in life you have to forego what you want to do in order to be mindful of others. Sitting down for 90 minutes is not exactly a hardship.

    If people have been made aware of these simple facts and yet continue to show such blatant disregard for their fellow supporters, then that really is indefensible in my book.
    It's so sad that some people seemingly do not care if their actions are spoiling someone else's day.

    The swearing is a bit more of a difficult issue as many of us will have different views on what is an 'acceptable' level of swearing at games. I eff and blind as much as the next man, for the record, and I'd be lying if I said I never dropped the C-bomb, but I do cringe at the sheer volume of swearing that comes from the centre of the terrace. I wonder if it's just an affectation that certain members of that group have adopted in order to appear 'hard'. Surely their day-to-day language can't be that bad?

    However, swearing at, or otherwise abusing fellow Wycombe fans is at best anti-social and at worst could be quite intimidating to some and if it continues I think it would be appropriate if action were taken against this by stewards/the club etc.

    I'm still unclear as to whether any actual fighting occurred on Saturday, but that is obviously inexcusable and should be punished accordingly.

  • To clarify what happened on Saturday. There was 3 oxford fans celebrating the 3rd goal in the concourse, when confronted he threw the pint over someone who obviously reacted to that. The OXFORD FAN threw a punch first which then the stewards got involved as well as the police. A bunch of the so called yobs cam running down to defend their friend and verbally abuse the oxford fans. They was escorted out and that was the end of it.

  • Ok, but the obvious answer is that there was no need to confront the Oxford fans. Just let the stewards and police do their job.

  • True, very true. but since the stewards watched and did nothing until being confronted....
    after a few drinks also what do you expect people to do.
    I do agree with what you are saying but its a rivalry, we just witnessed them get promoted.
    Emotions are high, then that happens.
    Im not saying what we did was right but the way people are making out on here its like we did what West Ham fans did to man united team coach the other night.....

  • People coming on here saying to ban us is absolutly pathetic though. we travel home and away, try create an atmosphere for the lads. Yes, okay, if you find our swearing at times to much i understand that, take it on board, and will see what i can do.
    The standing at games well that has been on rare occassion, luton and portsmouth, apart from them i dont think there has been any problems. So lets not make out its been every game this season. Some wont agree but if we was all banned, adams park and away games will be very dull for you all

  • It would though be a much happier experience for me @wycombeloyal
    I've had enough of the rubbish that comes with being anywhere near the moronic drone element of our supporters. I don't see it as that much of a stretch to support your team vocally without swearing and without spending most of the game abusing our own players and fans. I don't understand why certain bullied supporters get more chant time at some games than the players on the pitch.
    Please stop making excuses. Sort it out.

  • @wycombeloyal - "High horse" or "Lack of class" - Which is it to be?

    Glad to see, however, that you are prepared to take on board the idea of leaving the pub earlier. Now all you need to do is refrain from standing in front of kids and elderly folk and tone down the swearing a bit, then everyone will be a great deal happier. Not much to ask is it?

  • Got to be a connection between the two things hasn't there @Cyclops .

    Don't expect to be able to cram into the best position centrally right behind the goal if you arrive at 2.50 or later.
    And take a bit less booze on board, and you might find you can cut the swears out a bit/act less moronically

  • Wycombelad, some of this maybe true however what i saw was not three oxford fans it was 5 or 6 and a moronic mob of about 20 'yoofs' and co, trying to fight them. I sat and co because some of the older ones appear to be between 30 and 50! Morons

  • edited May 2016

    Aren't you @wycombelad? Are you adressing that to @wycombeloyal?

  • Correct malone im not very up with the techno youth

  • The techno youth? These new hooligan firms are coming thick and fast.

  • Probably more menacing than the one-man Booker Death Squad

  • Cant be bothered to read this way to long and way to many stupid comments.

    So lets begin we all support Wycombe?

    In regards to he old fans. Stop harping on its very boring. You take the moral high ground, fair enough you've supported the club for a long time. The younger fans are the future of this club. We dont have many fans. So do not alienate them and act up against fellow fans.

    We have no yobs. Just because they sing songs and set off flairs does mean they are yobs. They are the best fans as they actually make and atmosphere. Without them we would be the worst fans in League Two worse than the Burton Boys making no noise.

    Some of the stuff I have read is hilarious. Their is never any trouble. Half of it is made up. Younger fans should conduct themselves in a good manner. If they act up or do something wrong then its down to the Police and Stewards to deal with not you.

    Lastly swearing is not an issue its happens at each and every level of football. If you do not like it go to the tennis. Stop sitting their sitting your allocated seat, get up sing, show some passion and let off a flare.


  • How does letting a flare off improve the atmosphere or show passion?

  • We give you the rope @dansmith1985 and you hang yourself.

    (Although it seems the simplest solution to the yob issue could be a grammar test. When I see such pearls as delivered by Dan, all I can say is: 'there, they're their'.)

  • "Show some passion and let off a flare"

    Ha ha, they look really shit

  • @dansmith1985 - Re swearing, you obviously haven't been to a match involving Andy Murray and a few others!

  • 9 mins from set up to trolling. Pretty poor effort too.

    At Portsmouth I had the 'pleasure' of chatting with one of the younger morons that come to our games. He couldn't have been more than 16 years old but was very very drunk indeed. He managed to slur to me he had a flair in his pocket (a pretty poor chat up line I know) and was going to join the 'lads' at the front to let it off. He promptly fell over the seats in front of him and got led away by a more sober friend. NOt sure he managed to see any of the game as I never saw him again.

    A great advert for passion

  • @dansmith1985 way too long and way too stupid comments

  • One characteristic of the gasroom that has survived both formats is picking up on another individuals grammar. It normally arises when there is a difference of opinion, and is intended to portray greater intelligence.

    This is very poor form. Correct grammar does not in any instance imply a greater class of individual. I've met some very charming illiterate people in my time.

    I've also met some very well written/spoken people who are complete tossers.

  • @Wheresthechips Don't worry, grammatically flawless gibberish also gets a rough ride too, if that makes you feel any better. I've yet to come across anyone saying, "you talk utter crap, but at least your subordinate clauses are immaculately punctuated".

  • Also, I don't get the obsession with letting off flares in enclosed spaces. It looks crap (nothing like the more organised displays by teams on the continent, usually in uncovered stands) and pisses off your own fans (some of whom might have breathing conditions).
    Wycombe fans are quite adept at having a party and making a decent atmosphere without trying to engulf the away end in a pea souper.

  • It should, of course, be 'wherearethechips?' ;)

  • @leapfrog haha! With spaces in between obviously!

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