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Maidenhead United friendly

Maybe I'm being mischevious, but often pre season matches are arranged as a thank you/agreement for
a player transfer between the two clubs.
Could it be that weve agreed to sign Maidenhead's creative wideman Tarpey ?


  • I don't know anything about this guy Tarpey, if what you suggest above turns out to be true, do you think he would be a good signing for us ?

  • Ive only seen him once v Port Vale in the FA Cup, he was excellent that day, Tarpey has a creative spark that we are badly missing, but is totally untested at Football league level.
    Various rumours on social media that we were looking to sign him in the Jan window, and there have been a number of fans who visit York Rd more regularly who have stated how impressed they have been with Tarpey.

  • He's late twenties, scores a fair number of goals from midfield and impressed a lot of people in Maidenhead's FA Cup tie against either Nitts County or Port Vale - based on what I remember (?) someone posting many months ago. Oh, and he scored all 4 goals in one league match.

  • Sorry County - Notts of course!

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