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Bootham Crescent

edited April 2016 in Football

Saturday sees possibly the last ever Visit to Bootham Crescent the fine and very traditional home of York City. Many wont like it as its very Old school, but I love it. A rare chance to stand on the same terrace I stood on way back In Jan 86 in our great cup run of that year. Looks like City will be going out of the league now being 10 points adrift. But also as you may know this is destined to be probably the last season at the ground, with a move to a horrible looking identikit community stadium shared with York Knights Rugby club. I hope some of you who have never been to Bootham Crescent take the opportunity this one last time.!1986_01_04_York 6.jpg/zoom/c1m89/image_zfx
Will be doing the usual drinking haunts starting in the fine York tap from midday.


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